24/7 Operations

At GMSL we have over 25 years’ experience of providing high quality, reliable 24/7 operations services to clients from all sectors of the gas and power markets.

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The Home of Operations

Outsourcing your nominations and dispatching functions to GMSL allows you to concentrate on commercial activities to maximise value from your portfolio.

We have unrivalled experience of operations in gas and power markets across Europe.

In case of new requirements or changes to existing markets we have a Business Analysis Team plus a Training & Improvement Team, dedicated to building our experience and spreading best practice throughout GMSL.

Our shift team numbers over 50 staff, providing flexibility for peaks in workload, together with holidays and illness.

The group is supported with 24/7 IT cover for our networks, hardware and communications. We have a fully equipped and data-mirrored DR office with its own independant power generator located approximately 10km from our main operations office.