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Anna – Operations Controller

Joined 2011 – present day

“I joined GMSL in 2011, not quite straight out of university as I had held a couple of positions beforehand, but the gas and power industry was completely new territory for me. It was challenging at times, but the provided training and the team’s support enabled me to quickly become an efficient and knowledgeable operator. In 2016 I became a shift leader, and on top of the usual day-to day operations, I manage my own team, am involved in training, and get to meet some of our clients.

Probably one of the biggest challenges when joining is the shift work and long hours. It has its ups and downs – occasionally, I would struggle to stay awake for the last hour or two of the nightshift – but I got used to this fairly quickly and now enjoy the long periods of time off, days off during the week, and the general flexibility of my work hours. What also makes the long hours easier is the amazing atmosphere in the office; everyone is very friendly, there is always time for tea, some cake (or as past experience taught me, a LOT of cake), and a fun conversation.

Over the years I have worked at GMSL, I have not only grown on a professional level, but also personal one; ready to take on any challenge, and do so eagerly.”

Gary – Operations Controller

Joined 2006 – present day

“I joined the 24/7 gas operations team with very little background knowledge about the industry. It has more than doubled in size in my time here, whilst still managing to maintain an informal but professional atmosphere. There are regular social events organised including bowling, paintballing and go-karting to name just a few.

Working a mixture of hours has its challenges, but is compensated by generous time off. I enjoy the non-routine nature of the job, no two days are the same and you are encouraged to take on responsibility at a relatively early stage. Working night shifts can be tiring but it certainly feels great to be going home in the morning when the vast majority are on their way to work!

I now lead a shift team which has given me additional responsibility. It requires a significant amount of prioritisation and multi-tasking, but the great thing is that there is always someone around to help if you are a little snowed under. I’d recommend the role to anyone who has a positive attitude, is a good team worker, and wants to work in a fast-paced and fascinating industry. ”

Lee – Product Owner (formerly Operations Controller)

Joined 2009 – present day

“I started at GMSL in 2009 as a member of the operations team straight out of university. Whilst the learning curve at GMSL was steep and challenging I never felt out of my depth and was supported well by my team and the training staff. If I was ever in doubt as to the correct course of action to take, or unsure of a new procedure, a colleague was always on hand to help me find the right solution. From that day to this I would say that the feeling of being a part of a team has been the defining part of my experience at GMSL.

Working on the 24/7 shift had its ups and downs, I may have found myself a little bleary eyed the morning of the first day shift back after a run of nights, or flagging a little at five o’clock in the morning towards the end of a night shift, but at GMSL there’s always someone making a round of tea or sharing a joke to keep spirits up.

In 2014 I was made a shift team leader responsible for operations carried out by my team over the 24/7 shift. In this leadership role GMSL encouraged me to set goals and manage my own small team’s development alongside our day to day work. I was encouraged to not only supervise but was also given a voice to influence and be a part of the planning of the procedures the team should follow. At GMSL I have always felt that my voice is being heard and that my opinion has been respected.

Recently I have started working on GMSL’s software team as a Product Owner. In this new role I use the knowledge and experience gained in my time working on the operations team to help guide the development and improvement of GMSL’s software. During my time at GMSL I have repeatedly been challenged to learn new things, and given the opportunity to take the lessons and knowledge I have gained to solve new problems.”

Alex – Operations Controller

Joined 2011 – October 2017

“I joined GMSL in 2011 after being referred by a friend, but I still knew very little about the job. Through my time at GMSL I have gained real insights into how the gas industry works as well as building good work practices such as; working to deadlines, professional communication with clients and other companies within the industry, and working effectively as part of a team. Since becoming a Shift Leader in 2016, I have also learned how to co-ordinate a team in an office environment.

I find the nature of the work engaging and although it took some adjustment, the shift pattern and long hours have become more familiar as time passed. The friendly office environment, large amounts of time off – combined with a wage that allows you to make the most of it – more than compensate for working nights. For me personally it meant that I have been able to spend more time with my daughter as she has grown up.

Shift work might not be for everyone but I have enjoyed my time at GMSL and learned a lot. I would recommend the role to someone who has a good work ethic and enjoys working as part of a team. The knowledge, experience and good practices that I have acquired through working at GMSL has allowed me to develop my career, as I am now moving on to another company in the gas industry.”


Jenny – Software Tester

Joined 2009

“I’m responsible for finding problems with the software before the customer gets it. This could be a problem with the design, it could be a problem with the code, it could be a problem with the database design. A developer thinks about what should happen. A tester thinks about all the things that shouldn’t!

I test new versions of the software to destruction in order to prevent problems reaching the customers, doing all the things the developers and business analysts have assured me ‘the users will never want to do’. Because I know it’s going to be the first thing the user does.

I write automated tests using a variety of tools, some written by other people, some by me. I only want to spend so much time button clicking through the same process every time the system gets rebuilt. If it’s going to be tested often, then I automate the procedure.

I enjoy my job at GMSL because I get to use my brains and follow my interests in IT and business. I might talk to users in the morning and code improvements to the test harness in the afternoon. It’s varied, challenging and fulfilling, making working life easier for the users. GMSL encourages me to learn new skills and I get sent on training courses with the best software testers in the world. We all get to say what we think and contribute to the development of new software.”

Thomas – Software Developer

Joined 2011

“I came to GMSL straight out of university, with no formal programming experience, but found that they were more interested in my enthusiasm and potential than what I could already do.

I spent the first few months working through exercises and projects to get up to speed in the various languages and concepts that I’d need. Some of it was building on my previous informal experience, filling in the gaps and explaining the areas I was already familiar with; but much of it was entirely new. Once I’d finished the training projects I started working on a real product by fixing bugs and adding small features. After a year of progressively more challenging work I knew my way around the majority of the code and felt comfortable in my role.

Throughout my training I was encouraged to ask questions whenever I didn’t understand something I had read about. I was worried that there’d come a day when I was expected to ‘know everything’, but even now I’m still asking colleagues questions and checking whether someone on the internet has already provided the answer. With new techniques and technology coming into use all the time, this seems to be quite normal and people here are happy to help where they can.

Although, as in all jobs, some days are more stressful than others, I enjoy my time working here. The people are friendly and we regularly head out to lunch together, sometimes getting together after work for games or bowling. The work is usually interesting and with flexible hours I’m able to do it at the time of day that suits me best. Not only this, but when the day is over, assuming that I didn’t decide to work from home that day, I never have to take my work home with me.

When I was looking for jobs I wanted something challenging but interesting and somewhere serious but friendly. I specifically didn’t want a high pressure, highly competitive job with constant unworkable deadlines and a culture that promoted staying late every evening.

I believe I have found what I was looking for.”


Paul – Software Developer

Joined 2009

“Since joining GMSL I’ve worked on a handful of products, ranging from about 1,000 lines of code to about 500,000. We mainly do C# and SQL development, but there’s bits of everything from VB6 (rarely, thankfully!) to XSL to JavaScript, and some other things besides. The software we write is very specialist – some products are licenced to fewer than ten customers – which means there’s plenty of scope for thinking outside the box, and for solving problems that you can’t just Google.

It’s a great place to work – lots of talented and friendly people, a relaxed atmosphere, and no red tape except for the occasional running repair in the server room. Dress code is jeans and t-shirt, and the only people still working come eight o’clock at night are the ones who start at lunchtime. And the 24-hour operations team, obviously.

I guess the best endorsement I can give for working at GMSL is that I’m still here, as is more or less everybody else who was here when I joined!”

Operations Controller

What is the role?

Gas Management Services Limited (GMSL) is offering an office-based role close to Cambridge railway station. You would be a key part of our 24/7 team, managing European gas & power portfolios for some of the leading companies in the energy industry. The work is mainly screen-based using in-house developed software and carries a large level of personal responsibility, making high-value operational decisions on behalf of our clients. No previous industry experience is required, as successful applicants will receive full training.

Our clients are active in many areas of the European commercial gas market, from North Sea gas production to the transportation of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) all over the world.

Operator Responsibilities

This is a customer service focused role, you will be responsible for a wide and varied range of tasks; some are routine but many are in response to real-time events:

·Sending gas & power flow notifications to network operators across Europe

·Checking confirmations, looking out for imbalances, then following instructions to resolving them

·Trading on a number of European energy exchanges

·Contacting counterparts to update and confirm positions

·Generating client reports

Our clients rely on us to manage their portfolios accurately and efficiently; our actions can have a significant financial and operational impact.

All staff are encouraged to be able to handle operations for all clients, meaning the learning curve into the job is steep and you are constantly learning new activities and carrying out different tasks for each client.

We are looking for?

A conscientious, proactive person who is keen to learn

·A good educational background (a degree is preferred)

·Strong communication skills, comfortable on the phone and with formal email communication

·Ability to work accurately under pressure and respect procedures

·Comfortable working with numbers and familiar with Microsoft Office software

·A problem-solving attitude

We can offer

·A great opportunity to have an interesting and challenging career in the ever evolving energy market

·A competitive starting salary in the range £28,000 to £35,000

·A sociable team environment enhanced with frequent company events

·The flexibility of a shift pattern enabling a great work life balance

About us

GMSL has been providing services and software to the energy industry since 1996; employing around 100 people based in our Cambridge office which is close to fantastic transportation links. We run a dynamic 24/7 operations team with an employee-friendly shift pattern with the equivalent of a 37½ hour working week and 6 weeks inclusive holiday.

How to apply

Simply email us your CV and covering letter.

We will only consider people with a valid UK work permit

Experienced Cloud Engineer

We are looking for talented, hands-on cloud engineers, with solid, relevant commercial experience to join our team on a permanent basis.

Required experience

You will have solid knowledge of provisioning, maintaining and supporting cloud infrastructure.

You will be comfortable providing on-call support.

You will have experience of collaborating with developers in a small team.

Our technology

We use a large variety of AWS cloud technology, but experience of the following cloud services on any cloud provider would be great:

  • Cloud networking
  • Web application firewalls
  • DNS
  • API management
  • Serverless compute & databases
  • Logging, monitoring and alarms
  • User identity & management


Our practices

These are some of the practices we use:

  • Infrastructure-as-code (we use Terraform)
  • Tagging strategies
  • High availability systems
  • Secure by design
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Automated Account Security Monitoring


Your responsibilities

Your responsibilities will be varied across the stack and the life-cycle of development.

You will collaborate alongside product owners, testers and developers together to develop a variety of services.

You will be responsible for the cloud infrastructure required.

Your skills

You will be the sort of person who enjoys variety in their work, likes to learn as well as getting things done, and is comfortable dealing with the in-depth technical aspects of IT.

You will need to be great at thinking logically, but also laterally. You must be able to communicate your thoughts well. You should enjoy collaborating with others and relish solving challenging problems.


We are the market leading provider of 24/7 energy portfolio management services and software in Europe.

Our services and software are vital to companies like Barclays, JP Morgan, Bank of America, BP, Shell, Centrica, Gazprom and many others.

We need your help to grow, improve and support our systems as we continue to expand. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to join a friendly, small and highly technical team where you can have a real impact.

How to apply

Simply email us your CV and covering letter.

We will only consider people with a valid UK work permit.
Salary depends on your level of experience.



HR Manager

We are looking to recruit a full-time HR Manager.

This is a stand-alone role reporting into the Chief Operational Officer. This role will work closely with the Management Team firstly to deliver an HR environment and ongoing to support the role within the context of the company’s day-to-day operations and on-going strategic plans.

The HR function will grow with the role and it will suit somebody with some solid experience in HR and talent acquisition who is used to working in an entrepreneurial environment, where change and flexibility are vital for success.

Key responsibilities

  • Develop and help to set up the HR function, including people frameworks, tools, policies, procedures, culture, ways of working and learning and development
  • Take the lead on all people-related tasks, issues and administration
  • Develop the pre-boarding, on-boarding and first 3-month experiences for all new staff and support managers to deliver a positive experience
  • Support on reward discussions and decisions, delivering appropriate benchmarking
  • Deliver all annual people processes for the company, e.g. performance and pay review
  • Produce, analyse and share data and management information to identify trends and assist with recommendations on how to address challenges and opportunities
  • Work closely with managers and teams to understand L&D requirements; recommend and implement the appropriate development interventions
  • Champion an enjoyable working environment, encourage effective teamwork, and support our team in line with the company values and culture
  • Work with our Belgian parent company HR team to co-ordinate the group approach and strategy


Required skills

  • Proven experience in a senior HR role
  • CIPD qualified, level 7
  • Good employment law knowledge



We are the market leading provider of 24/7 energy portfolio management services and software in Europe.

Our services and software are vital to global companies like Barclays, JP Morgan, Bank of America, BP, Shell, Centrica, Gazprom and many others.

We have around 100 staff, and currently no dedicated HR function. We need your help to improve our systems and support our people as we continue to expand

This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to join a friendly, small and highly technical team where you can have a real impact.

How to apply

Simply email us your CV and covering letter.

We will only consider people with a valid UK work permit.
Salary depends on your level of experience.