Claims Validation

The CVA process ensures that all claims for delivery of gas into the pipeline system are valid and add up to the total quantity metered by National Grid, who can then allocate appropriate charges to gas shippers for using the network.

The role of the agent was established by gas shippers when the Network Code was introduced in 1996, as an independent and confidential service provider who would be informed of all quantities of gas bought and sold at the entry points to the National Transmission System. Claims Validation Services Limited (CVSL) contracts the service on behalf of shippers. GMSL was appointed as the CVA in October 2004.

CVA Today

The CVA process is carried out by a dedicated team at our Birmingham office. Data is gathered and processed using the CLAIM2 web-based system. Data can be entered through the browser-based user interface or through uploading of XML files. The process is carried out on a combination of daily cycles (for entry of initial claim quantities) and monthly cycles (for final close out of data).

Further Information

New shippers who require more information on the CVA process or who need to accede to the CVIA should contact David Eastlake at CVSL.