Power Operations

Comprehensive know-how

GMSL has been providing operations services in the European power markets since 2008. Our clients range from those with large integrated portfolios which require frequent rebalancing, to those where we might simply check a matching report a few times a day.

GMSL can assist you through the initial market entry process, completing any necessary testing requirements and setting up communications with the Grid Operator.

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Tailored operations

We tailor our operations services for you depending on whether you require 24/7 operations, out of office hours or a weekend service only.

We have experience of notifying day ahead and intraday trade positions and cross border flows, checking matching statuses and resolving mismatches. We also have wide ranging experience of placing orders onto trading exchanges. Under instruction, we place orders on the day ahead auctions and intraday spot markets.

Our Clients Are Currently Active In:

Austria (APG & APCS)
Belgium (Elia)
Czech Republic (CEPS & OTE)
France (RTE)
Germany (50Hertz, Amprion, Tennet DE & TransnetBW)
Hungary (Mavir)
Italy (PCE & Terna)
Netherlands (TenneT NL)
Switzerland (Swissgrid)
UK (Elexon)

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