EuroRunner Release Notes

EuroRunner is constantly being developed and upgraded - adding new features and keeping up to date with market change. See below for the system Release Notes.

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EuroRunner 13.1.22

New features

Allow notices to be sent automatically

EuroRunner can now be configured to send notices automatically. This is configured by notice scheme, so can be set for specific notices, networks and/or swing contracts. If this is enabled, notices for within day or day ahead, and those with a deadline in the current gas day, will be sent once an hour if there are any changes. Notices near their deadline will be sent more promptly.

Alert if notices cannot be sent automatically

Notices will not be sent automatically if they have already been rejected by the recipient, or if their deadline has already passed. Email alerts can be set up which send an email alert if this occurs.

Import Enagas SPLG allocation data

Enagas SPLG allocation data can now be retrieved from the Enagas web services. This can be viewed in find notices, and will update network and contract allocations, and contract inventory levels for Storage and LNG in Enagas.

Extend “Update BDR/BRO to max DQ received in Availability notices” option

This option for buy and sell swing contracts now also supports availability notices which specify the Max DQ at flange level instead of at contract level.

Fixes and improvements

  • A new ‘Daily v5 (Un-netted)’ flange template has been added, which supports sending un-netted entry and exit amounts for the same day, if there are flows in different directions in different hours. This can be used with GRTgaz and Teréga.
  • The Enagas IP template now supports sending un-netted entry and exit amounts for the same day, if there are flows in different directions in different hours.
  • The EuroRunner name and server name have been added to system alert emails.
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Request v4’ swing contract template which could send Transfer amounts instead of the BDR amount if transfers exist but the BDR is empty.

EuroRunner 13.0.2

Support for SQL Server databases

EuroRunner can now run against an Oracle or SQL Server database. SQL Server support is available for new installations. We plan to support migration from Oracle to SQL Server in a future release.

EuroRunner 12.29.51

Made a change to reduce the number of concurrent Oracle database connections, which had increased in 12.29.50.

EuroRunner 12.29.50

New features

Add flows for multiple gas days

It is now possible to open the flow screen and add flows for up to 31 days at once.

Start and end dates for network groups

Optional start and end dates can be added for network groups, so old groups can be hidden and new ones can be configured to appear from a specific gas date.

Speed up auto-flows

The wait time for the Background Processor can now be set to zero in System Options, so auto flows are added more quickly.

Make CVA reports available to all users who use UK functionality

It is now possible for all customers to configure reports which can be uploaded to the CVA CLAIM3 website.

Simply network configuration

A number of options for network flanges have been removed, to make the configuration process easier.

Fixes and improvements

Improve handling of Enagas storage direction changes

Updated Enagas Storage template to allow injection and withdrawal nominations on the same day for within day direction changes.

EuroRunner 12.28.15

Upgraded Oracle.ManagedDataAccess (a third-party dependency) to address a potential security vulnerability (CVE-2023-21893).

EuroRunner 12.28.14

Fixed an issue affecting some report data sets with multiple “Not equal” filters configured.

EuroRunner 12.28.13

New features

Single sided France v5 notice template

A new single sided France v5 notice template to enable single sided Pirineos nominations.

Daily France v5 flange notice template

A new France v5 flange notice template to enable the nomination of individual flanges.

“Always ignore matching” option for transit notices

Added option to select that matching should be ignored for a transit notice.

Added filter by notice name in Find Notices

Additional filtering for Find Notices, can now by filtered by notice name.

New swing notices report

New swing notices report shows the contract data each time an outgoing contract notice is sent.

Restricted permission access to reports

Report access is now controlled by a user’s permissions. Users must have read access to a screen containing the report data in order to run or export a report.

Support for rejected CONTRL messages

CONTRL messages that result in a rejected message are now imported, and the error is displayed to users.

Changed behaviour of No ‘Me’ option

When configuring default shipping the No ‘Me’ option is now called ‘Allow all’. The default option without this ticked has been made more intelligent to suggest an appropriate shipper more often.

Fixes and improvements

Fixed error with EOD rounding rule on Make Transfers

Make Transfers balance button now obeys EOD rounding rule set on flange/contract.

Fixed error importing PSV confirmations for start/end dated SNAM network

Fixed error whereby PSV confirmations wouldn not import if the SNAM network had a start or end date configured.

Improved handling of GRT confirmations

Handling of within day direction changes in confirmations is improved.

Fixed error with Network Group Notice Content

Fixed error when selecting shippers in Network Group Notice Content without selecting a notice shipper caused EuroRunner to error.

Improved sorting of Network Group notice custom content

Shipper dropdown in Network Group notice custom content is now sorted alphabetically.

Improved “Not equal” report filtering

Not equal report filters now do not exclude null/empty values.

Improved handling of PSV confirmations

PSV confirmations containing status Deletion Request are treated as confirmed until the deletion request has been accepted. This was already working if PSV notices were sent via Edigas, but this now works for users manually uploading their PSV nominations using a report.

Fixed issue with manual import

Fixed issue whereby a file imported via the Manual Import screen will fail to import if it has the same filename as a previously imported file.

EuroRunner 12.27.5

New features

Default Shipping report

A new Default Shipping report data set has been added, which allows you to easily see what flanges and default shipper pairs are configured for all contracts.

Support configuration of Swissgas as an entry-exit network

Swissgas is now modelled as an entry-exit network instead of a point-to-point network.

Allow manual import of files

Files can now be manually imported via an option in the Inbox menu. This includes trade files and other imports such as Excel PSV confirmations.

Add “Single-sided v5” transit flange notice template

New template allows single-sided, hourly, Edigas v5 nominations to be sent if required.

Fixes and improvements

Can’t zero out Enagas exit nominations

Changed the behaviour of Enagas transit nominations to send a zero exit rather than a zero entry, if non-zero exits have previously been sent.

Improve Enagas error messages

Added clearer instructions on what to do if the Enagas web services fail to respond when submitting a nomination. Also improved the behaviour of the Test Connection option for Enagas.

EuroRunner 12.26.7

New features

Support for direct nomination of PSV transactions

Minor modifications to the support added in v12.13.13, in order to match the final implementation by Snam Rete Gas.

EuroRunner 12.25.3

New features

Support for Enagas

In the Enagas network, EuroRunner now supports the following functionality:

  • Trade nominations and matching at PVB, TVB and AVB
  • LNG regasification and liquefaction nominations and matching
  • AVB storage nominations and matching
  • IP nominations and matching

EuroRunner 12.24.1

New features

Import GTS Analysis Accountable Offline Allocations

After the day allocations from GTS can now be polled for and imported.

Allow contract notices to update BDR/BRO to equal Max DQ from availability notice

Buy and sell contracts now have the option for the BDR/BRO to be updated automatically when a new availability notice is received.

Support THE Biogas confirmations

If a Trading Hub Europe Biogas VTP is configured, confirmations can now be imported.

Add swap contract imbalance column to Contract Overview

The Contract Overview screen will show if any swap contracts are not balanced.

Add Trades column to storage contracts

For storage contracts with inventory trades, the total traded amount can be seen in the nominations screen for the contract.


Fixed error right clicking on swing contract in Find Contracts


Fixed “Ready for Import” filter not working on Find Fixed Trades


Fixed query causing rare EuroRunner freezing

Improved a database query used by Find Notices which would occasionally run very inefficiently and cause EuroRunner to freeze.

Fixed notice processing occasionally failing due to Oracle errors

Improved handling of errors connecting to the database which would occasionally cause a notice to fail processing

EuroRunner 12.16.8

New features

Support MSCONS messages from Nowega

MSCONS messages from Nowega can be imported as metered quantities and CONTRL messages are generated in response.

EuroRunner 12.15.65

New features

Support for Trading Hub Europe VTPs

This version adds support for the single location ID used by both high and low calorie virtual points.

Removed Support for older versions of TLS

Removed support for TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 when connecting to Gemini.

Change to min/max column order

Changed order to max/min for: Make Nominations/Contract Nominations, Flange, Flange Group, Contract, Rich Gas for Physical Buys screens.

Added “account” field to swing contract flanges

This an information-only field which may be used to denote additional information relating to nominations at each flange.

Removed support for resending notices

The option to resend notices has been removed.

Added additional swing report template

Added swing (grouped) XML report export template.


Fixed sizing issue on Daily Quantities grid

Fixed issue where Daily Quantities grid on swing contract properties didn’t resize to fit the screen.

Fixed character set issue in Contract Properties

Fixed an issue with a superscript character not displaying correctly.

EuroRunner 12.14.6

New features

Add Contract Overview screen

A new contract overview screen shows if there are issues with any swing contracts on a gas day:

  • Contract min/max limits exceeded.
  • Storage inventory exceeded.
  • BDR, BRO or Transfers don’t match.

The Matching section of the main toolbar will highlight any of these issues for within day or day ahead.

Allow trades to affect physical storage inventory

It is now possible to model trades within physical storage sites as fixed trades. A flange and non-me shipper can be selected in the contract properties, and any trades against this shipper will affect the storage inventory.

Allow physical storage inventory limits to be entered as trades

Minimum and maximum inventory limits can now be entered as contract capacity trades. Inventory limits for each day are calculated as a sum of these trades. This option can be selected in contract properties.

Add interface for contract capacity trades

Contract capacity trades can now be imported via an XML interface. Please see the Interfaces document included with the EuroRunner installation pack for more details, or contact us if you are a hosted customer and would like to use this.

Allow contract capacity trades in volume units

Capacity trades for physical storages can now be entered in volume units.

Add refresh button to Contract Nominations screen

Contract nomination screens can now be refreshed if there is no unsaved data.

Show all flanges in Contract Nominations screen for networks

When viewing contract nominations for a network, all flanges on each contract will be shown, including those outside the selected network.

Support longer meter names

Meter names can now be up to 50 characters (the previous limit was 10), so Fluxys metered data can be imported even if the location has a long code or a long name in ENOM.

Support Bayernets Haidach matching

Updated confirmation processing to handle the fact that Astora GmbH use separate location codes for standard and BZK capacity at Haidach, but Bayernets treat these as a single location. Bayernets confirmations can now use the point name instead of the flange name to import the confirmations.

Don’t require counterparty filter on Contract Notice Received report schedule

You can now easily set a report to be triggered when any contract notice is received, instead of configuring each counterparty that should trigger the report.


Improve handling of PSV transaction cancellation requests

If a PSV transaction cancellation request has been submitted by one party, it will continue to be treated as nominated and confirmed until the cancellation request is accepted by the other party.

EKB within-day allocations incorrectly showing zero allocation for one hour


Fix threading issue when refreshing inbox/outbox counts

Fixed a bug which causes “can’t serialize access for this transaction” errors in the log.

EuroRunner 12.13.13

New features

Provisional support for direct nomination of PSV transactions

Added provisional support for Snam’s custom Edigas-based upload process for Jarvis PSV transactions. Implementation is based on Snam’s initial specifications but may need to be revised once Snam are ready to test.

Support for English downloads for PSV from Jarvis

The confirmation files downloaded from the Jarvis website for PSV change depending on the language the site is set to use. English and Italian versions can now both be imported.

Support EIC codes in Jarvis PSV downloads

Importing PSV confirmations can now use EIC codes as well as company names to identify the counterparty. We recommend using EIC codes, unless the counterparty doesn’t have one, as these will remain the same even if Snam change the company name.

Improved handling of errors when running scheduled reports

If an error occurs when running a scheduled report, the schedule will no longer be disabled. EuroRunner will now retry up to three times. If it is still unsuccessful, users and admins will be notified of the failure in case any action is required, and the schedule will attempt to run again the next time it is triggered.


  • Right clicking on a fixed contract in the Network Position tree to open Find Fixed Trades now correctly filters by contract.
  • Fixed a problem displaying daily amounts in the HTML view for some incoming notices.
  • Fixed a problem viewing amounts in outgoing Response v4 notices with some custom settings.

EuroRunner 12.12.9

New features

Add custom Response v4 templates

Added new custom templates for swing buy and sell contracts, which allow a wider range of daily and weekly Edigas v4 Request Response (REQRES) messages to be sent.


  • Improved error messages displayed to users if an administrator has removed a database connection from a server.
  • Allow filtering by Swing Contract on Trade Latest Notifications reports.

EuroRunner 12.11.11

Fixed a bug which caused new PSV confirmations to appear blank in the notice view screen in EuroRunner 12.11.10. This did not affect the confirmed data used in reports, matching or position screens.

EuroRunner 12.11.10

New features

Support for revised PSV confirmation

Import of the recent format change of Snam Jarvis PSV confirmations is now supported.

Allow longer external codes for translations

Translations can now be configured with an external code up to 100 characters long. This is to cope with the import of Snam Jarvis PSV confirmations, as these don’t use the same shipper codes used in nominations and can now contain company names longer than 50 characters.

Handling of partial-day NCG confirmations

Within day NCG confirmation messages containing only partial day matching are now supported and used for matching.


Ignore EE shipper codes in ZTPL confirmations

ZTPL confirmations are now treated like ZTPH confirmations, and can be imported successfully.

Matching status shows correct state if only “Nominated by Counterparty” has changed

Matching status on the Find Notices screen and main toolbar now reflect when changes to “nominated by counterparty” occur.

Zero requests no longer cause invalid rows in TAQA (requests) template

No invalid row is created when entering a zero request if a notice hasn’t previously been sent out.

EuroRunner: 12.10.7

New features

Support changed use of “confirmed” status by Net Connect Germany

Net Connect Germany previously used the “confirmed” status in their messages in a non-standard way. They are now changing this, so we have altered our custom processing rules so we can continue processing their messages as intended.

EuroRunner: 12.10.5

New features

Support import of accepted transactions from Jarvis PSV platform

You can now import accepted transactions from Jarvis as confirmed amounts for PSV.


Improve Gassco v5 confirmation processing

Modified the import of Gassco v5 confirmations to handle a change in the way that field nominations are confirmed.

EuroRunner: 12.9.22

New features

Support GRTgaz Hourly Declarations

GRTgaz Hourly Declarations for large, directly-connected sites can now be sent.

EuroRunner: 12.9.19

New features

Support uploads to Jarvis PSV platform

A new report template has been added to upload PSV transactions to the new Snam Jarvis platform.

Support Gassco v5 Edigas notices

New templates have been added, and confirmation processing has been updated, to support v5 Edigas messages as used by Gassco.

Show matching information on main toolbar

It’s now possible to see a summary of notice matching information for the current and next gas day on the main toolbar.

Use contract CVs in Swing Contract History reports

The swing contract history report data set has been extended so that the latest contract CV is used when exporting energy amounts for contracts in volume units.

EuroRunner: 12.8.9

Fixed a bug in 12.8.8 which prevented users from opening the Report Group Properties screen.

EuroRunner: 12.8.8

New Features

Don’t reopen windows if they’re already open

If the following windows are already open, EuroRunner will no longer open a second copy:

  • Network Position and Capacity Position, if they are already open for the same network and date.
  • Overview and Overview Map, if they are already open for the same date.

A Duplicate button has been added to the toolbar of these windows so a second copy can still be opened if needed.

Make Rejected notices more visible to the user

The Outbox icon and dropdown menu will now clearly indicate if there are any notices which have been rejected. This warning will disappear once a newer version of the notice has been sent.

Handle confirmations from GRTgaz containing DT001H and DT001B

If you have end users in France, DT001H and DT001B amounts in confirmations from GRTgaz will not be used in matching and balancing calculations. These values are included in the PL001F delivery pool total, which will continue to be used as before.


  • Fixed errors in Find Fixed Trades that were introduced in 12.7.26. These could result in error messages when dealing with trades that were invalid or waiting to be imported.
  • In reports based on the Swing Contract History data set, amounts for contracts in volume units are now correctly displayed.
  • In reports based on the Swing Contract History data set, fixed an error that could show incorrect amounts in the End of Day Amount column.
  • When editing transfers for fixed trades, daily amounts for less than one day are now displayed correctly.
  • Made some further changes to prevent the amount of memory used by the EuroRunner client increasing over time.

EuroRunner: 12.7.28

Minor release, to fix a bug which prevented the right click menu from appearing on tabs in the tab bar in 12.7.26.

EuroRunner: 12.7.26

New Features

Support business day deadlines for contract notices

It’s now possible to set deadlines for contract notices on the previous business day. Deadlines for these notices cannot fall on a weekend or holiday.

Allow configuration of holidays for contract notices

Holiday lists can now be configured from the Admin menu. If a notice has a previous business day deadline, it’s possible to select a holiday list for that contract and notice deadlines will be adjusted accordingly.

Allow search by notice deadline in Find Notices

You can now search in Find Notices by the date on which a notice is due. This allows you to see all transit and contract notices that have to be sent on a date, regardless of the date that the notice is for.

Change behaviour of Unsent and Urgent counters in Outbox

The Unsent and Urgent counters now include notices which are due today, as well as notices within the notice lookahead period.

Allow access to Make Nominations directly from the View Notice screen

When viewing a contract notice, you can now jump straight to Make Nominations via a new toolbar button. This can be used to adjust nominations before sending a nomination notice, or to review and respond to incoming notices.

Improve support for manually posted PSV trades

When importing PSV confirmations, EuroRunner will now update the Nominated Redelivery amount if there are more sells in the confirmation file than have been nominated from EuroRunner. This allows EuroRunner to take into account any sell trades that have been manually posted and accepted on the Snam portal.


  • Fixed an issue where unchanged Unidentified Gas amounts from Gemini were not linked to the latest notice.
  • Found and fixed a memory leak which could cause the memory used by the application to gradually increase until it eventually ran out of memory.
  • When viewing outgoing PSV notices, amounts are now displayed with a fixed number of decimal places, and use thousand separators.
  • Performance of Find Fixed Trades has been improved, and fetching imbalances has also been sped up for a number of screens.

EuroRunner: 12.6.18

New Features

Performance improvements

Made a number of changes to improve performance in the EuroRunner Client.

Show contract flanges in Explorer

Fixed and swing contracts can be expanded in the Explorer to show the flanges configured on the contract.

Allow Server installer to run without username and password

When the Server installer is run as part of an automated deployment process, it is possible to bypass adding a username and password during installation. The username and password must still be set before use.

Remove Release Notes screen

Release Notes can now be found exclusively on the GMSL website. A copy of this URL has been added to the Help > About EuroRunner screen.

Record which user sent notices

It is now possible to see which user sent a notice in Find Notices.

Add ‘Notices’ report data set

A new report data set has been added which includes details of all notices sent and received in EuroRunner.


Fix crash running Network Position report for long periods

Fixed an error which could occur in the Network Position screen and report.

EuroRunner: 12.5.12

New Features

451: Use notice deadlines on Overview Map

When viewing Available Capacity on map screens for within day or day ahead, capacity which can no longer be nominated will be disregarded.

523: Add Shipper Counterparty to Network Position report data set

Added new column containing the counterparty of the shipper in the Shipper column.

EuroRunner: 12.4.24

New Features

374: Handle Snam confirmations containing multiple units

Confirmations containing a mix of kWh/h and MWh/d can now be imported. ENOM v7.5 or higher is required.

424: Rename “Compare Latest” to “Matching”

The Compare Latest screen is now called Matching.

426: Import FluxSwiss confirmations by book

FluxSwiss Edigas confirmation can now be imported if you have multiple capacity contracts.

433: Use notice deadlines in flow screen

When making within day flows, you will now be warned if the notice deadline for a flow has passed, and can see the next hour available to nominate.

418: Support contract group notices sent from other counterparties

This is now supported for nominating multiple Storengy France sites in a single message, for example.

432: Close notices once they are sent

The View Notice screen will now close when the notice is sent.

371: Show shipper counterparty on Network Position screen

A toolbar button has been added which allows counterparty names to be shown next to shipper codes.


414: Zero confirmations for re-deliveries considered deliveries in compare latest for NCG

Fixed incorrect warning when confirmed is zero, nomination is negative and at least one other status in the confirmation notice matches the nomination.

411: Signs dropdown too small on notices tab of contract properties


EuroRunner: 12.3.20

New Features

313: Allow GASPOOL VP to be modelled as two separate flanges

The GASPOOL H and GASPOOL L virtual points can now be modelled as separate locations, even though GASPOOL require them to be nominated as a single location.

286: Allow import of storage contract limits

Variable maximum and minimum injection, withdrawal and inventory limits can now be imported for storage contracts

285: Support storage inventory adjustments

Storage adjustments can now be entered or imported. These are inventory increases or decreases that will be applied at a specified time, for example to model a transfer of gas within storage.

284: Allow import of storage inventory amounts

Revised storage inventory levels can now be imported.

266: Store and show if notices are marked as sent.

If a notice is marked as sent, it is now shown as Marked as Sent instead of Sent in Find Notices, and when viewing the notice.

144: Open new tabs in same window

If you have multiple windows or groups of tabs, new screens will be opened as a tab in the active group or window.


344: Handle zeroes in DOGS allocations

Fixed an unexpected error that occurs if zero exit allocations are received for the entry flange, or zero entry allocations are received for the exit flange.

EuroRunner: 12.2.8

New Features

249: Improve modelling of GRTgaz end users

A new template has been added to send aggregated nominations for the delivery pool, and changes have been made to GRTgaz confirmation import.

244: Allow unit and temperature “By Item” on Overview Map

Added a new, default option which uses network unit and temperature where appropriate.

170: Add Close all tabs option

It’s now possible to click on a tab or title bar and close that tab, all tabs in the group, or all other tabs in the group.

219: Friendly names for EuroRunner databases

If using multiple EuroRunner databases, a ‘FriendlyName’ string value for each database can be added in the application server registry for each connection.

251: Default Focus not working for multiple edit screens

Fixed issue which prevented users from typing straight into the first text box after opening some screens.

EuroRunner: 12.1.9

New Features

128: Send Edigas Requests for Swap contracts

A custom template has been added to allow Edigas v4 Request notice to be sent for swap contracts. It is also now possible to specify the signs to use in swap notices, and a corresponding view template has been added.

104: Require .NET 4.7.2

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 is now required on the application server and all client PCs.

84: Support notice deadlines that are not on the hour

Day ahead and within day deadlines can now be set to the nearest minute.

160: Distinguish between Imbalances and Points more clearly on Overview Map

Imbalances are now shown in bold.

EuroRunner: 12.0.5

New Features

87: Changes to the way screens are displayed

The way that screens open EuroRunner has changed. Key changes include:

  • The EuroRunner Explorer is now displayed in a column on the left.
  • Other screens now open in a tabbed view on the right by default.
  • Screens can be undocked from the main EuroRunner window and moved to another monitor.

82: Default date when opening EuroRunner can be changed

EuroRunner can be set to default to the current gas day or the next gas day when opened.

83: Import request notices for virtual storage contracts

Edigas REQEST notices can now be imported for virtual storage contracts.

EuroRunner: 11.12.59

New Features

83967: Import Edigas confirmations that last less than one gas day

Confirmations for the DOGS Pipeline which start part way through the gas day can be imported.

83968: Import DOGS Pipeline hourly allocations as metered quantities

DOGS allocation notices are now imported and can be viewed as metered quantities in the Steering screen.

83971: Receive and display DOGS Pipeline Imbalance notices

These can now be viewed in Find Notices.

83970: Import DOGS Pipeline Account Position notices

Positions received for DOGS Pipeline can now be imported.

84815: Support asymmetrical tolerances based on capacity

Imbalance tolerances based on a percentage of booked capacity can now be different in each direction.

84841: Implement DOGS Pipeline imbalance calculations

A new DOGS Metered Quantities tab can be displayed, which replicates the projected imbalance calculations of the pipeline operator so that projected imbalances and scalings can be viewed.

83528: Send PSV nominations as notices

PSV nominations can now be sent as a notice, instead of as a report. EuroRunner calculates the transactions to be posted based on the sell transactions it has already posed and confirmed buy transactions that have been loaded in, and will show an unsent notice if any new transactions need to be posted.

EuroRunner: 11.11.10

New Features

77909: Support GTMS IBP nominations

IBP nominations can now be sent from EuroRunner, and confirmations can be imported.


83455: Gemini IP nominations for Bacton BBL are always partially rejected

Made a change to prevent zeroes being sent in the opposite direction to the nominated flow.

EuroRunner: 11.10.8

New Features

82785: Change Huberator v5 templates to not include transfer to own code

Notice templates have changed so that ZTP Notional (Zeebrugge Beach) notices are no longer automatically sent in balance, as Fluxys no longer require this.

80124: Allow sell contracts in CVA Producer report

Sell trades and contracts can now be included in CVA Producer reports, so they can be netted off against buys.

81047: Support multiple capacity types for Storengy

The “Storengy FR v4” Send template has been updated, and can now generate UIOLI nominations if desired. Corresponding confirmations can also be imported.

81048: Allow “Storengy FR v4” template for contract groups

The “Storengy FR v4” template can now be used for contract groups, so nominations for multiple storages can be sent in a single message. Corresponding confirmations can also be imported.

82876: Send HTML emails inline (not as attachments)



79148: Gemini poll error gives unhelpful error message in client

Error messages received from Gemini have been improved.

81059: RAG Storage confirmations processed with incorrect direction

RAG Storage nominations sent as transit notices are now imported as expected.

83157: Times displayed in wrong time zone when correcting failed trade import


79095: Renaming network notice causes fuel costs to disappear from notice content


EuroRunner: 11.9.54

New Features

80047: Allow negative fuel costs for journeys in EuroRunner

Negative fuel costs can be configured, so exits from a journey are higher than entries to the journey. This is to support the requirement to nominate shrinkage on Interconnector IAA capacity until 1st October 2018.


79921: Rounding issue when summing nominations in Snam End User Point template

Fixed an issue which could cause small rounding errors (approx 0.000000001 kWh) in the total nomination when summing large numbers of end users.

EuroRunner: 11.9.47

New Features

77077: Remove new version popup

EuroRunner will no longer check if a new version is available on startup. We will continue to send emails when new versions of our software are available. If you would like to receive these emails, please contact the GMSL EuroRunner team.

77439: Remove support for Windows Vista

The EuroRunner client now requires Windows 7 or higher.

77007: Replace method of fetching release notes

Release notes are now fetched using an HTTP GET request rather than SOAP, to support more modern security standards. The menu items for release notes have also been renamed, to “This Version...” and “Newer Versions...”.

77424: Allow status and startup type of services to be set during installation

When installing the EuroRunner server, it is now possible to specify the status and startup type of the services. This may be useful for test and disaster recovery installations.

74426: Create EuroRunner event sources for Event Viewer during installation

Event sources are now created by the installer to ensure correct permissions are available.

77906: Allow configuration of GTMS web services

It is now possible to configure EuroRunner to connect to Gas Networks Ireland’s GTMS web services.

75277: Replace EuroRunner installers

The EuroRunner server and client installers have been rewritten. If you are upgrading from an earlier version, you will need to uninstall the previous version and reinstall with the new installer.

77908: Support GTMS “non-IP” nominations

Non-IP entry nominations can now be made to Gas Networks Ireland via their GTMS web services.

77023: Don’t show nominated differences for amounts which shouldn’t be nominated in Italy

“Internal network flows are not nominated” can be selected for a network in network properties. If ticked, EuroRunner does not expect nominations when a shipper flows gas to itself within a network.

78503: Support Weekly Request v4 notices for swing buy and sell contracts

Added new custom weekly template.

78573: Poll GTMS for non-IP confirmations

Confirmed values for non-IP entries can be imported from GTMS.

78897: Support Snam confirmations which don’t contain all expected shippers/flanges

If a partial confirmation is received from Snam, it is combined with confirmation data from previous notices to show the latest confirmed values.


77477: Sort order in Gemini view template is confusing

Nominations are now correctly sorted by activity number.

75467: Swing nomination imports on Fixed Contracts cause import to fail

If the name of a fixed contract is used when importing a swing nomination, the file will now import. The swing nomination will appear as invalid in Find Swing Nominations.

79045: New GTS Programme notices not recognised as sent


EuroRunner: 11.8.20


78215: Error opening network group position


78442: ‘You need to remove wheelings’ errors editing/creating point-to-networks


EuroRunner: 11.8.18

New Features

75487: Highlight Flow column in Network Position if differences exist

If the Flow column is displayed, it will be highlighted if there is a difference from the previous column.

75488: Change the default columns on the Network Position screen

The Default settings on the Network Position screen have changed to show “Flow” instead of “Difference” for the Nominated, Confirmed and Allocated columns. This change will be applied automatically for any networks where you have not customised the columns which are displayed.

76570: Improve handling of Snam ACKNOWs

Additional information about individual connection points in Acknowledgement messages from Snam (or any other counterparty) will now be displayed.

76855: Change Damping calculation to support TTF Trading Zone

Calculations for GTS damping have been updated to reflect the fact that, when the TTF Trading Zone comes into force, exits to BBL shippers at TTF will not be included in damping calculations.

76586: Support changes to GTS Programme notices

Changes have been made to support the revised GTS programme notices that must be sent when the TTF Trading Zone, containing the GTS and BBL networks, comes into force on 1st January 2018.

75209: Allow start and end dates for flanges

Start and end gas dates can now be added for flanges. On dates when the flange is not valid, it will not appear in notices or most screens, and it will not be possible to add trades, flows or nominations at the flange.

EuroRunner: 11.7.18

New Features

74061: Make Test systems more obviously different from Live systems

Test systems will now show a ‘Test System’ banner at the top of the screen.

73947: Matching status in Find Notices: Non-zero confirmation if no nomination is found

Find Notices will now show mismatches if a confirmation notice containing non-zero amounts is received and no nomination has been sent.

75202: Ignore capacity type in swing imports for contracts without capacity types

In XML imports for swing contracts, capacity types will now be ignored if the contract does not have capacity types. Previously, specifying a capacity type would cause the import to fail.

75399: Allow matching status for notices to be ignored

If a notice has a status of Pending or Mismatched, this can now be set to Ignored. This can be done from the Find Notices or Compare Latest screens.

75489: Invert sign of Flow Column in Network Position screen and Network Position report

The Flow columns now shows “Delivery - Redelivery” instead of “Redelivery - Delivery”. Please take care if you use the “Flow” columns in any reports.

74372: Add Austria v5 send template

New “Austria v5” templates to create Edigas v5 notices containing shipper TSO information, as required by TAG.


74529: Default Share of ‘0’ should be obeyed for swing contract flanges with single default shipping pair

If the Share is set to zero for a Default Shipping pair on a contract, transfers will never be updated unless they are manually edited.

75203: “Server and Database versions do not match” appears when a different error has occurred

Database connection errors will now give a more detailed and appropriate error message.

75464: End-dated Flange Shippers appear on notices that “Include shippers with no nominations”


EuroRunner: 11.6.31

New Features

73912: Add Matching Status column to Find Notices

Outgoing transit notices are now shown with a matching status of Matched, Mismatched, Pending or Superseded. Note that matching statuses are not shown for contract notices.

73898: Add Properties button to Capacity Position toolbar

Capacity Properties can now be accessed directly from Capacity Position.

73899: Add Properties button to Network Steering toolbar

End User Properties can now be accessed directly from the Steering screen.

73901: Add Properties button to Network Position toobar

Network Properties can now be accessed from the toolbar as well as by right clicking on the map background.

73883: Add Compare Latest button to Notice View

It is now possible to go straight to Compare Latest when viewing a notice.

74803: Improve matching for Edigas notices in networks with daily balancing

If a daily confirmed amount is received against profiled hourly flows or trades, this will no longer show as a mismatch in Compare Latest.


73816: Error if EuroRunner HKLM registry key is deleted

Made change to prevent errors opening some screens if registry keys on users’ computers are missing.

EuroRunner: 11.5.33


74472: New Net Connect Germany VHP confirmations don’t appear confirmed

Fixed an issue where confirmed amounts were not imported as expected following a change to the sender ID used by Net Connect.

EuroRunner: 11.5.32

New Features

71602: Split “Admin” menu into two menus

Configuration of business data (e.g. networks, counterparties, shippers) has been moved to a new Configuration menu.

72729: “Disable schedules” option in Database Wizard should also disable alerts

The Database Wizard can now disable alerts automatically when importing a database.

72812: Rename Fluxys v5 template to Default v5

The Fluxys v5 send template has been renamed to Default v5 to reflect its usage.

72965: Import Energinet confirmation notices

Added support for Energinet notices which don’t contain all shippers at a flange.

72966: Import Energinet allocations

Allocation notices from Energinet can be imported.

72979: Import and display Energinet imbalance notice

Daily and monthly imbalance notices can be viewed in Find Notices.

73447: Support GTS quantity status information in notice view

Matching statuses in TTF confirmations from GTS can now be seen when viewing the notice.

73360: Database Wizard should always generate log file

The Database Wizard will now always save log files in \AppData\Local\ to assist with troubleshooting.

73147: Support Imbalance notices from AGGM

Now AGGM has taken over the Market Area Manager role in Austria from Gas Connect Austria, the sender of the imbalance notices (IMBNOTs) is expected to change. This change ensures they will still be processed in the same way.

73372: Add ‘Default v5’ template for networks

New template added to support Edigas v5 network notices with hourly values.

73539: Add ‘Default v5’ template for network groups

New template added to support Edigas v5 notices with hourly values and multiple internal shippers.

EuroRunner: 11.4.47

New Features

71422: Sort Capacity Types by priority in Make Nominations

Capacity Types are now ordered by priority if a priority is configured.

71469: Add GasDate column to swing contract reports

Gas Date column added to Swing Contract Latest and Swing Contract History report data sets, so data can be grouped by gas date if running the report for multiple days.

71244: Support Fluxys L-Gas - import Imbalance and Limits notices

Fluxys steering information can now be imported if the Fluxys L-Gas network is configured.

68837: Improve sorting on list screens

List screens now remembers previous sort orders and allows sorting by multiple columns. For example, clicking the Shipper column header then the Network column header in the Shippers screen will sort by Network then Shipper.

71476: Import hourly allocations for Fluxys L-Gas

Hourly allocations are now imported as metered quantities for Fluxys L-Gas.

66526: Position Adjustment Alert

Email alerts can be sent if Position Adjustments occur, including GTS and Fluxys action and National Grid NDM changes.

71398: Improve configuration of contract-level settings for contract notices

Improved Notices tab for contract notices.

71472: Include Rich Gas Min/Max DQ in Swing Contract History report data set

Rich gas limits for physical storage contracts can now be included in this report data set.

60092: Improve Pending notices

Pending notices now includes notices waiting to be processed as well as notices which are already being processed. Pending notices can no longer be viewed, to avoid interfering with imports.

72119: System Options - add refresh

Refresh button added to Services tab so Last Run and Next Run times can be more easily updated.

72120: System Options - add run now

Services can now be made to run once then revert to their normal schedule.

71901: Add “Metered Quantities” report data set

Data from the Metered Quantities tab in Network Steering can now be used in reports.

70001: Improve Security

Improved encryption of passwords stored in the database and registry.

71898: Add Swing (All) option to Contract Type filter on Find Contracts

It is now possible to search for all swing contracts which meet the search criteria.

71902: Add Period filter to Contract Notice Received event

Alerts can now be restricted by the notice period (within day or day ahead).

71903: Add Contract filter to Contract Notice Received event

Alerts can be restricted to individual contracts.

EuroRunner: 11.4.14

New Features

70096: View template for Huberator V5

New view template added to match send template.

70595: Create new EnergyStock request message

New template supports EnergyStock nominations for Accelerator capacity.

70692: Edigas v5 templates should not include from_nad

Secondary codes will never be included as “NAD codes” in templates designed to create Edigas v5 XML.

66507: Add Contract Notice Received alert

Email alerts can be sent when selected contract notices are received, configured using new Alerts screens.

70657: Import new EnergyStock response notices

Support added for response (REQRES) notices containing multiple capacity types.


70345: Incorrect allocation shown if Corrib allocation notice is received after entering allocation split


70432: Reimporting fixed trade and trying to make transfer leads to error

Fixed error which occurred when modifying a trade against shippers with books.

EuroRunner: 11.3.11


70408: Error upgrading databases with multiple ‘Latest’ contract notices

Fixed upgrade issue caused by invalid data in some databases.

EuroRunner: 11.3.10

New Features

69344: Support Windows authentication

It is now possible create users which can log into EuroRunner using their Windows account, instead of requiring a separate username and password.

69400: Allow user to send balanced notice if Zeebrugge Beach notice is out of balance

New template added to handle change of hub nominations from Huberator to Fluxys.

69394: Process ZTPH notices from Fluxys instead of Huberator

Updated notice processing to handle change of hub nominations from Huberator to Fluxys.

69620: Support “Shipper Offtake / Delivery” amounts in Response notices

Response (REQRES) notices with amount type “Shippers Offtake / Delivery” (QuantityNature Z36) can now be imported.

69354: Allow Copy to Clipboard in View Notice

When viewing a notice, it is now possible to select and copy the notice contents. Also applies in Failed Notices.

69355: Allow Copy to Clipboard in list screens

The following screens now allow multiple rows to be selected and copied to the clipboard: Contract Groups, Counterparties, Networks, Shippers, Traders, Temperatures, Time Zones, Units, Capacity Scalings.

70071: Alias codes should be used for internal shippers in Huberator v5 send template

Huberator v5 template can now be used for ZTPH as well as ZBGHUB.


69800: Zero and deleted transfers appear on Programme notices


EuroRunner: 11.2.17

New Features

68743: New Request v4 template for buy and sell contracts

New template available.

66483: Allow email subject to include report period

Email subject can now be set independently.

68861: Allow Contract Nominations to force all hourly amounts to be whole numbers

An alternative rounding rule to ‘No Loss EOD’ has been added. If an EOD number is entered or imported when the new ‘Round Down’ rule is enabled, EuroRunner will always round down each hourly amount to an exact value in the units of the contract.

68775: Support Nafta Storage

Edigas nominations and confirmations are now supported for Nafta Storage.

68781: Support signs on notices for buy and sell contracts

It is now possible to specify the sign (direction) of amounts in all buy and sell contract notices.

68779: Support Eustream nominations and confirmations

Modelling the Eustream network in Slovakia and Edigas nominations and confirmations to Eustream are now supported.

50625: Use Managed ODP.NET instead of ODP.NET

The EuroRunner application server now uses Managed ODP.NET to connect to the database. If you are upgrading from before this version, you will need to update the database connection details on the application server when you upgrade.

59633: Support Oracle Easy Connect (EZCONNECT)

Database connections can now be created using Oracle Easy Connect.


69026: Steering Position report gives error if there are multiple position adjustments for a day


69227: “Ignore temperature differences” creates incorrect auto flows

Fixed issue which occurred if the flow was added in the network with the lower reference temperature.

EuroRunner: 11.1.24

New Features

66958: Allow Edigas notices to be sent from any counterparty

EuroRunner can now send Edigas notices for multiple counterparties. A separate ENOM is required for each counterparty.

67678: Support end of day amounts for end user forecast imports

Daily amounts may now be imported.

67453: Use ‘No Loss EOD’ for end users

‘No Loss EOD’ is used when importing or manually entering daily end user forecasts.

66786: Support Costs for end users

End user costs in the Snam Rete Gas network can now be configured, calculated and nominated. Confirmations containing end user costs can be imported.

66761: Support for Italian end users

End users in the Snam Rete Gas network can now be configured and nominated. The different distribution zones can be configured as end user points. Confirmations containing end users can be imported.

68303: Support production points in Snam network notice

Italian production points can now be nominated and confirmations can be imported.

68426: Improve performance of auto-flow calculation

Improved performance of background auto-flows.

68345: Steering Position report

Added new report data set containing position and system balance information from the Position tab of network steering.

68501: Add PSV Upload (Un-netted) report data set

This report data set allows PSV buys and sells to be nominated separately. Configuration changes are required to use this.


68121: Error loading EKB allocations

Fixed issue loading allocations with a change of direction.

68577: Improve performance of Find Fixed Trades

Performance has been improved when finding, manually importing and deleting trades.

EuroRunner: 11.0.12

New Features

66976: Stop recording event log errors with source VBRuntime

Errors written to the Event Log are now saved with source “EuroRunner”.

66714: Remove capacity nominations from Austria Transit templates

These have been removed as they are no longer supported by Austrian TSOs.

64994: Migrate Compare Latest notice creation to .NET

Code for saving new notices from the Compare Latest screen has been rewritten. Issues saving some notices have been resolved.

67202: Add Austria Transit network template

Template allows Austrian nominations to be sent on a single notice per TSO.

66898: Remove remaining VB from application server

EuroRunner is now completely in .NET.

67277: Support Austrian network confirmations

Austrian confirmations containing multiple flanges can now be imported.

67272: Make greater use of remarks in Austrian APERAKs

APERAKs from Austrian TSOs now show as Accepted rather than Accepted with Remarks, if the status for every remark is an accepted status.

66599: Allow sending of Italian transit nominations

Added send and view templates, and allowed fuel costs to be included as separate locations in notices.

67288: Import Snam Edigas confirmation notices

Confirmations for Snam transit flows can now be processed.

67463: Specify direction for zeroes in TAQA templates

Updated templates so zeroes are explicitly specified as input or output.

EuroRunner: 10.12.19


66915: Can’t create new network group notices


EuroRunner: 10.12.18

New Features

65474: Migrate File Processor to .NET

All incoming file processing is now handled entirely in .NET. The Success folder is now organized into subfolders by the date the file was received.

65913: Changes to how EuroRunner performs XSL transforms

Files used when sending/receiving notices are now more integrated.

65936: Warn user when attempting to send old data

If data that would appear on a notice changes while a user is viewing a notice, they will be warned if they try to send the out-of-date notice.

65577: Support Response notices with quantity qualifier “BDR”

If a response notice only contains BDR amounts, they will be treated as BRO amounts. If BDR and BRO are both included, the BDR will still be ignored.

65731: Find screens should remember sort order when refreshed

If you have changed the sort order on the screen, this will be remembered if, for example, a new trade is added. Applies to Find Fixed Trades, Find Capacity Trades and Find Swing Nominations.

65867: Allow selection of TSO by flange shipper

A TSO can be selected for each shipper at a flange, to be used in messages which require the TSO of the adjacent shipper to be specified.


65745: Data marked as sent may be different from contents of notice

Fixed issue which could occur if a contract or flow changed while it was being sent on a notice.

66339: Physical contract transfers can become incorrect if confirmation profile is different from forecast

Fixed issue which could occur when renominating physical contracts, if the forecast and confirmed amounts have profiles which change at different hours.

EuroRunner: 10.11.20

New Features

64335: Add additional email security options

User name and password can now be specified in email settings; TLS can be mandated.

65247: Inbox Fixed Trades count should include trades with no transfers

Trades which are not associated with any shipper codes will now be included in the Inbox count.

65066: Support transit nominations which differ from contract nominations for TAQA Bergermeer

Added a new “TAQA (Request)” template which can be used to send storage nominations which don’t match the nomination to GTS in the event of a shortfall.

65090: Automatically show inventory column in Contract Nominations if there is a breach

Users will now always be warned if an inventory limit is exceeded, even if they’ve hidden the column.

65129: Sort confirmed values in National Grid IP confirmations before saving

Changed Gemini confirmation processing to handle inconsistent order of confirmed amounts in the Gemini response.

65049: Process confirmations from general recipients in .NET

All Edigas confirmation notices are now processed in .NET and support additional statuses as well as confirmed.

65080: BRO column should still be hidden if there is a null BDR vs a zero BRO

Improved behaviour of Contract Nominations screen in compact view.

65431: Remove unused notice features

Removed columns that are no longer used from the Notice Configuration screen.

65632: Replace view templates for transit notices

All view templates for transit notices have been updated to share more functionality. Old-style Default templates have been updated to look more standard. Some unused templates have been removed.


65433: “Nominations are not shown on transit notices” not being used


65615: Fluxys “Me” shipper appearing twice in Zeebrugge Beach nominations


65798: Occasional temporary error sending notices

Addressed a rare, intermittent problem creating temporary files which could prevent users from sending some notices for a short time.

EuroRunner: 10.10.22

New Features

63618: Replace Enom XML Network Notice Templates

Updated network and network group notices to be more consistent and add more automated testing.

64087: Support additional lead times for nominations

Notice lead times can now be configured in 5 minute intervals.

64190: Allow negative values to be pasted in Contract Nominations

Negative amounts and profiles can now be pasted in Contract Nominations. The sign will be ignored, as long as all amounts in the clipboard have the same sign.

64268: Warn if saving contracts with no default shipping

Users will now be warned if they attempt to save a contract without configuring default shipper codes.

63984: Remove support for Austria Excel confirmations

These have been removed as all customers now use Edigas messages.

63737: Allow flange to be selected before direction when adding fixed trades

Adding fixed trades is now more flexible.

64509: Set services to automatically restart after crash

EuroRunner server applications should now be more resilient in the event of unexpected problems.

64572: Custom Response view template for swing sell contracts

Daily and weekly view template added. It can also be used as an HTML send template.

64687: Require .NET Framework 4.5.2

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 is now required on the application server and all client PCs.

64269: Support TLS v1.2 for GTS services

EuroRunner can now use TLS v1.2, as GTS will soon require. As a result, the application server must now use Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 or above.

64526: Create Thyssengas network notice template

New template allows Thyssengas nominations to be sent as a single network notice.

64658: Support National Grid unidentified gas

National Grid Unidentified Gas quantities will be imported as position adjustments.


64315: Trades between two shippers in no network can cause problems when flowing between time zones


64407: Fix import of EKB allocation notices

These notices can now be imported again.

64698: Network group notices always appear unsent if Flange (All), Shipper (All) is selected


64977: Server installer can get stuck if wrong password is entered for services


64699: Error installing EuroRunner Server if services could not be removed

If the old EuroRunner services could not be removed (e.g. if there was an active client connection), the installer will prompt for a restart before installing the new services.

EuroRunner: 10.9.29

New Features

64641: Error adding a new network

Fixed error introduced in 10.9.28.

EuroRunner: 10.9.28

New Features

63191: Add hyphens back into text templates

Re-introduced hyphens in dates, as some recipients were processing text emails automatically.

63130: Contract nominations - Hide BRO if same as BDR

The BRO column is now hidden by default in the Contract Nominations screen, to make it easier to use when many contracts or flanges are visible.

63113: Lead times in contract nominations

The Contract Nominations screen now warns the user immediately if a nomination change is after a contract notice deadline.

63379: Improve Custom Contract Group Text Notices

Previously, only BDR, BRO or Transfers could appear for Buy contracts and only Max DQ could appear for Sell contracts in custom contract group notices. All four options are now available for Buy and Sell contracts.

63506: Remove deprecated Austria KissGas templates

Removed templates no longer supported by Austrian TSOs.

63867: Remove Unused Enom XML Notice Templates

A number of ENOM Templates which are no longer valid have been removed.

63182: Import German network notices in .NET

Processing of confirmation notices from Bayernets, GASCADE, Gasunie Deutschland, GRTgaz Deutschland, Jordgas Transport, ONTRAS and Thyssengas has been updated. Additional statuses such as ‘Processed by Adjacent TSO’ are now used in Compare Latest.

64238: Ignore Gassco Rich Gas linefill acccount balances in confirmation notices

This change is required to import confirmations containing linefill information for rich gas pipelines.

64288: Update outgoing ENOM XML notice templates

Updated the code used to generate most outgoing notices, to be more consistent and add more automated testing. Affected notices include:

  • Text, Excel and most Edigas contract notices.
  • Excel, Gemini and most Edigas transit notices. There are minor formatting changes to some text contract notices as a result.


63562: Error opening Contract Capacity Trade Properties for existing trade


63910: Network Steering doesn’t remember tab correctly


EuroRunner: 10.8.6

New Features

62429: New “France v5” notice templates

Added new templates which can be used to create Edigas v5 nominations to GRTgaz and TIGF.

62634: New Request template for Virtual Storage contracts

This template creates Edigas request notices with hourly amounts identified as “BDR”.

62636: New Request EOD template for virtual storage

This template creates Edigas request notices with end of day amounts identified as “BDR”.

62645: Create “Enagas Storage” send template

New template creates transit nominations to Enagas for flows at Storage and LNG sites. These can be saved to a folder and manually uploaded to Enagas’ SL-ATR website.

62625: Allow quantity type ‘QDGQ’ in contract response notices

Incoming response notices with amounts identified as “Quality-Deficient Gas Quantity” can now be imported.


62705: Network not saved when adding shippers via Contract Properties


62872: Capacity Position report gives different result to Capacity Position screen

Resolved issue which could occur when exporting some complex Gassco service capacities in volume units.

62772: Error selecting Apply to save corrected swing nomination import

Fixed error which appeared when clicking Apply instead of OK (nominations were still saved if Apply was clicked).

EuroRunner: 10.7.27

New Features

60600: Volume capacity calculation for shares

The calculation of CVs for capacity shares has been updated, to improve the use of capacity shares when modelling Gassco capacity.

61336: Create PSV upload file

A ‘PSV Upload’ report data set has been added, which can produce CSV trade files to upload to the PSV website.

61542: Optionally disable schedules and email when importing a dump file

The Database Wizard has been changed to make it safer to import copies of live databases to test systems.

61433: Import ‘Zeebrugge Beach’ trade allocations from Hub Allocations spreadsheet

These allocation spreadsheets can now be imported directly in EuroRunner, instead of using the separate “Hub Allocations Converter” tool.

37722: Allow removal of old audit data

It is now possible for administrators with sufficient permissions to remove old audit data from EuroRunner.

61927: Update Prerequisites

Updated Prerequisites to add support for Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Excel 2016, and remove some older versions.

61892: Support Energystock virtual storage

Nominations can be sent and confirmations received for Energystock virtual storage. Response (REQRES) notices can now also be imported for other virtual storage contracts.

61443: Import Physical Storage confirmation notices in .NET

The code which imports all physical storage notices has been rewritten.

62126: Support additional statuses in confirmation notices

Additional statuses (e.g. Processed by Adjacent TSO) are now used in Compare Latest for BBL, Gassco, GASPOOL, GRTgaz, GTS, Huberator, Net Connect and TIGF notices.

62127: Replace view templates for outgoing contract notices

All HTML view templates for contract notices have been updated to be clearer and easier to read.

61855: Import PSV Excel ‘Analisi Transazioni’ files

Files exported from the PSV website can be imported as confirmation notices.

62125: Remove “Swap shipper” flag from swing contract properties

This option is no longer necessary, as all incoming contract notices now automatically cope with reversed shippers.

62368: Remove support for Use Transfers rather than Nominations

Removed legacy feature used for old Gassco email nominations.

62093: Improve network notice configuration

The Network Notices tab of the Notice Configuration screen has been removed. Notice Content for network and network group notices is now configured against the notice. You can now choose to include all shippers at certain flanges, or all shippers in a network, so new shippers are automatically added to the notice.

62685: Standardize text notice templates

Email Text templates for contract notices have made more consistent. The content of some notices has changed slightly as a result.


61938: Compare Latest should show transit book

The Compare Latest screen now shows books, if the notice “me” shipper has books.

EuroRunner: 10.6.36

New Features

60388: Use log4Net for all .net logging

Error logging is now more configurable. Additional logging has also been added, which can be enabled if needed.

60371: Process Flange Min. DQs in v4 availability notices

Minimum flange limits can now be imported.

60104: Improve Edigas v5 support for Huberator

A new ‘Huberator v5’ template has been added, so Edigas v5 Zeebrugge Beach messages can be sent when out of balance.

60356: Process Availability notices in .NET

All availability notices are now processed in .NET. Viewing incoming availabilities from Find Notices has been greatly improved.

60374: Process Contract Min and Max DQs in v4 availability notices

Limits for the whole contract can now received in availability notices (not just flange limits).

60486: Allow Find Fixed Trade by Code

It is now possible to search by trade code in the Fixed Trades screen.

60346: Allow manual report exports by email

Manual report exports can now be sent directly by email.

60771: Allow removal of historical data

An Earliest Gas Date can now be set for EuroRunner. Data before this date will be removed, allowing smaller databases.

60660: Gemini confirmation notices should be imported using the temperature of the outgoing notice

Implemented to support the upcoming change to Bacton BBL and Bacton IUK nominations, so they can be nominated with a different reference temperature to the rest of the network.

60573: Support IMBNOT and LIMITS messages from Balansys SA

Imbalance messages will continue to work when the balancing role for the BeLux market passes from Fluxys Belgium to Balansys SA.

60507: Use additional statuses from Interconnector confirmations

“Accepted by TSO” and “Nominated by Counterparty” statuses are now stored and used in Compare Latest.

55240: NOMINT notices to be imported for buy contracts

Nomination notices can now also be imported for buy contracts.

60693: Import nomination response (NOMRES) notices for buy and sell contracts

Confirmation notices can now be imported for buy and sell contracts.

60806: Import additional statuses from Fluxys confirmations

“Processed by Adjacent TSO” statuses are now stored and used in Compare Latest.


61297: Can’t send zero allocations with Daily Allocations report

Fixed. Note that without this fix, zero allocations can be sent, but only if there is a forecast amount for the same shipper.

EuroRunner: 10.6.14

New Features

59217: Allow new trader to be added from details tab of contract properties

Add and Edit options added to contract properties.

59661: Simplified “Add Shipper” screen when opened from contract properties

This screen has been reworked to simplify adding new flanges and shippers to a contract.

59744: Make contract start and end dates optional

New contracts are now open-ended by default. Start and end dates can be added or removed if needed.

59886: Support zero output nominations in Statoil Request template

Template updated. Zeroes will now be sent as outputs (requires ENOM 6.18.042 or later).

59645: Make polling for Gemini confirmations more efficient

EuroRunner now polls for all non-IP confirmations in one go.

60017: Add ‘Both’ option for adding contract flanges

Flanges can now be added in both directions (Buy and Sell) at the same time.

60044: Allow more characters in “Email to” field for Reports

Increased limit to 500 characters.

60045: Allow ‘Previous Day’ in report schedule custom period

It is now possible to configure schedules which run reports for a custom number of days, starting up to one week before the schedule is triggered. For example, reports can be configured which run every morning and contain data for within day and the previous gas day.

59764: Remove “Find Fixed Trades for Make Transfers”

Find Fixed Trade now has only one mode. The menu option when right clicking on fixed contracts in position screens is now called “Fixed Trades” rather than “Make Transfers”.

59170: Excel Reports - always create .XLSX files

.XLS is no longer used for reports (.XLSX was already used by default on all PCs with Excel 2007 or higher).

60093: Allow more characters in Recipient/Copy Recipient fields on email notices

Increased limit to 500 characters.

59789: Remove support for incoming Edigas v2 notices

Version 2 Edigas notices are no longer processed.

59088: Simplify adding/editing flanges

The Flange Properties screen now has less different modes.

59786: Remove support for outgoing Edigas v2 notices

Unused templates for creating Edigas v2 transit and contract notices have been removed.

EuroRunner: 10.5.8

New Features

58019: Remove COM+ from the server since it is no longer required by VB clients

Simplified the server installation and communications between client and server. Prerequisites have been updated (some prerequisites have been removed; none have been added).

58729: Enable visual styles

EuroRunner now uses default Windows styles wherever possible, giving a more up-to-date look that adapts to match your Windows version.

59345: Allow Contract Notice Received schedule event to filter by contract

Reports produced by this schedule can now be filtered to the contract of the received notice. To enable this, add a “Contract Equals” filter on the report and tick the “Parameter” check box.

59114: Improve usability of date picker

Using the up/down key to change the day or month now changes the month or year if you are on the first/last day of the month or year.

58915: Auto fill option for Default Shipping

An “Auto fill” link has been added to Default Shipping for contracts. It automatically selects shipper codes where possible, based on the Trader selected for the contract.

59158: Migrate Clearing Confirmations to .NET

GTS Clearing Confirmations are now processed in .NET.

59580: Allow negative prices for capacity trades

Negative prices can now be imported or manually entered.

58851: Send admin email if report schedule fails

If a report schedule cannot run, the error message to the user will be more descriptive and an email with full details will be sent to the Admin Email Address if one is configured.


59109: Explorer appears off screen when reopening EuroRunner after closing it while minimised


59435: Error running event-driven schedule with relative period

Fixed an issue exporting reports using the “Fixed trade received”, “Swing nomination received” and “Capacity trade recieved” schedules.

59343: Changing contract of trade causes unexpected imbalance

Fixed issue if a trade is re-imported against a different contract.

59549: “This program may not have installed correctly” sometimes appears after successful upgrade

This message should no longer appear on Windows Vista or later (and Windows Server 2008 or later) if the installation was successful.

EuroRunner: 10.4.7

New Features

58354: Allow default contract settings to be configured by flange

A default Time Zone, Unit, Temperature and “No Loss EOD” setting can now be set for flanges.

58745: Change Inbox icon for Failed Checks

Imported swing nominations which have failed validation against contract limits will now be more obvious in the Inbox.

58815: Timestamps should obey Time Zone setting on reports

If a report is configured to use a specific time zone, this now applies to time stamps as well.

47766: Migrate GTS Operational Allocations Interface

All GTS pollers now use .NET.

58567: Improve Failed Notices refresh

If the number of failed notices changes while the Failed Notices screen is open, it will automatically refresh.

58061: Support TAQA Bergermeer Storage

TAQA Send and View templates have been added for Physical Storage contracts and confirmations from TAQA can be processed.


58648: “Me” shippers can be configured with network (None)

It is no longer possible to have “Me” shippers without a network. You should ensure you do not have any configured before you upgrade.

EuroRunner: 10.3.8

New Features

56471: Remove ISIS interface

Removed ISIS functionality now that it has been replaced by Edigas notices. This includes removing Pending and Failed notices from the Outbox and Find Notices, as these were only used for ISIS notices.

56555: Process incoming v3 REQEST notices in .NET

Processing of v3 REQEST notices has been migrated to .NET and improved. “Swap signs” no longer needs to be set.

58008: Remove Routes screens

The Routes screens in EuroRunner have been removed.

58273: Allocations import should support gas day change

Importing allocations XML from other systems now works in time zones with gas days that are not 6-6.

58342: Support TIGF confirms where adjacent shipper equals internal shipper

TIGF confirmations, and most other confirmations can now be imported when the same shipper code is used in two connected networks.

47767: Migrate GTS POS/SBS Interface

GTS position data is now loaded in .NET. Behaviour if accountable positions are published late has been improved.

58182: Allow report period to be specified in filename

Report file names can now include the gas date (or dates) the report is run for (instead of the date it is run on).

53981: Log additional information for GTS Services

GTS services can now log more information, and logging can be enabled more easily, to help troubleshooting.


58004: Overview Map date filter doesn’t support relative dates

Relative dates (Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow) can now be selected and are inherited correctly from the main date filter.

58267: Total Output doesn’t appear in Notification Type filter list for Swing Contract History reports


58675: Semicolon separators in email recipient lists cause errors in EuroRunner 10.2

Improved validation to ensure commas are used to separate email addresses. Any semi-colons currently configured will be replaced with commas during the upgrade.

58784: Nogat allocation notices (NOGO02) can’t be imported


EuroRunner: 10.2.21


58402: NCGVHP confirmations using “nominated by shipper” as confirmed

New DVGW confirms from Net Connect Germany are now processed correctly.

EuroRunner: 10.2.20

New Features

55844: Improve performance of contract nominations

Changed the way contract nominations are stored in the database to improve performance when saving and reading them.

56014: Migrate Send EMail Notices to .net

Updated code used to send email notices.

55360: Support ACKNOWs from any recipient

ACKNOWs from any notice recipient will now be processed. ENOM must be configured to ‘Automatically Send XML’ for the corresponding recipient.

56018: Migrate Send ENOM Notices to .net

Files to ENOM are now saved by .NET (notice content has not changed, only the method of saving the files).

55578: Update use of ACKNOW codes

Some codes which were previously interpreted as “Rejected” are now interpreted as “Accepted with Remarks”. Also added support for new codes which may appear in v5.1 ACKNOW notices.

55366: Support Fluxys v5 messages

Incoming v5 ACCSIT, LIMITS, ACKNOW and NOMRES messages from Fluxys can be processed.

55373: Support Fluxys v5 nominations

Added “Fluxys v5” nomination template. Also updated “CEGH” and “DVGW Hub” templates to use Flange Shipper Alias if one is configured.

56379: Allow import of service capacity

Service capacity for Gassco can now be imported. Please ask for the updated Interfaces document if you would like to use this.

55202: Remember last selected flows on flow screen

When opening a flow screen, EuroRunner will remember the imbalances, shippers and direction you last used for that flow.

47764: Migrate GTS Damping Parameters Interface

Fetching Damping parameters from GTS now uses .NET. Test Login for GTS has also been updated.

57490: Support Gemini IP confirmations with multiple periods

Change to support within day Gemini IP confirmations.

57464: Create ‘Statoil Request’ templates for swing Sell contracts

Daily and Weekly Send (Edigas) and View (HTML) templates added.

56999: Gassco - support nominations to multiple UK shippers at Easington/St. Fergus

Multiple UK shippers can now be nominated to Gassco using the same dummy exit code and corresponding confirmations can be processed.

57945: Improve Gemini Failure Log Message

Event log warnings now contain more information if Gemini doesn’t respond as expected.


56087: Importing confirmation for trade at Gassco field can give error

Fixed error which could occur if there is a trade at a Gassco flange, the flange name equals the point name and the point contains other flanges where both shippers are available.

56239: Entering contract nominations too slow on Contract Nominations for some contracts

Fixed issue causing slowdown for contracts with many columns displayed on nomination screen.

56215: Database Wizard states history tables are missing when they are present


56371: Edigas v3 Request Notice (BDR) not imported


57356: Errors with date when editing a failed fixed trade import


57268: Overview and Overview Map open Capacity Position for wrong shipper

Capacity Position will now open for the selected shipper.

57395: Reports exporting multiple files with the same name at the same time can fail


57304: Within day notice deadlines can’t be used for National Grid

If a within day notice deadline is set, the start hour in Gemini notices will default to the end of the current hour plus one. Note that Gemini notices for IPs should still be configured with a deadline of of “2 hours before start of data”.

57634: Contract Notices should use database timestamps

Standardised timestamps so notices received in the same second appear in the correct order.

57202: Compare Latest appears incorrect for Zeebrugge Hub notices

Fixed by undoing changes made in case 55342 in 10.1.14. Compare Latest, Position and Map screens no longer show unexpected confirmed differences.

57302: Notice deadlines incorrect for flows created using flow screen


57879: Gemini non-IP confirmations not displayed

Fixed issue when viewing Gemini confirmation notices.

EuroRunner: 10.1.16


57121: Error occurs correcting data on failed fixed trade import


EuroRunner: 10.1.15


56145: Capacity Position report fails to complete

Improved performance of this report for databases with very large numbers of scalings (e.g. from CHACAP notices).

56150: Gas day change tool recalculates last hour of 29th Sept incorrectly


56152: Transfers not created when duration of fixed trade is extended

Fixed issue when updating an existing fixed trade, which occurred if the traded amount was unchanged and the end date is extended.

56171: Missing nominations in Compare Latest when comparing a confirmation notice to multiple outgoing notices

Fixed error which could affect notices including Gassco confirmations.

EuroRunner: 10.1.14

New Features

55129: Support Send of Gemini IP nominations

Implemented. Note that this is still based on a draft specification from National Grid and may require additional changes before these go live on 1st October 2015.

55246: Removal of Upper and Lower No Incentive Limits from Fluxys IMBNOTs

Fluxys IMBNOTs without No Incentive Limits (which will be received from 1st Oct 2015) are now supported.

55342: Flow screen should save all flows

Changed the way that the flow screen saves flows in connected networks.

55549: Retrieve Gemini IP confirmations

Implemented. Note that this is still based on a draft specification from National Grid and may require additional changes before these go live on 1st October 2015.

55650: Allow Routes screen to support CET routes after 1st October

Routes support for the EU common gas day is not yet complete, so routes containing non-CET flanges cannot be used from 30th September 2015 in this version.

55518: Allow disclaimer text on emails

A Disclaimer can now be entered in System Options and will be included on all outgoing emails.

55521: Allow within day notice deadlines

Fixed notice deadlines within the gas day can now be configured.


55195: Error viewing XML notices in Send Format


55232: Imbalance at border flange is double counted in flow screen imbalances

Flow screen now works better when flows in adjacent networks don’t match at border flanges (e.g. if entry-exit and wheeling flows are possible at the flange).

55962: Error processing Fluxys confirmations when not using default database user


EuroRunner: 10.0.3

New Features

52698: Migrate outgoing contract notices to .NET

Fetching data for contract notices has been migrated to .NET. The notices should be unchanged, except for some small changes to notices for contracts in multiple time zones.

52987: Remove option to use non-“me” shippers in Routes

To allow for upcoming improvements to Routes, it is no longer possible to configure routes which flow to or from non-“me” shippers in point-to-point networks.

52898: Remove “Automatically generate an internal notice after nominating”

This unused contract notice option was removed while rewriting contract notice generation in .NET. The Notices tab in contract notice properties has changed slightly as a result.

53119: “DVGW Hub” View template shouldn’t merge “me” shipper across columns

Improved template for viewing outgoing notice.

53230: Allow users to move a Flange to a different point

Flanges can be moved to a different point, as long as the new point is in all networks which contain the flange, and the flange is not part of any journeys.

52110: Date/time report filters should always use a single time zone

Report filters based on date/time are now always aligned to the CET time zone.

53528: Migrate Trade Latest Notifications Report to .net

Report has been rewritten in .NET.

53303: Migrate transit notices to .NET

All outgoing transit notices are now created in .NET.

53476: Remove Norway Text Notice Templates

Removed templates no longer supported by Gassco.

53477: Remove “Show all Nominations as Deliveries”

Removed deprecated option, used by old (2010 or earlier) GTS notices, from notice configuration screens.

54285: Process incoming v4 REQEST notices in .NET

These contract notices are now processed in .NET, have improved view templates and no longer depend on the “Swap shippers on incoming notices” flag.

54517: Disable routes after gas day change

The Routes screens do not currently support the EU common gas day. As a result, routes cannot be used in this version for gas days after 30th Sep 2015. Routes functionality for 30th Sep 2015 onwards will be restored in a future version.

54675: Extend support for Request Response (REQRES) notices

These are now supported for Swing Buy contracts as well as Swing Sell contracts. Also supported are:

  • Weekly response notices (SWR).
  • Response notices containing daily amounts.
  • Response notices for contract groups.

54956: Improve processing speed for updating fixed trades

Updates to existing fixed trades are now more efficient if only the start/end dates have changed and the new and old periods overlap (Auto import fixed trades must be enabled).

55010: Support EU common gas day

From gas day 1st October 2015, the definition of a gas day in EuroRunner will change. A gas day currently always starts at 06:00 local time.

After 1st October 2015, gas days will always start at 06:00 Central European local time.

All times in EuroRunner will still be displayed in local time, so UK gas days will show a start time of 05:00.

55011: Support EU common gas day for outgoing notices

Notices for the following recipients support changes required for 30th Sep 2015 and beyond due to the EU common gas day:

  • Interconnector (UK) at Bacton
  • National Grid (NBP and non-IP entry and exit activities)
  • Gassco (changes for Easington and St. Fergus on 30 Sep)
  • SEPIL (Corrib Field)

Most outgoing contract notices will also obey the EU common gas day if used in non-CET time zones:

  • ENOM templates: all Edigas v3 and v4 templates (including custom templates).
  • Excel templates: Default and Custom templates.
  • Text templates: all templates (including custom templates).
  • HTML templates: all templates (including custom templates).

55012: Support EU common gas day for incoming notices

Changes for 30th Sep 2015 and beyond due to the EU common gas day are supported in notices from the following operators:

  • Interconnector (UK) at Bacton
  • National Grid (NBP and non-IP entry and exit activities, NDM data)
  • Gassco (changes for Easington and St. Fergus on 30 Sep)
  • SEPIL (Corrib Field)

The following incoming contract notices will also obey the EU common gas day if used in non-CET time zones:

  • Edigas v4 BDR and BWR (aka REQEST, Buyer’s Request) notices.
  • Edigas v3/4 SDR and SWR (aka REQRES, Seller’s Response) notices.
  • Edigas v3/4 SDT (aka NOMINT, nomination) notices.

55054: Tool to fix data for EU common gas day

A special tool is provided to fix any data already in EuroRunner for non-CET flanges after 1st Oct 2015. It should be run once after upgrading to this version.

54677: Support “Total Output” in Corrib NOMRES

This new value can now be included in the Swing Contract History report data set.


52907: Export of allocations for more than one day does not contain any data

Fixed issue with the Export to Excel button if profiles for a multiple day period was displayed on screen.

53225: Error running Swing Contract History report with no time zone selected

Fixed error on some reports when Created Date/Time is used in a Total row and no time zone is selected for the report.

53488: Errors in event log if using ISIS interface for NTS nominations only

Unnecessary warnings no longer written to Event Log.

53795: Rejection APERAK doesn’t trigger Outbox refresh

The Outbox will always refresh to show unsent notices if a rejection is received for a sent notice.

53979: Setting GTSDebug flag causes error in GTS Zones Poller

Fixed error and added improved logging when debugging is enabled.

12242: CET Time Zone and MWh Unit defaults are incorrect

CET time zones with incorrect daylight saving will be corrected and the MWh unit will be set to have 3 decimal places.

54943: Find screens flickering

Find screens will no longer flicker when refreshing data and flicker on other screens has been reduced.