Management Team

George Wych

Chief Operating Officer

George was a founder member of the company in 1996. With over 20 years of experience in the gas and power industries he is now responsible for all GMSL's activities in operations and software.

David Baldwin

IT Manager

David started as a developer at GMSL in 2000. In 2006 David became IT Manager, responsible for technology at GMSL.

John Fitzpatrick

Commercial Manager

John joined GMSL in 1999 on our Operations Team and since 2001 has been on the Management Team. Initially responsible for our Software Team and sales, he is now responsible for all our commercial activities.

Colin Saward

Operations Manager

Colin started work in GMSL’s Operations Shift Team in 1998. He is now Operations Manager, responsible for running our 24 operations in gas and power.

Meet some of the team

Alan Wallace

Software Tester

Alan leads our product testing team, with experience across our entire product range.

Roger Jenner

Gas Operations

Roger joined GMSL in early 2009 and is now a Shift Leader on our Gas Operations Team.

George Williams

Gas Operations

George has worked on our Operations Team since 2012 and is now a Senior Operations Controller.

Faraz Samani

Gas Operations

Faraz is a key member of our Gas Operations Team, having joined the company in 2014.

Cornelia Waymouth

Training Team

Cornelia is one of GMSL’s longest serving employees, having joined the Operations Team in 1998. She has worked for over 15 years on the 24/7 Gas Operations Team and is now part of our Training & Improvement Team.

Paul Shearer

Power Operations

Paul joined GMSL in 2014, starting out in our Gas Operations, and now working on our Power Operations Team.

Ben Osborne

Gas Team Leader

Ben joined the company in 2000, working on the Operations Team. Since 2006 he has been a Gas Team Leader, sharing responsibility with Paul O’Connor

Tom Lonsdale

Gas Operations

Tom has worked at GMSL since May 2014 and is now a Senior Operations Controller on our Gas Team

David Hopkins

Product Owner

David has over 5 years’ experience of gas operations. He worked on our 24/7 Team before moving into the IT Department as a Product Owner

Denis Grilli

Infrastructure Team

Denis joined GMSL's Infrastructure Team in 2015 and is responsible for ensuring that both GMSL and our Clients' systems are available 24/7.

Dave Williams

Market Team Leader

David joined the company in our 24/7 Operations Team in January 2002. He then set up and managed our internal Training Team, before becoming Market Team Leader taking on responsibility for our Market Operations Team, working for facility and infrastructure operations clients.

Neil Hunter

Gas Operations

Neil has worked at GMSL since November 2012. He began his career in Gas Operations going on to become a Senior Operations Controller on our Market Operations Team. He has now returned to the Gas team.

Andy Hawthorn

Software Developer

Andy has a wealth of experience at GMSL. Starting in 2001 he worked first in our Infrastructure Team and is now a Software Developer with experience of a range of GMSL products.

Emma Page

Product Owner

Emma started at GMSL in 2001, working for several years in our 24hr Shift Team. Since 2007 she has moved to specialise in providing operations analysis and support for our software products.

Paul Simpson

Power Team Leader

Paul started work in GMSL’s Operations Shift Team in September 2001. He is now Power Team Leader, responsible both for running our 24 operations in power and the development of our market-leading PowerTrak system.

Paul O'Connor

Gas Team Leader

Paul is one of our two Gas Team Leaders, responsible for the day to day running of the gas and power operations. Paul came to GMSL in 1999 with previous industry experience and has now over 15 years’ experience in the gas market and over 20 years in the energy market.