TSO / Operator Services

Dedicated Team

Since 2014 GMSL has operated a physically separate team providing 24/7 services to clients who interface with gas and power shippers.

Our clients include LNG Terminals, Storage Operators, Trading Exchanges and Transmission System Operators.

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Active around the world

GMSL’s TSO / Operator Services team now provides services in over 6 countries globally.

The team manages the commercial dispatching activities for pipeline operators, storage operators, LNG terminal operators and Trading Exchange supervsion.

The team is responsible for monitoring and validating third party nominations, liaising with TSOs, managing mismatches between nominations and physical flows and reacting to planned or unplanned maintenance periods to ensure the smooth running of the physical infrastructure.


Additionally, we can assist with your B2B communication requirements for more inform please see https://www.gmsl.co.uk/gmsl-software/communications/

Our clients include:

Belgium/UK – Interconnector
France – Dunkerque LNG
Germany – Fluxys TENP,
Fluxys DE, LBTG
Hungary – CEEGEX
Ireland – Vermilion
Netherlands – EnergyStock, TAQA
Singapore – Shell Singapore LNG
Switzerland – FluxSwiss

Further Information

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