GMSL and Gemini Sustain Plus

GMSL is fully up to speed with the Gemini Sustain Plus programme, which will modernise the Gemini platform.

RTE’s PEB interval change

GMSL supporting RTE's change to using 15 minute intervals for the block exchange (PEB) messages.

Providing solutions for clients to manage AS4 for German Power communications

GMSL can offer a standalone message routing service and also its European Power scheduling SaaS solution PowerTrak

Thank you for visiting GMSL at E-world 2024

It was great to meet with a lot of familiar and new faces at E-world last week, many thanks to those who visited us on our stand.

Chorus Update – GATE LNG, OMV Storage Pool and TAG nominations supported

Chorus now supports nominations to GATE LNG, OMV Storage Pool and TAG

Meet us at E-world 2024

GMSL will be at E-world 2024 (20th to 22nd February 2024) and we'd love to see you there. Get in touch to book a meeting, or just drop by

Supporting AS4 for German power markets

GMSL's MessageRouter service will support your switchover for German MaKo and power schedule messages.

PowerTrak Update- Implementing BritNed’s move to the Empire platform ready for go live

Functionality to integrate with the Empire platform is being implemented in PowerTrak ready for its commercial go live September 2023