PowerTrak supporting OTE’s message changes

GMSL are implementing the required changes to continue supporting notifications to the Czech TSO OTE, when they move their message formats from the original ENTSO-E standard to the CIM standard on 14/06/2024 and move from a 60-minute ISP to a 15-minute ISP on 01/07/2024.

RTE’s PEB interval change

GMSL supporting RTE's change to using 15 minute intervals for the block exchange (PEB) messages.

Supporting AS4 for German power markets

GMSL's MessageRouter service will support your switchover for German MaKo and power schedule messages.

PowerTrak Update- Implementing BritNed’s move to the Empire platform ready for go live

Functionality to integrate with the Empire platform is being implemented in PowerTrak ready for its commercial go live September 2023

Let’s meet at E-world!

GMSL will be at E-world 2023 (23rd to 25th May 2023) and we'd love to see you there. Get in touch to book a meeting, or just drop by any time for a chat!

PowerTrak supports ElecLink nominations

ElecLink, the new interconnector between Great Britain and France, has been implemented in PowerTrak with the aim of being ready for its commercial go live.