Are you active in the German power markets?

Do you exchange messages with Amprion, TransnetBW, 50 Hertz or TenneT?

The Bundesnetzagentur have directed that Balance Responsible Parties must switch from the current encrypted email message transmission to use the “BDEW AS4 Profile”, by 1 April 2024 for MaBis Messages (MaKo), and by 1 October 2024 for power schedule messages.

GMSL’s MessageRouter is a single API platform that will support MaKo and Scheduling Transaction messages across all four German TSOs, helping you achieve an easy switchover to the new communication protocols.

Message Router is a low-cost, cloud-based SaaS solution with high availability. The service can connect you to much more than just the German power markets – with one simple and secure B2B connection to GMSL you can send and receive messages to over 200 gas and power market participants, with more being added all the time.

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