In-House Operations

CodeRunner was originally developed to support GMSL’s in-house operations starting in late 1996 and then sold to third parties as they expressed an interest in the system from late 1997. Development and sales have been continuous from this time.

Our clients value the fact that GMSL understands the changing requirements of the UK regime and keeps CodeRunner up to date to meet their needs.

Product Scope

Using CodeRunner the shipper can manage all aspects of a gas portfolio:

Gas trades (at NBP or at the Beach)
Long term contracts (sale and purchase, NBP or Beach)
Storage contracts
ICE Endex trades
Capacity bookings
Gemini nominations
Gemini allocations
Post-day CVA processes

The system is used by GMSL to support all of its UK 24hr shipper operations and CodeRunner is licenced to a number of external companies.


CodeRunner includes interfaces to:

National Grid Gemini system
National Grid XFTM Bulk Transfer
CVA Claim2 system
External trading systems

Further Information

For further information about CodeRunner please contact David Baldwin