Generator installed at our DR Office

For Winter 2022/23 we have all heard news stories about potential disruption to power supplies. At GMSL we take business continuity very seriously. We know that our clients rely on our ability to maintain operations and software services 24/7.

We already had in place a fully replicated and data-mirrored Backup Office located about 10km from our Head Office. The Backup Office is on separate power, telecomms and internet region and is regularly tested to be prepared for a “hot start-up” in case of issues with our Head Office.

As an added precaution we have installed a JCB diesel generator capable of running all our operations and software services indefinitely in case of power outage. The unit has a 2 second switchover (this period is more than covered by our first tier cover of UPS batteries) – the switchover is automatic and can also be manually implemented.

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