Gas Operations

Unrivaled experience

Companies can rely on GMSL’s expertise, built up over 25 years of operations. With our flexible and responsive team we can tailor our service to meet your needs however large or small.

GMSL can assist you through the initial network entry process, by completing any necessary testing requirements and setting up communications with the TSO.

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Unparalleled Experience

GMSL has been managing gas operations on behalf of clients since 1996. Our experience includes dispatching in all the major European gas networks.

Our clients include a wide range of different portfolios, from relatively simple hub trading activities through to integrated producer/trader/shipper operations with multiple-network transit, transport and balancing.

Our experience includes every aspect of the European gas networks, including nominations to transporters, managing field deliveries, executing trades on screen based markets, booking/rebooking capacity, nominating and monitoring storage flows and LNG sendout, dealing with end–user exit flows, acting as nomination/allocation agent at shared supply points.

Our Clients Are Currently Active In:

Austria (AGGM)
Belgium (Fluxys)
Croatia (Plinacro)
Czech Republic (NET4GAS)
Denmark (Energinet/ JBZ)
France (TRF)
Germany (THE)
Hungary (FGSZ)
Ireland (GNI)
Italy (Snam)
Netherlands (GTS)
Norway (Gassco)
Northern Ireland (GMO-NI)
Slovakia (Eustream)
Slovenia (Plinovodi)
Sweden (JBZ)
Spain (Enagas)
Switzerland (FluxSwiss/ Swissgas)
UK (National Gas)
InterconnectorBBL Moffat

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