Flexible dispatching solution for European gas shippers

Trusted by the world's largest energy companies, EuroRunner is the perfect tool to manage any European gas portfolio

EuroRunner Release Notes

Simplify scheduling, eliminate risk

Scheduling doesn’t need to be complicated. EuroRunner brings all your gas scheduling processes together, so your team can focus on the big picture. EuroRunner streamlines your processes, making everyday tasks easier.

EuroRunner reduces the risk of costly scheduling errors and lets you trade with confidence, by removing time‐consuming manual processes and bringing all your information together in one place. Using EuroRunner means you can easily expand your trading activities into new markets.

All-in‐one gas scheduling

See your entire portfolio status on a single screen
EuroRunner can show your up-to-date position across over 25 market operators and TSOs across Europe.

Coping with complexity
Your portfolio is complicated – EuroRunner deals with that. End users, offshore fields and pipelines, rich gas nominations, bespoke messaging systems: EuroRunner can handle them all so you won’t need extra systems or elaborate workarounds.

Powerful allocation management
Calculate your allocations right down to trade level and export them back to your trading system for easy invoicing.

Managing flexibility

EuroRunner can produce a wide range of email, Excel and Edig@s messages for managing your flexible contracts with other shippers. Deadlines and availabilities are all tracked for you and requests and availabilities can be imported automatically. EuroRunner also supports more than 20 storage and LNG sites across Europe.

Cross‐market flows are made simple, EuroRunner combines your capacity bookings to make it easy to see how much you can flow between markets.

Adaptable to changing markets
Want to start trading in a new market quickly, or add a new interconnection? EuroRunner is highly configurable so you can adapt to changing market conditions. We currently support over 25 market operators and TSOs across Europe and more are being added all the time.

See your whole portfolio at a glance, easily check your positions for multiple days across all your markets. Our overview screen gives you peace of mind if everything is OK, and makes sure you know when it isn’t.

Comprehensive Features

EuroRunner provides all the features you would expect from a best‐of‐breed gas scheduling system.

Never miss a nomination
EuroRunner knows what nominations you need to send and when. Whenever you make a flow or your trades change, all your nominations will be generated for you. If a deadline is approaching, EuroRunner will let you know.

Real-time balancing
EuroRunner uses real time position and metered flow data from network operators, so you can always see the market’s position as well as your own.

Integration with trading systems
Automatically import trades, capacity and flexible nominations and export data back to your trading system so traders and schedulers always have the latest information.

Intuitive design
Experts from our gas scheduling team work with our developers every day to ensure that EuroRunner is always easy to use and understand.

Exceptional support
Support and training is provided by the same developers and gas scheduling experts that work on EuroRunner every day, so you can always talk to someone who knows the software and understands your business.

Simple deployment
EuroRunner is also simple to install and support. You can also choose to simplify your IT communications by sending nominations via our routing service.

Future proof
EuroRunner is used by our own gas scheduling team, so we know how critical it is. If market regulations change, you can trust that we will make the required changes on time and at no extra cost to you.

Supports nominations for markets throughout Europe

Market areas and pipelines

Austria Market Area East
Gas Networks Ireland
Gasunie Transport Services
Interconnector Limited
National Gas

Hubs and trading locations

Area D (Gassco)
Eustream VTP
Energinet GTF/ETF
ZTP Physical
ZTP Notional H-Gas
ZTP Notional L-Gas

Storage and LNG operations

Astora Storage
EWE Gasspeicher
Fluxys Storage
Nafta Storage
OMV Storage
RAG Storage
Storengy Deutschland
Storengy France
TAQA Bergermeer
Teréga Storage
Uniper Gas Storage
VNG Storage
Zeebrugge LNG

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