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GMSL can help both new entrants and existing market participants looking to expand to new markets. With our 25+ years of experience in setting up new nominations processes and TSO communications channels, we can take the complexity out of setting up your activities across Europe.

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Leverage GMSL’s Experience

It can be complex to enter the energy markets or to expand into new grids. GMSL can take away this difficulty by providing advice and training, together with operations, software and communications services. You can leverage our unparalleled expertise in European energy operations to provide an easy solution to grow your business.


We have vast experience of training operators in the European Energy Markets – our own operators rely on this in order to be able to run comprehensive and up-to-date services. Our full time Training Team are available to provide bespoke courses for you – both general market overviews and focussing in on your key requirements. Courses can be provided in person, online, or through our Training Portal of standard materials.

Communications & Market Qualification

Many gas and power markets require a formal qualification or communication test prior to grant of a licence. GMSL can help with this by setting up the B2B communications and completing market qualification testing on your behalf. Our services can include:

    • UK Power – CVA Qualification Testing
    • Dutch Power – Full and Trade Recognition Testing
    • Swiss Power – Balance Group Acceptance Testing
    • Gas TSOs – various test messages sent to prove compliance including for GTS and Fluxys

24/7 Nominations Services

For new entrants, GMSL can provide a full 24/7, or out of office hours, nominations service, managing your positions and matching across Europe. Even if you have your own in-house team, it can be challenging to expand into a new market; GMSL can help by providing nominations services outside your core market – liaising closely with your team to ensure the best solution.

Intuitive Software

GMSL’s software simplifies the nomination, matching and balancing processes in European gas and power markets. We offer cost-effective solutions to match your requirements, growing with you as your portfolio expands.

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