Our background

GMSL is a small company based in Cambridge, UK. We have two offices in Cambridge (our head office and a fully equipped DR facility a few miles outside the city centre) together with an office in Birmingham, UK where we carry out the CVA function on behalf of the UK gas industry.

The company was founded in 1996, at the start of the Network Code daily balancing regime in the UK, and since 2002 has been 100% owned by Fluxys SA, the Belgian gas grid owner and operator. We now have 95 staff providing operations service and software to gas and power shippers across 12 European gas networks and 6 European power grids.

The company began developing software for use in-house to enable us to provide these services and our range of products has grown as we have expanded into new networks. We continue to rely on our own software to support our operations business and that of our clients.

GMSL continues to focus on gas and power operations and related software. We now work for around 50 operations clients and have over 80 software licensees.


We provide 24hr and out of office hours dispatching operations to the gas and power markets. We are active offshore and in all the major European grids, providing services to over 50 companies.

Outsourcing your nominations and dispatching functions to GMSL allows you not only to save costs but also to concentrate on the commercial activities necessary to maximise value from your portfolio.

Companies can rely on GMSL’s expertise, built up over 20+ years of operations. With our flexible and responsive team we can tailor our service to meet your needs however large or small.


GMSL software is designed and built using our unique experience of gas and power operations. We understand the detail of 24hr operations and can provide robust, proven solutions for your gas and power needs.

Every product we market is already in daily use by our own 24hr Operations Team and our reliance on GMSL software means that it is continually updated in response to changing operational needs and market rules.

GMSL software includes systems for gas and power operations in the UK and throughout Europe.