ENOM Release Notes

ENOM is constantly being developed and upgraded - adding new features and keeping up to date with market change. See below for the system Release Notes.

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ENOM 7.25.0

New features

Support Edigas v5 ‘Account Position’ MARSIT messages

Edigas v5 MARSIT messages of type 94G (Account Position) are now supported.

Improve handling of different MARSIT message types

MARSIT messages will now appear as one of the following ENOM message types depending on the type attribute in the message:

  • Imbalance Notice (IMBNOT)
  • Reconciliation Notice (IMBNOTR)
  • TSO’s Daily Provisional Allocation (TDPA)
  • TSO’s Daily Definitive Allocation (TDDA)
  • TSO’s Provisional Allocation (TPA)
  • TSO’s Definitive Allocation (TDA)
  • Account Position Report (APR)

This makes it easier to identify the purpose of each message, and “Only Latest” now filters the messages using this type. Note that this will affect any Message Rules configured for these message types.

Update ‘type’ attribute in ENOM XML for Edigas v5 MARSITs

The type attribute in the ENOM XML for v5 MARSITs has been updated to reflect the message types above. E.g. type="14G" becomes type="imbalance". If you use the ENOM XML for these messages, please contact us for more details.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue where email alerts about message box errors could include the local path instead of the remote path.
  • If ENOM XML for an Edigas v5 nomination notice is received with no nomination elements, this will now be rejected instead of sending an empty message to the recipient. This was already invalid according to the XSD, but is now strictly enforced.
  • Improved behaviour if database connection is lost. ENOM should now attempt to reconnect without opening large numbers of error message boxes.

ENOM 7.24.0

New features

Support for DVGW v5.7a Imbalance Notice

Added support for the latest version of imbalance notice (IMBNOT) that will be used by Trading Hub Europe from 1st October 2023. You will need this version of ENOM to be able to read imbalance notices from Trading Hub Europe after this date, and to send CONTRL messages to acknowledge receipt of the message.

Fixes and improvements

  • ENOM Service logging has been improved to make troubleshooting easier in case of problems with database connections, or when polling for new messages or files.
  • Upgraded Oracle.ManagedDataAccess (a third-party dependency) to address a potential security vulnerability (CVE-2023-21893).

ENOM 7.23.0

New Features

Improvements to Windows Authentication

The login form has been updated to make it easier to log in for users using Windows authentication. If your Windows account has been added as an ENOM user, you can tick the “Use Windows Authentication” check box and log in without re-entering your Windows credentials. This also applies to GMSL Hosting users.

Sort connection strings alphabetically in Select Database dialog

If your ENOM can connect to multiple databases and the shortcut to launch ENOM does not specify the connection to use, the Select Database dialog will list all available databases alphabetically.


Connection String Tool should always run as Administrator

The Connection String Tool, provided with ENOM for encrypting connection strings in ENOM config files, now checks it is running as an Administrator to avoid errors.

Correctly display outgoing ACKNOWs sent in response to Edigas v5 MARSITs

Fixed an issue identifying the outgoing message type.

ENOM 7.22.0

New Features

Support for additional MARSIT message structures

Support has been added for a range of extra Edigas v5.1 MARSIT messages, including:

  • MARSIT messages with no Area or Connection Point, as Energinet are now sending.
  • MARSIT messages with an Area and/or Connection Point, but no Account (shipper).
  • MARSIT messages with a mixture of data structures.

ENOM 7.21.0

New Features

Support for German APERAK v2.1h

  • Added support for the German APERAK v2.1h, including a new date/time format. These APERAKs are now in use by Trading Hub Europe.
  • Trading Hub Europe are now sending error code Z31 for shipper NOMINTs containing an exchange counterparty like EEX. As these nominations are single-sided, the nomination against EEX is ignored and the rest of the nomination message is still accepted. This will now appear as “Accepted with remarks” instead of “Rejected” in ENOM. For EuroRunner users, these messages will also show as “Accepted with Remarks” in EuroRunner after ENOM is upgraded.
  • A number of new APERAK error codes are also now supported.

Support for sending ACKNOWs in response to v5 notices

We have two new acknowledgement rules in the Acknowledgements tab of ENOM, to configure ENOM to send ACKNOWs for v5 MARSIT messages, which Energinet are starting to use, or for all v5 messages.

Support for import of v5.1 (Release 3) ALOCAT

AGGM v5.1 ALOCATs can now be imported with the implementation of support for the v5.1 (Release 3) namespace.

Added export user list functionality

Added new Export User List button on the User Maintenance screen. This allows a list of users in ENOM to be exported to a CSV file.


Incorrect attribute order in outgoing CONTRL messages

Fixed a bug where some data in CONTRL messages to Trading Hub Europe was sent in the incorrect order. Note that THE still accept the messages with the incorrect order, so this doesn’t currently cause any issues.

Improved support for incoming Trading Hub Europe CONTRL messages

Fixed an issue where some CONTRL messages with additional error information cannot be matched to the correct outgoing notice.

ENOM 7.19.0

New Features

Support sending of v2.0b CONTRL messages to Trading Hub Europe

As required by Trading Hub Europe, CONTRL messages sent to THE from 1st October 2022 will have version number 2.0b. Without this change, you may receive email alerts from THE that they have not received CONTRL messages from you.

Support Edig@s v5 messages from AGGM

ALOCAT and MARSIT message processing has been extended to support receiving these messages from AGGM. The ENOM XML XSDs “GMSL_XSD_AllocationReport_V5_Output.xsd” and “GMSL_XSD_MARSIT_V5_Output.xsd” have been updated accordingly.

Usability improvements to message formats on Available Messages and Recipients screens

The “Enagas v5 (XML)” message format has been renamed to “Enagas (Spain) v5 (XML)” to avoid confusion with “Edigas v5 (XML)”. The default message formats on these screens have also been changed to match the most commonly-selected options.

ENOM Service message processing improvements

Improvements have been made to the ENOM Service to increase the speed at which it processes incoming messages.


Matching and Balancing processing occasionally gets stuck

Fixed a bug where Matching and Balancing could in some situations get stuck processing a particular message.

Incorrectly-sent user expiry warning emails

Fixed a bug where ENOM would continuously send out user expiry warning emails for users that had been deleted by another ENOM instance. Also stopped ENOM sending warnings for Windows-authenticated users that never expire.

Message processing fails if the creation time stamp has more than 3 decimal places

ENOM now supports up to 6 decimal places in message creation time stamps, as present in ACKNOW messages sent by Plinovodi.

ENOM 7.18.0

New Features


ENOM now encodes version 5.1 Edig@s NOMINTs as required by Snam to nominate Punto di Scambio Virtuale (Virtual Trading Point - PSV).


Support for UTC offsets in ENOM input XML

ENOM now correctly uses the UTC offset in the created_dts attribute of ENOM XML if it is present.

ENOM 7.17.0

New Features

Support MARSIT messages as used by Energinet

ENOM now decodes MARSIT (Market Situation) messages of types 95G (TSO’s Daily Provisional Allocation Report), 96G (TSO’s Daily Definitive Allocation Report), 16G (TSO’s Daily Reconciliation Report) and 14G (TSO’s Daily Imbalance Notification Report) as used by Energinet.

ENOM 7.16.0

New Features

Configurable acknowledgement of messages from Trading Hub Europe (THE)

It is possible to disable responding to messages from THE with CONTRL messages. This is useful if CONTRL messages are already being sent by another system.

Importing TRANOT (Transfer Notice) messages

TRANOT messages can be imported into ENOM. The EDI content can be viewed. TRANOT messages from THE will be responded to with CONTRL messages (if these are not disabled - see above).

Code signing

The ENOM application files and installers are now digitally signed.

ENOM 7.15.0

New Features

Automatic acknowledgement of messages from Trading Hub Europe (THE)

ENOM now responds to any message from THE with a CONTRL message (excluding CONTRL messages received from THE).


Error stopping the ENOM Service

Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented the ENOM Service from being stopped.

ENOM 7.13.2

New Features

Support for Edig@s v5.1 messaging with TAP

ENOM now supports sending Edig@s v5.1 NOMINT messages and receiving Edig@s v5.1 ACCSIT messages in the formats specified by Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP).

Removal of legacy data access components

Legacy data access components have been removed from both the ENOM Client and Service. For Oracle, ENOM no longer requires Oracle client software to be installed. For SQL Server, ENOM no longer requires the SQL Server Native Client.

ENOM 7.10.0

New Features

Support DVGW format ALOCAT 5.11 (TDDA,TDPA,TPA and TDA)

ENOM now supports the latest version of the ALOCAT message from the DVGW standard as released in message package 18.

ENOM 7.09.3


Decode a status of 16G correctly in messages from NetConnect

For historical reasons 16G was being decoded differently in messages received from the recipient in ENOM configured with the Edigas code NCGVHP to its use by other players. NCGVHP are changing their use of this status code in NOMRES messages from version 4.7 to bring it inline with its use elswhere. This fix allows 16G to be interpreted correctly as “Confirmed” in messages of this format from the NetConnect recipient.

Regional settings error on Balancing screen

Fixed a bug where an error message could be displayed on the Balancing screen for certain Windows regional settings.

Language settings error for SQL Server database upgrades

Fixed a bug upgrading SQL Server databases from ENOM v7.06 or earlier. An error could occur for certain SQL Server language settings.

Performance issue for outgoing messages

Fixed a performance issue in the ENOM service. Generating outgoing messages could be slow for SQL Server databases.

ENOM: 7.09.0

New Features

Support for DVGW package 17 format messages

ENOM now supports DVGW specification messages: ALOCAT 5.10 (TDDA,TDPA,TPA and TDA), CHACAP 4.6 (CHACAP and CHACAPR), IMBNOT 5.7, NOMINT 4.6 (CDT) and NOMRES 4.7 (HCN and HDT)

NCG Control Energy custom REQEST and REQRES

Added support for Netconnect’s implementation of REQEST and REQRES (BDR and SDR) as used only for the control energy process.


Sort Order for Messages

Fixed a bug where ENOM was not correctly sorting messages by creation time with the Only Latest option selected.

Balancing Zone Name duplication

Fixed a bug where ENOM would allow a balance name to be duplicated when editing.

ENOM: 7.08.0

New Features

Migrate some message functionality to a newer database provider

We are in the process of migrating ENOM database access to a newer database provider technology. This version has migrated some message functionality, including searching for messages in the Message Viewer and identifying messages to be added to the outbox.

As a result of this change, the ENOM database owner requires permission to create database views and the ENOM database application user requires permission to read database views. This applies whether ENOM is using an Oracle or SQL Server database.


Fix use of proxy servers for message boxes

ENOM can now be configured to use a proxy server when connecting to an FTP or SFTP type message box again. This feature was broken in previous versions.

ENOM: 7.07.0


Remove redundant filters from ENOM message viewer screen

Removed the broken “Received” and “Unprocessed M&B” filters from the ENOM message viewer and renamed the “Sent and Received” option to “Outgoing and Incoming”.

Large files sent over SFTP block other files from being downloaded

Fixed a bug where large files were downloaded by ENOM but not deleted from an FTP inbox due to a timeout issue.

ENOM: 7.06.0

New Features

170: Enable hourly values “Fully Expanded” setting for Edig@s XML V5.1 NOMINT (SDT)

When the setting “Fully Expanded” is selected on the Nomination Encoding tab for a Recipient, ENOM now encodes each hour in V5.1 NOMINT Edig@s messages to that Recipient in separate Period elements. This was done to enable kWh/h nominations at SNAM interconnection points.

271: Support METRED V5.1.3 messages

ENOM now decodes METRED 5.1.3 messages as used by Swedegas.


222: Locks and logs referred incorrectly to “Local Folder” when using FTP for message boxes

Fixed a bug where the ENOM service referred to local paths when logging FTP activity. This bug also caused the ENOM service to incorrectly use the Local Path set for the FTP Outbox as part of the lock name when taking locks on message boxes.

270: Increment version number when encoding V5.1 ACKNOW

Fixed a bug where the version numbers of these ACKNOW messages created by ENOM were not incrementing with each message.

218: ENOM Service cannot obtain a lock for long message box paths

Fixed a bug where ENOM could not obtain a lock when the length of the path to a message box caused the lock name to exceed 128 characters.

ENOM: 7.05.0

New Features

189: Enable “Fully Expanded” setting for Edig@s XML V4 REQEST (BDR) messages

It is now possible to encode V4 XML format BDR messages in which each hour of a time interval appears in its own time interval element. This change was made to support GRTgaz Hourly Profile Declarations.

166: Create ENOM XML with multiple units in response to receipt of NOMRES messages containing one hourly and one daily unit

When ENOM received an XML V5.1 NOMRES (TDT) containing two connection points, each using a different unit, the ENOM XML created to integrate with other systems did not include both units. ENOM now supports this behaviour and reports both units correctly.

223: Replace release notes with direction to GMSL website

The menu option Help > Release Notes has been removed. It is no longer possible to view release notes inside ENOM.

ENOM: 7.04.0

New Features

132: Update to version numbering system

We have changed ENOM’s version numbering system to remove our internal build number from the version number we use externally. ENOM version numbers now follow the format Major.Minor.Hotfix. This has resulted in superficial changes to the “About” screen and to the ENOM installers.

ENOM: 7.03.0

New Features

82852: Encode PSV Notice

ENOM now supports the creation of PSV trade files for automatic upload to SNAM. A new message type “PSV Notice” has been created for this purpose. These messages allow users to post multiple trades directly to SNAM’s PSV portal for a single gas day over AS4. On the PSV portal these trades will appear as “Emessa” (submitted), ready for acceptance by your trading partners.

35: Decode PSV acknowledgement message

ENOM now supports the decoding of PSV Message Acknowledgements; called PSVACK in ENOM. These messages will be sent by SNAM to confirm Receipt of PSV Notices. PSVACK messages will populate the Ack column of the viewer in ENOM for the notices to which they correspond with “Accepted” or “Rejected”.

ENOM: 7.02.145

New Features

71388: Support v5 METRED message

ENOM now supports decoding of incoming v5 METRED messages. These are currently used by TEREGA (TIGF) in reporting the allocated values for some meters/locations, and by Astora Storage (for confirmed actual gas volumes in storage).

71134: v5.1 CAPDOC

ENOM now supports decoding of the v5.1 XML CAPDOC (DVGW implementation) messages used by German TSOs. Messages with type XCG are displayed in ENOM as Message Type ‘(CAPDOC) Changed Capacity Notice’. Messages with type XDG are displayed as ‘(CAPDOCR) Renomination Restrictions.’


84909: ENOM should allow non-dbo schema names in SQL Server

Fixes a bug where ENOM could not connect to a SQL Server database. This occurred if the ENOM objects were not in the dbo schema.

83200: Simplify TextBox Validation

Some config screens have had as you type validation (which turned the text red until valid) replaced with a validation popup when you click save. On the ‘File’ > ‘Local Settings’ screen ‘Notification’ tab, the validation checking the sound file exists. On the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘System’ screen ‘General’ tab, the validation checking the logo file exists. Also as you type validation on the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Message Rules’ screen that checked email addresses contained the ‘@’ symbol has been removed.

ENOM: 7.01.033


83676: Error if ENOM Oracle user is not the schema owner

Fixes a bug where ENOM could not connect to an Oracle database. This occurred if the user it was connecting as had permissions on schema objects but was not the schema owner.

ENOM: 7.01.032

New Features

82436: [Matching and Balancing] Remove Balancing hubs support from ENOM

Support for Balancing Hubs has been removed from ENOM+. Balancing Hub-related settings have been removed from the Shipper Code and Location configuration screens. The Balancing Hubs tab has been removed from the Matching and Balancing configuration screen.

The “Hub Transit” nomination type is no longer available as an option. Any existing Matching and Balancing data that was processed using this nomination type will be be removed. This will only affect data for the Fluxys network prior to the introduction of the ‘Entry/Exit Model’ in 2012. Please contact us before upgrading if you have any concerns about issues this may cause.

79964: [Matching and Balancing] Support Code Mapping for Quantity Type in contract messages

In ENOM+ Code Mappings can be configured to match Quantity Nature attributes. This makes it possible for Matching to match Quantity Nature values on REQRES (BDR) messages to different Quantity Type values in REQEST (SDR) messages. This change applies to V4 XML messages only.

69584: Support v4.6 DVGW NOMRES messages with a validity period of less than 24 hours

ENOM now supports decoding within-day NOMRES messages (v4.6 DVGW ‘HCN’ messages), as used by NCGVHP when no day ahead nomination has been made.

68917: [REQEST/REQRES] Enable hourly BDR/SDR contents to be emailed

ENOM now supports forwarding v4 XML REQEST and REQRES (BDR and SDR) messages via email in HTML format. The HTML format for these messages can also be generated and saved to a folder. .

68919: [REQEST/REQRES] Enable daily BDR/SDR contents to be emailed

82435: [Matching and Balancing] Remove Journey Shrinkage from ENOM

The journey shrinkage functionality has been removed from ENOM+. This was used to model the pre-2012 Fluxys point to point network.

81813: Update German ALOCAT ENOM message types

DVGW ALOCATs of type ‘X7G’ (in DVGW terms: ‘Corrected Allocation: Billing Calorific Values’) now decode in ENOM as ‘TDAs’ (TSO’s Definitive Allocation). Previously these messages decoded as ‘TPAs’ (TSO’s Provisional Allocation). As a result, the Output ENOM XML for this message type has changed the value of the attribute for ‘report_type’ to be ‘definitive’, instead of ‘provisional’.


79904: XML files with too many locations fail to be added to the XML Queue

ENOM XML files with a long list of locations no longer need to be ‘Automatically sent’. If users wish, they can now use the ‘XML Queue’ and be manually sent from there.

81613: File/Folder config paths no longer being validated relative to the ENOM Client location when being used by the ENOM Service

The ENOM Client no longer validates that it can access file and folder path configuration settings that are used by the ENOM Service. Folder dialogs have also been removed as they were browsing folders on the ENOM Client Computer rather than the ENOM Service computer.

ENOM: 7.00.520

New Features

7.00.520: ENOM as a Service

The ENOM Client no longer performs any polling of configured ‘Outboxes’ or ‘Inboxes’ for the sending/receiving of raw Edigas messages. The new ENOM Service performs these tasks, and must be installed, configured and running in order for message processing to occur.

  • As a result, the Send/Receive user settings have been changed - there is no longer the option to grant an ENOM user the ability to ‘Send/Receive Messages Automatically’. Sending and receiving messages is now automatically done by the ENOM Service.
  • The ENOM Client no longer processes any Input XML files to generate ‘raw’ Edigas messages, nor will it generate XML files on receipt/sending of raw Edigas messages. These Tasks are also performed by the ENOM Service.
  • As a result, the option for specific ENOM Users to process input ENOM XML has been removed.
  • The ENOM Service will only use the ‘System XML Inbox’. It will no longer be possible to use or configure a locally set XML Inbox (previously set from >File>Local Settings).
  • Message Rules are now processed by the ENOM Service. Any trigger (message sent or received) and the resultant action (email notification, Output ENOM XML file generated, HTML file generated) is now carried out by the ENOM Service.
  • Message sending and receiving is now handled concurrently. This means that ENOM will poll Inboxes for new messages whilst simultaneously processing messages to Outboxes from the ‘Unsent’ queue.

7.00.520: ENOM Service writes to Windows Event Log

By default the ENOM Service writes its Critical Warnings to the Windows Event Log. Additional debug logging and email notifications and warnings can be enabled using the Log4Net settings in the EnomService.exe.config file.

7.00.520: ENOM Service Licence check

The Service will perform its own licence check, and generate warnings when the licence is close to expiring (at 1 month, and then daily 2 weeks prior to expiry). Licences will expire at midnight UTC on the licence expiration date.

7.00.520: ENOM Service to use database schema checker

The ENOM Service will check the ENOM Database for errors following an upgrade, using the ENOM Schema Checker. If errors are found, the Service will not start and instead will write a schema report to the directory specified in the EnomService.exe.config file. The target directory can be modified by editing the appropriate value in the ‘<appSettings>’ element.

7.00.520: Various settings removed

Various settings have been removed from the >Maintenance>System>General screen as a result of both the Service and removal of legacy features.

7.00.520: Use of App.config files

Both the ENOM Service and the ENOM Client now have their own ‘App.config’ file, which contains some mandatory information, such as the Database connection string(s), and some optional settings, such as Log4Net logging. These files are contained inside the install directory for the ENOM Client and/or ENOM Service, and should not be removed or renamed.

The ENOM Client App.config file is named ‘Enom.exe.config’, and the ENOM Service App.config file is named ‘EnomService.exe.config’.

7.00.520: Database Connection Strings in the App.config files

The ENOM Client application.exe shortcuts no longer contain the database connection string or debug logging information. This information is held in the Enom.exe.config file.

Users with multiple ENOM Databases configured can select from the databases in the App.config file when opening the ENOM Client application, or an ENOM Client.exe shortcut can be given a default database to connect to (still named in the Enom.exe.config file).

7.00.520: ENOM Service Log4Net support

When configured, the Log4Net settings in the EnomService.exe.config file will also generate additional notifications for users, informing them of changes to the Enom Service status, and any problems experienced.

7.00.520: Support shared configuration in a network file

When using multiple ENOM Clients you can share the configuration in a network location by moving the ENOM.exe.config file to this network location, and replacing it in the installation directory with a simple ENOM.exe.config file that redirects to this network location.

The network file can contain a user’s database connection string, Log4Net logging and notification configuration.

7.00.520: Support shared connection strings in a network file

Network config files can share the connection string for a database to a single network file, used by both ENOM Client and ENOM Service.

7.00.520: Support encryption of database connection strings in App.config files

The App.config files for the ENOM Client and ENOM Service support encryption of the database connection string(s), using the ‘GMSL Connection String Tool.exe’, which is included in the installation.

This tool allows a user to load and edit connection strings from the App.config files, and to generate a unique encryption key to encrypt the connection string.

When using network shared configuration files, the tool must be also be used to import the encryption key to the required PCs, so that each installation of the Client or Service can decrypt the string.

7.00.520: Support back-up App.config files

Back-up App.config files can be specified in the event that the primary file becomes inaccessible. The ENOM Service must be restarted in order for it to switch back to a Primary file.

7.00.520: System Notifications

ENOM Service will generate relevant ‘System Notification’ emails that were originally generated by the ENOM Client for support users, in the event of problems experienced by ENOM related to infrastructure etc.

75754: Support multiple ENOM services pointing at the same ENOM database

Multiple instances of the ENOM Service can be run on the user’s database at any time, allowing for back-up/redundancy.

75798: Service status

The ENOM Client now shows the status of the background service in the top right corner of the main ENOM screen. This display informs users when the ENOM Service is successfully connected to the ENOM Database. If there is a potential problem and/or the ENOM Service is not connected to the Database, the Service Status reports this.

76361: ENOM Activity Log

‘The ENOM Client no longer has the ‘FTP Log’, ‘XML Log’ or ‘Email Log’. These have been replaced with an ENOM ‘Activity Log’, which summarises Edigas messaging and ENOM XML processing activities that the ENOM Service has performed. Errors and failures in these processes are also reported.

This log has various features:

  • This log has an auto-refresh every 20 seconds, or the user can force a refresh action.
  • The log will identify the Message Box involved in each activity.
  • Where possible, the log will identify the ENOM Recipient for each message sent/received.
  • The log identifies when the ENOM Service has failed to perform a messaging action.

7.00.520: Replace Local Setting Notifications

The Activity Log replaces the ‘Notifications’ pop-up windows that were set locally for each ENOM client to alert users of specific ENOM actions (‘Messages sent successfully’, ‘Messages failed to send’, ‘New Message received’).

Instead, users can set the Activity Log to pop-up or appear when events occur. These settings are still set locally to each ENOM Client, but are set on their own tab in the ‘Local Settings’ screen. This screen also allows users to highlight specific types of activity in the log with user-chosen colours.

7.00.520: Installers

There are now 2 ENOM installers, one for installing/updating the ENOM Service, and one for installing/updating ENOM clients.

7.00.520: ENOM Service FTP dependency

The ENOM Service’s FTP functionality contains a dependency on the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package 2015. This package is included with the service installer and will be installed automatically.

22472: Move ENOM to use WodFTPDLX.NET

The third party FTP component ENOM uses has been updated. This was done to support newer Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocols. We recommend testing your Message Box settings work correctly with the new version.

82938: Support Windows Server 2016

ENOM now supports Windows Server 2016

76886: Support Oracle 12.2

ENOM now supports Oracle 12.2.

81345: Update .Net framework version

ENOM has been updated to use .NET Framework 4.7.2. This must therefore be installed on any machines running the ENOM client or service.

82540: Add option to the ENOM Client installer for Desktop and/or Start Menu shortcuts

The ENOM Client Installer now comes with options to create Desktop and Start Menu shortcuts on installation.

80408: Replace Hour Adjustment Value with Time Zone

The ‘Hour Adjustment’ setting for ENOM Recipients has been replaced with a more intuitive ‘Time Zone’ for each Recipient.

This change will be applied across all of your existing Recipients when the Database upgrade is performed. When providing the database upgrade script, the ENOM Team will ask you for the time zone that you run your own ENOM system in.

Each Recipient’s time zone is then calculated based on your own time zone and the existing ‘Hour Adjustment’ values set for your configured Recipients. ENOM 7 currently supports: UK time (GMT/BST), CET time (CET/CEST) and EET (EET/EEST), applying Daylight Saving Time as appropriate.

If your own ENOM system, or that of any recipients, is outside of these time zones, please contact us prior to attempting to install ENOM 7.

ENOM+ customers should check that the correct ‘Time Zone’ is set for their activities under the ‘Matching and Balancing’ configuration on the >Maintenance>System>General screen. By default, this is set to ‘CET/CEST’, as most users will be checking matching for recipients in CET Europe.

80462: Client/service should fetch all date-times from database

ENOM now stores Audit Dates and Time Stamps in the database in UTC, previously these were stored in the local timezone of the computer running the ENOM Client.

Where appropriate ENOM converts this to a local time for the user.

Time Stamps in outgoing enom xml messages are also now in UTC, these previously used a mixture of timezones.

In Matching (ENOM+ customers), creation times for a nomination/confirmation message are still shown in the local time (with the adjustment from UTC shown) of the sender.

7.00.520: Handling different time zones

As a result of the changes to handling time zones: all ENOM Clients, the ENOM Service and the ENOM Database can now operate from PCs running in different time zones.

81626: Resend the same message (v5 SDT, v5 TPD XPD and EPD, v4 DVGW CDTs) for a period of multiple days

ENOM can send the same message for multiple days, this functionality is available on Edigas v5 PRODOCS (TPD, EPD and XPD) and on certain NOMINTS: Edigas v5 SDT; DVGW v4.4 CDT; DVGW v4.5 CDT.

81586: Remove Send Immediately option in System config

The ‘Send Messages Immediately’ option has been removed from the System screen. The ENOM Service will process outgoing messages for sending immediately as standard, including messages created in the ENOM client UI.

81364: Oracle - VARCHAR2 columns to use CHAR instead of BYTE

Upgraded Oracle ENOM databases now measure the maximum amount of data stored in varchar2 columns in characters rather than bytes. This is to improve support for databases using multibyte character sets.

7.00.520: Support for running database upgrade scripts

We only support running Database Upgrade Scripts in sqlcmd (SQL Server) and SQL*Plus (Oracle). Please contact the ENOM team before using other applications.

73521: Drop Support for Jet Provider for Access Databases

ENOM no longer supports the Jet provider for Microsoft Access databases.


76135: Clicking on rules in Message Rules cause ‘…save changes?’ window to pop up

The message rules pop-up window that asks ‘Do you wish to save changes?’, it’s ‘Cancel’ button now takes you back to the rule that was just changed.

7.00.520: Correction of labels on GTS Balacing Info screen

The two labels displaying the time ‘Last Updated Prognosis Values’ on the GTS Balancing Info screen have been corrected to make the labelling accurate; one continues to display the last time the prognosis values were updated, and the other has been corrected to ‘Last Updated Accountable Values’, indicating when the allocated account data was updated.

ENOM: 6.33.035

New Features

77376: [v5.1 ACKNOW] Make receiving document version optional

ENOM now decodes v5.1 ACKNOW messages that do not use the referenced message version number, but only reference the original message’s creation time. This change supports v5.1 ACKNOW messages used by Open Grid Europe.

77918: [v5.1 ACKNOW] - Support Rejection_ConnectionPoint when no coding scheme attribute is given

ENOM now decodes v5.1 ACKNOW messages that are missing the ‘codingScheme’ attribute on a <Rejection_ConnectionPoint><identification> element.

This is to support decoding ACKNOW messages sent by Gaz-Systems.

77622: Support v2.1b APERAK messages from NCG

ENOM now supports v2.1b BDEW APERAK messages as used by NCG.

77039: [Release Notes] Add support for TLS 1.2

The Release Notes buttons in ‘Help’ > ‘About’ now support using TLS 1.2 in order to support access to the GMSL Release Notes server in the future. The labels for accessing the release notes have been updated to better reflect the options for viewing them.

75295: Schema checker ignores auto-generated Oracle ‘sys_’ columns in indices

Columns added automatically to ENOM database indices by Oracle (e.g. for Extended Statistics) could sometimes cause the Schema Checker to incorrectly report inconsistencies with the ENOM database schema. The Schema checker has been updated to ignore such columns when running ENOM using Oracle.

ENOM: 6.32.029

New Features

76000: Support encoding v5 NOMINTs to TAG

ENOM now encodes v5 NOMINTs to TAG with the issuer market role code ‘ZSY’ (Balance Area Responsible).

ENOM: 6.32.027

New Features

72359: [v5.1 NOMRES] Support Message Type ‘07G’

ENOM is now able to decode v5.1 NOMRES messages with message type ‘07G’. These messages appear as TSO’s Processing Notifications (TPNs), which indicate the nominations that a TSO has successfully received from a shipper.

74461: ENOM supports the new format of NCG APERAKs

For DVGW APERAK messages ENOM now decodes messages with RFF lines below the ERC line. ENOM also now translates the error code Z31 ‘Transaction is rejected by the recipient’ and the freetext code AA0. These are used by NCG from 4th July.

74293: Allow ‘ZZZ’ to be used as a recipient coding scheme

ENOM now supports ‘ZZZ’ as a code list identifier when decoding recipients on incoming messages. ENOM treats any recipient codes using this code list identifier as EIC codes.


72811: Opening Message Rules filters configuration can be very slow

There have been some changes made to improve the performance of the Message Rules especially the configuration screens.

74565: Prevent ENOM lockstrings from containing localised dates

Under certain circumstances when using Windows regional settings other than English ENOM could fail to remove database lock strings. This has now been fixed.

ENOM: 6.30.227


74024: Improve ENOM performance sending emails using SMTP servers without TLS encryption

If the SMTP server used by ENOM did not support encryption or was incorrectly configured, this could cause ENOM to send emails slowly, or the sending to fail.

To avoid this issue, ENOM now attempts to use TLS encryption only when the setting is enabled under the email configuration on the ‘System’ screen.

ENOM: 6.30.226

New Features

72425: [ENOM Client] Renew lost database connection

When ENOM is disconnected from the database it will now try to automatically reconnect.


71091: Unable to view Raw Edigas Message in UI

Fixed a bug that meant some xml messages did not display correctly in the ‘Raw Message’ tab of the ‘Message Properties’ screen.

ENOM: 6.30.119


72031: Error using international time separators

Fixed a bug where the message viewer did not function correctly if the ‘Windows Regional’ setting for the time separator was not the ‘:’ character.

ENOM: 6.30.017

New Features

71214: [M&B Processing] Use UTC Creation Time for determining message order

Matching and balancing now uses the UTC creation time, rather than local creation time, when determining relative message order. Previously this had led to some messages not being marked as ‘Confirmed’, because the corresponding confirmation message had an earlier local time than the original outgoing message.

68809: [EDI Messages] Support Escape Character

To support the use of free text sections in MOGO16 messages, ENOM now supports an ‘escape character’ in EDI format messages, read from the UNA segment of the message if specified, otherwise it will default to using “?”.

ENOM: 6.29.117


68411: Remove line breaks from ENOM email subjects

Fixed a bug where certain ENOM notification emails were rejected by the outgoing email server due to line breaks in the email subject.

ENOM: 6.29.029


70790: Errors closing ENOM caused excessive writing to the log file

A bug has been fixed whereby in certain situations, if an error occurred closing ENOM, a rogue ENOM process would write to the ENOM log file in an infinite loop.

This had performance impacts on the PC, the network and any ENOM instances sharing the same log file.

ENOM: 6.28.232

New Features

69590: Allow ENOM to use Windows Active Directory user accounts

ENOM can now be configured to allocate user permissions to Active Directory users on your network domain.

ENOM: 6.28.128

New Features

31038: [M&B] Use REQEST and REQRES messages

ENOM now supports processing ‘nomination’ data from REQEST (v3 EDI, v4 DVGW, v4 XML BDR/BWR), and ‘confirmation’ data from REQRES (v3 EDI, v4 DVGW, v4 XML SDR/SWR) messages, for use in Matching and Balancing.

28714: Files to be processed in chronological order by ‘Last Modified’ time

ENOM now processes files in order according to their reported last modified time, rather than alphabetically by name. This change applies to raw messages processed via the FTP and Windows folder message boxes, and to XML files processed via the ENOM XML interface.


66538: Improve M&B background processing

We have made some improvements to the background processing of Matching and Balancing.

ENOM: 6.28.027

New Features

66824: Support Authenticated SMTP with TLS in ENOM

ENOM now supports sending email using authenticated SMTP. Furthermore, communication with the SMTP server may be encrypted using transport layer security (TLS).

68045: [TCN v3] Enable column and row totals

Row and column totals will now be displayed for v3 Edigas TCN messages.

68626: Redesign Enom Closing screen code

The ENOM closing form will now display which background tasks are tidying up.


68582: [NOMINT v4 Daily] Period elements duplicated for messages with multiple capacity types

Fixed a bug in v4 NOMINT (SDT) messages with daily granularity where ENOM created duplicate nominations in the raw Edigas message for messages containing multiple capacity types for the same Location and Shipper combination.

44553: [UI] Improve performance for databases with large numbers of unread messages

The general performance of ENOM has been improved when there are a large number of unread messages.

ENOM: 6.27.028

New Features

64025: v5.1 Edigas messages for Snam Rete Gas

ENOM now supports v5.1 Edigas XML messages used by Snam Rete Gas. This includes v5.1 Edigas XML NOMINT (nomination), NOMRES (confirmation), ACKNOW (acknowledgement) and ALOCAT (allocation) messages.

67996: [v5.1 ALOCAT] Support hourly granularity for day long validity periods

ENOM now supports decoding v5.1 ALOCAT (TDA, TDDA, TPA, TDPA) messages with hourly granularity for message periods of up to 1 day. Previously such messages were supported for messages of a single hour only.

65415: [v5.1 NOMINT] Change release attribute

ENOM now supports encoding and decoding v5.1 Edigas XML NOMINT (SDT, SMT) messages according to release 3 of the Edigas specification. The “release” attribute generated when creating these messages has been updated accordingly.

67551: Rename tabs in Message Properties

The “Raw Message” and “Enom XML” tabs in Message Properties have been renamed to “Raw Edigas Message” and “Internal ENOM Format”, respectively.


67287: [Local Settings] Unexpected error when ‘Notify when messages are sent’ enabled

The behaviour when Notifications are set from File > Local Settings has been modified. This should fix bugs where unexpected errors were seen in some circumstances.

The notification pop-up will no longer take the focus from other Windows applications and the ENOM Windows taskbar icon will flash if there is a new notification.

ENOM: 6.26.043

New Features

67457: MOGO16 - Support starting buffer balance, buffer nomination values and free text

ENOM can now decode the new version of the MOGO16 “Maersk Production Forecast” messages. Additional codes denoting the ‘Buffer Nomination’ and ‘Starting Buffer Balance’ are now supported, along with the display of additional text information from Maersk.

This feature is only enabled for customers with an appropriate licence.

67926: Selection of v5 Edigas message identification formats

The ‘Nomination Encoding’ tab on Maintenance > Recipients has been updated to prepare for additional types of v5 Edigas message identification formats to be supported in future versions of ENOM.

66725: Schema Checker ignores auto-generated Oracle “sys_” columns

Columns added automatically to ENOM database tables by Oracle (e.g. for Extended Statistics) could sometimes cause the Schema Checker to incorrectly report inconsistencies with the ENOM database schema. The Schema checker has been updated to ignore such columns when running ENOM using Oracle.

ENOM: 6.25.139

New Features

66139: [AVAILY] Enable AVAILY contents to be emailed

ENOM now supports forwarding daily and weekly AVAILY (v3 EDI SDA, v3 EDI SWA, v4 XML SDA and v4 XML SWA) messages via email in HTML format. The HTML format for these messages can also be generated and saved to a folder.

66302: Support v4 XML CONTRL messages

ENOM now supports decoding CONTRL messages in v4 XML format. Note that the ENOM XML produced for other CONTRL messages has been updated. The specific changes are detailed in new versions of the XSD documents relating to these messages.

66306: Email log to appear in ENOM’s debugging log

Information written to the Email Log screen in ENOM is now duplicated in the ENOM log file when logging is enabled.


66590: [Maersk messages] MOGAPP doesn’t reference the correct message ident

MOGAPP and NOGAPP (acknowledgement) messages generated by ENOM now correctly reference messages with identification numbers longer than 6 digits.

ENOM: 6.25.039

New Features

64575: Support SQL Server 2016

ENOM can now be used with SQL Server 2016 using SQL Server native client version SQLNCLI11.1.


62793: ENOM slow processing of ENOM XML files

Reported slow performance relating to the processing of ENOM XML files has been addressed. The overall performance of ENOM to process ENOM XML files, FTP processes and email rules has been increased.

ENOM: 6.24.232

New Features

65696: Compress messages to reduce size of database

Raw message data is now stored in the ENOM database in a compressed format, to reduce the amount of storage space required. New messages will be saved in this format automatically. Existing messages can be compressed using the ENOM database tool.

65052: Support v5.6 DVGW IMBNOT

ENOM is now able to decode v5.6 DVGW IMBNOT messages.

51281: v5.1 Edigas messages for GTS

ENOM now supports v5.1 Edigas XML messages as used by GTS. This includes v5.1 Edigas XML NOMINT (nomination), NOMRES (confirmation), ACKNOW (acknowledgement), PRODOC (programme document), PROCON (programme confirmation), CLRCON (clearing confirmation), BALDOC (balancing agreement document) and BALCON (balancing agreement confirmation) messages.

64724: Support v5.9 DVGW ALOCAT

ENOM is now able to decode v5.9 DVGW ALOCAT (TDDA, TDPA, NDDA, TPA, TDA and NDA) messages.

66080: [v4 XML APERAK] Change to reason codes

The reason displayed when viewing a v4 XML APERAK message will now only capitalise the first letter of the first word. Previously the first letter of every word was capitalised. This change will also affect the ENOM XML files, where the description attribute will now always be lower case.

66085: [v5A XML BALCON] Change to status in RBAN and SBAN messages

The ‘Status’ displayed when viewing a v5A XML BALCON (RBAN and SBAN) message will now only capitalise the first letter of the first word. Previously the first letter of every word was capitalised. This change will also affect the ENOM XML files, where the status attribute will now always be lower case.

64910: v5.1 ACKNOW - Support multiple reason codes

ENOM now supports multiple reason codes for v5.1 ACKNOW (acknowledgement) messages. When a single ACKNOW message contains reason codes which correspond to different acknowledgement statuses, the status displayed in the Message Viewer is the one with the highest priority, in the order ‘Rejected’, ‘Accepted with remarks’, ‘Accepted’.

65244: Changes to BALCON (RBAC and SBAC) messages

RBAC (Receiver’s Balancing Agreement Confirmation) and SBAC (Supplier’s Balancing Agreement Confirmation) messages have had their ‘Message Format’ updated from ‘Edigas v5 (XML)’ to ‘Edigas v5A (XML)’.

This will affect the ENOM XML for these messages.

ENOM: 6.24.135

New Features

65185: Changes to BALDOC (RBAN and SBAN) messages

RBAN (Receiver’s Balancing Agreement Notice) and SBAN (Supplier’s Balancing Agreement Notice) messages have had their ‘Message Format’ updated from ‘Edigas v5 (XML)’ to ‘Edigas v5A (XML)’.

This will affect the ENOM XML for these messages.

64671: Support TLS 1.2 for GTS B2B services

ENOM now supports using TLS 1.2 for the GTS B2B services to download POS and SBS data. This will be required when GTS drop support for TLS 1.0. As a result, at least version 4.5.2 of Microsoft .NET Framework must be installed on each PC running ENOM/ENOM+. Further, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003 are no longer supported.

ENOM: 6.24.029

New Features

64434: Resend for option should take the time zone of the recipient into consideration

When creating and resending messages for a single gas day, or creating and editing external nominations, the time zone information configured for the recipient is now used to calculate the correct gas day for today or tomorrow.

ENOM: 6.23.039

New Features

64408: Support acknowledgement messages from Enagas

ENOM now supports receiving v5.1 Edigas XML ACKNOW messages with both milliseconds and time zone information in the creation time.

62898: [Message Rules] Ability to customise email alerts by filtering out messages based on time of day

Email message rules can now be configured to ignore messages that are not for within-day until a user-specified hour. After the specified time, the message rule will trigger for any messages regardless of whether they are for within-day, day-ahead or any other time period.


64437: ENOM can attempt to process the same ENOM XML file multiple times

In some circumstances, ENOM attempted to process an ENOM XML file after it had already been imported, meaning the second attempt would fail. This has been fixed, so that ENOM only attempts to process the file once.

63899: [Compare Messages] Error switching between messages with different shipper codes

Fixed a bug that caused an error in Compare Messages (Matching) when changing to view historical messages containing different shipper codes.

63789: v5 XML messages, unit cut off

A bug has been fixed which was causing the units dropdown box to be partially hidden on some v5.1 Edigas XML messages.

ENOM: 6.22.138

New Features

63908: Decode messages from Dunkerque LNG with the correct interpretation of credit/debit

Messages from Dunkerque LNG will now display credit as negative and debit as positive.

63953: Support Windows 10

Using ENOM on Windows 10 is now supported.

63709: Edigas messages for GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.

ENOM now supports Edigas messages as used by GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. This includes v4 and v5.1 Edigas XML NOMINT (nomination), v4 and v5.1 Edigas XML NOMRES (confirmation), v5.B and v5.1 Edigas XML ACKNOW (acknowledgement) messages.

61705: [Compare Messages UI] Improve performance

Changes have been made to try and improve the performance of the ‘Compare Messages’ screen when initially opened. In some circumstances, this screen was noticeably slow when opening.


63288: ENOM freezing after opening

A bug has been fixed where email notifications caused ENOM to lock. This lock initially occurred just after starting ENOM.

63502: [Message Boxes] FTP inbox temp folder errors

Fixed a bug where relative temporary folder paths were not working for FTP message boxes (i.e. the complete path would need to be specified rather than just the additional temporary folder).

ENOM: 6.22.031

New Features

62363: Edigas messages for Eustream

ENOM now supports the Edigas messages used by Eustream. This includes v4 Edigas XML NOMINT (nomination), v4 Edigas XML NOMRES (confirmation) and v5.1 Edigas XML ACCSIT (imbalance) messages.


63383: Unexpected error when resending

A bug has been fixed where pressing the Resend button on a Message could cause an error.

51609: [FTP] Error returned during uploading may cause incorrect message to be marked as sent

When using ENOM with FTP message boxes, in some circumstances the same message would be sent twice while another message would not be sent at all. The code associated with sending and receiving via FTP has been rewritten in an attempt to avoid such issues occurring.

ENOM: 6.21.134

New Features

61219: Make it more obvious when there are unsent messages

The ‘Send/Rcv’ button has been moved to the right end of the top toolbar.

If there are unsent messages, then ‘Unsent’ followed by the number of unsent messages will be displayed to the right of the ‘Send/Rcv’ button. This additional ‘Unsent’ count will not be displayed when there no messages waiting to be sent.

This new ‘Unsent’ label is for information only. Unlike the ‘Unsent’ count in the bottom toolbar, it cannot be used to show the unsent messages in the Message Viewer.

61580: [CLRCON] Enable CLRCON contents to be emailed

ENOM now supports forwarding CLRCON (CCC, HCC and ECC) messages via email in HTML format. The HTML format for these messages can also be generated and saved to a folder.

61222: Email notification for pending user expiry

ENOM will now send notification emails if an ENOM user is due to expire within 14 days, or has expired.

This is enabled from Maintenance > System > Email as part of the ‘ENOM System Notifications’ setting.


62611: [Message Viewer] Highlight profiled v5 BCD in Message Viewer

v5.1 Edigas XML BCD (BIDDOC) messages will now be highlighted correctly in the Message Viewer when they contain a profiled flow.

61875: [External Nominations] Make default create date consistent with Available Message default create date

Externally Nominated Data, when created from ‘Create New’, will now default to tomorrow’s gas day.

ENOM: 6.21.043


61737: [Balancing UI] Align Balance Detail totals

On the ‘Balance Detail’ screen, the column totals and row totals now line up with their respective values.

38265: [Messages Boxes] Prevent errors when adding Message Boxes with multiple instances

ENOM now correctly synchronises Message Box configuration changes across all open instances of ENOM.

ENOM: 6.20.041

New Features

61325: Support v5.1 messages without an xmlns attribute

ENOM now supports decoding v5.1 Edigas XML messages with no namespace. This is needed for messages received from GRTgaz.

60570: Fluxys IMBNOT and LIMITS messages from Balansys SA

Imbalance messages will continue to work when the balancing role for the BeLux market area passes from Fluxys Belgium to Balansys SA.

61544: [Compare Messages UI] User should be able to choose whether daily or hourly view is default

A system setting has been added (Maintenance > System) to choose whether the Compare Messages screen defaults to show daily values or hourly values.


61406: [Compare Messages UI] Ignored ‘Confirmed’ hourly values are not greyed out

If a whole row is ignored in the Matching > Compare Messages screen, then the hourly values section for that row will now also be displayed as ignored. Additionally, if all rows in the Matching > Compare Messages screen are ignored, then the row in the Matching screen will now be ignored as well.

61496: [Compare Messages UI] Column headers and numbers not displayed in full

A bug has been fixed in Matching > Compare Messages, where the columns were sometimes too small to read the values, when changing the messages to compare.

61497: [STOLIMITS] Storage LIMITS isn’t displayed alphabetically in Message Type list

ENOM will now display ‘STOLIMITS’ in the correct place in alphabetical lists.

53732: [Fix] ‘Notify when messages sent’ notification causing ENOM to freeze

A change has been made that stops the ‘Notify when’ options in File > Local Settings from blocking the background processes (e.g. sending and receiving messages) that ENOM runs.

61674: [Bulk Operations] Reprocess M&B results ‘only latest’ doesn’t use the latest

Fixed a bug in Message > Bulk Operations which meant that the ‘Only Latest’ checkbox had no effect on the ‘Re-Process Matching and Balancing Results’ option. Regardless if ‘Only Latest’ was selected, all messages for the selected period would be reprocessed. If ‘Only Latest’ is ticked now, it will only reprocess the latest messages.

61015: Only Latest doesn’t differentiate between outgoing and incoming messages

Selecting ‘Only Latest’ on the Message Viewer now takes the recipients of the messages into consideration when there are both incoming and outgoing versions of the same message type.

60838: [M&B UI] Advanced Rules doesn’t sort by recipient or location correctly

A change has been made to Maintenance > Matching And Balancing so that the tabs in that screen now sort the columns correctly when rows are sorted by Location or Recipient.

61590: [APR UI] Quantities should be right aligned

Values in the ‘Quantity’ column for all APR messages (v4 XML, v4 EDI and v5.1 XML) now right align.

ENOM: 6.19.219

New Features

58650: v5.1 Edigas messages for TIGF

ENOM now supports v5.1 Edigas XML messages as used by TIGF. This includes v5.1 Edigas XML NOMINT (nomination), NOMRES (confirmation and interruption), ACKNOW (acknowledgement), LIMITS (storage limits) and ACCSIT (account position) messages.

60851: Support v5.8 DVGW ALOCAT

ENOM is now able to decode v5.8 DVGW ALOCAT (TDDA, TDPA, NDDA, TPA, TDA and NDA) messages.

60279: [UI] Matching to display up to 5 different statuses

Matching can now use up to 5 different statuses (case 59956). As a result, the ‘Compare Messages’ screen has been redesigned.

When opening the ‘Compare Messages’ screen, by default, only end of day values for all statuses (i.e. Nominated, Confirmed, Processed by Adjacent TSO, etc.) will be displayed. Mismatches will continue to be highlighted.

Double clicking a row, or selecting a row and clicking the ‘View Hourly’ button, will change the ‘Compare Messages’ screen to display the hourly profile for that row. An end of day total for the selected hourly profile is included.

When in the hourly view, any other shipper’s hourly values can be viewed by selecting the relevant shipper from the displayed list. Double clicking a shipper, or selecting a shipper and clicking the ‘View Daily’ button, will change the ‘Compare Messages’ screen to display daily values again.

ENOM: 6.19.133

New Features

59956: Matching to use up to 5 different statuses

When ENOM+ processes matching information it will now also take into account the status ‘Processed by TSO’ from confirmation messages.

In the ‘Compare Messages’ screen, up to five columns may now be shown. The number of columns will depend on the statuses received in the confirmation messages.

  1. The first column will always show ‘Nominated’ values.
  2. The second column will show the statuses ‘Scheduled’ or ‘Confirmed’. If both are received in a message, then ‘Scheduled’ will be displayed.
  3. The third column will show the statuses ‘Processed by Adjacent TSO’, ‘Accepted by Adjacent TSO’ or ‘Matched’. If a message contains more than one of these statuses, then only one will be used and in the following priority order (highest to lowest):
    • ‘Processed by Adjacent TSO’
    • ‘Accepted by Adjacent TSO’
    • ‘Matched’
  4. The fourth column will show the status ‘Nominated by Counterparty’.
  5. The fifth column will show the status ‘Processed by TSO’.

59865: Auto ignore ‘Processed by TSO’ matching rule

There is a new Auto Ignore ‘Rule Type’ for Matching called ‘Processed By TSO’. This can be configured from the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Matching and Balancing’ > ‘Auto Ignore’ tab. When the rule is configured, Matching will ignore values in confirmation messages with the status ‘Processed By TSO’.


59381: Blank cell in Clearing Confirmation messages

Fixed a bug where some zeros were displayed as blank when viewing v4 XML CLRCON (CCC, ECC and HCC) messages.

ENOM: 6.19.014

New Features

57940: Support change of direction for v4 REQEST messages

ENOM now supports a change of direction within v4 XML REQEST (BDR, BWR and BWF) and v4 DVGW REQEST (BDR) messages.

57942: Support change of direction for v4 REQRES messages

ENOM now supports a change of direction within v4 XML REQRES (SDR and SWR) and v4 DVGW REQRES (SDR) messages.


59878: Unable to create RBAN or SBAN messages from new

A bug was introduced in v6.17.251 that prevented Edigas v5 Receiver’s Balancing Agreement Notice (RBAN) and Supplier’s Balancing Agreement Notice (SBAN) messages being created from new. This has been fixed.

ENOM: 6.18.042

New Features

57054: Improve performance of balancing screen when using SQL Server

In some situations the performance of the balancing screen was poor when running ENOM using Microsoft SQL Server. The SQL query used has been updated to retrieve the balancing data from the database more efficiently in such situations.

57934: Support direction in REQEST messages

ENOM now supports specifying Direction in v4 DVGW and v4 XML BDR, v4 XML BWR and v4 XML BWF messages.

Direction is an optional column that can be included in the message template from Maintenance > Available Messages or by using an optional ‘direction’ attribute on the input ENOM XML.

The ‘direction’ attribute has not been added to the output ENOM XML.

When opening a REQEST message in ENOM, if there are zeroes on any row, then the ‘Direction’ column will be displayed.

57937: Support direction in REQRES messages

ENOM now supports specifying Direction in v4 DVGW SDR, v4 XML SDR and v4 XML SWR messages.

Direction is an optional column that can be included in the message template from Maintenance > Available Messages or by using an optional ‘direction’ attribute on the input ENOM XML.

The ‘direction’ attribute has not been added to the output ENOM XML.

When opening a REQRES message in ENOM, if there are zeroes on any row, then the ‘Direction’ column will be displayed.

56270: v5 Edigas messages for GRTgaz

ENOM now supports v5.1 Edigas XML NOMINT (nomination) and NOMRES (confirmation) messages as used by GRTgaz.


58541: Location encoding overrides do not work with shipper display aliases

ENOM now behaves correctly if an Encoding Override is configured using a Shipper Display Alias.

58663: NOGAT NOGO messages no longer decode

If using ENOM v6.15.050, v6.16.025 or v6.17.251, NOGAT messages could not be read. This has been fixed.

57650: [M&B Processing] Threading issue causes ENOM background processes to stop

Fixed a bug that could stop Matching and Balancing processing.

58896: Automatic login not always suppressed by holding ‘Ctrl’ key

Under some circumstances ENOM did not detect that the ‘Ctrl’ key was pressed when logging in, meaning that automatic login could not be suppressed. This has been fixed.

ENOM: 6.17.251

New Features

56528: Support v5 Edigas messages for Enagas

ENOM now supports Enagas specific v5.1 Edigas XML messages. Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly nominations can be created, which can then be manually uploaded to the Enagas SL-ATR system.

Please note that Enagas do not support Edigas for all types of nominations.


58283: [Message UI] New values incorrectly populated with zeros when extending monthly message period

When changing the period for v4 XML AVAILY (SMA, SQA) messages to include months with a greater number of days, the newly-added periods defaulted to a value of ‘0’. This has been changed so these now default to use the value that was previously last in the message, consistent with v3 EDI and v4 XML NOMINT (SMT) messages.

58140: [Message UI] Unit combo box position is inconsistent

The ‘Unit’ drop down box was previously on the left-hand side of the message for v3 EDI and v4 XML NOMINT (SWT, SMT) messages, and for v3 WSN messages. This has now been moved to the right-hand side to be consistent with other messages.

57408: [Message UI] Capacity Type column appears when it shouldn’t

In some circumstances, ENOM would incorrectly display a ‘Capacity Type’ column in Edigas v5 NOMINT (SDT) messages. This has been removed.

ENOM: 6.17.117

New Features

39481: Display a warning if a message is sent with a blank shipper code

ENOM now displays a warning if there is no reference data at all for a nomination row (i.e. Shipper, Capacity Type or Direction columns) in a NOMINT (SDT or CDT) message.

ENOM: 6.17.015

New Features

56066: Support v2.1a APERAK messages from NCGVHP

ENOM now supports v2.1a BDEW APERAK messages as used by NCGVHP.

56036: [M&B] Improve speed of balancing screen

Changes have been made to improve the performance of the balancing screen.

56121: Support SQL Server 2014

ENOM can now be used with SQL Server 2014 using SQL Server native client version SQLNCLI11.1.


56389: Acknowledgement messages may refer to a duplicated NOMINT

When an acknowledgement (ACKNOW, DELCON, APERAK, MOGAPP, NOGAPP and CONTRL) message was responding to multiple messages with the same identification, only the first such message was updated. This has been fixed. This bug was introduced in ENOM version 6.16.025 during the changes made for case 55654 (update database structure for acknowledgement messages).

56033: [UI] REQEST, REQRES and AVAILY messages created from new always have decimal places

ENOM will now correctly display the number of decimal places configured for the unit used in the message, when creating DVGW REQEST (BDR) messages; v4 XML REQEST (BDR, BWF and BWR) messages; DVGW REQRES (SDR) messages; v4 XML REQRES (SDR and SWR) messages and v4 XML AVAILY (SDA, SWA, SMA and SQA) messages.

ENOM: 6.16.025

New Features

54957: Support Oracle 12c

ENOM can now be used with Oracle 12.1c

55582: Support v5.5 DVGW IMBNOT messages

ENOM is now able to decode v5.5 DVGW IMBNOT messages.

55577: Support v5.7 DVGW ALOCAT messages

ENOM is now able to decode v5.7 DVGW ALOCAT (TDDA, TDPA, NDDA, TPA, TDA and NDA) messages.

55708: Support v4.5 DVGW CHACAP messages

ENOM is now able to decode v4.5 DVGW CHACAP (CHACAP and CHACAPR) messages.

55243: Support v4 IMBNOT messages from Fluxys without no incentive limits

From 1st October 2015, Edigas v4 XML and Edigas v4 EDI IMBNOT messages sent by Fluxys will no longer have the no incentive limits (upper and lower) present. ENOM will now decode and display these changed IMBNOT messages.

55244: Support v5 LIMITS messages from Fluxys without no incentive limits

From 1st October 2015, Edigas v5 XML LIMITS messages sent by Fluxys will no longer have the no incentive limits (upper and lower) present. ENOM will now decode and display these changed LIMITS messages.

55699: Support v4.6 DVGW NOMRES messages

ENOM is now able to decode v4.6 DVGW NOMRES (TDT, TMN, HCN and HDT) messages.

55611: Encode v4.5 DVGW 55G NOMINT (CDT) messages

ENOM is now able to create v4.5 DVGW NOMINT (CDT) messages.


56063: [DVGW NOMINT] Contract ref can be filled out and sent

Previously for v4.4 DVGW NOMINT (CDT) messages, an available message could be set up with a message format that allowed a contract ref, if it was then changed to be a message format ‘DVGW v4.4 (EDI)’ the previous contract ref would remain but be greyed out. The greyed out contract ref would then be used on the message.

This has been corrected as contract refs are not allowed on DVGW NOMINT messages.

55654: Update database structure for acknowledgement messages

In some circumstances, ENOM would fail to associate an acknowledgement (ACKNOW, DELCON, APERAK, MOGAPP, NOGAPP or CONTRL) message with the message that it was responding to. The way ENOM stores information about acknowledgement messages has been changed in an attempt to avoid such issues.

ENOM: 6.15.050

New Features

53880: Allow Recipient Default Hour Adjustment to have a different value from a specific time

ENOM now has an option to set an additional ‘Default Hour Adjustment’ on the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Recipients’ screen. This enables you to configure a new default adjustment to take effect from a specific UTC time. When enabled, times for this recipient after the specified UTC time will use the new default adjustment instead of the old default or any location overrides. This optional configuration has been designed to support the change to the UK gas day.

54271: [NOMRES] Decode 16G as 17G for NOMRES messages from NCGVHP

ENOM is now able to decode a status of 16G as ‘Nominated By Shipper’ in Edigas v4 XML, Edigas v4 EDI and DVGW NOMRES (TDT, TMN, HDT and HCN) messages. This is only supported in messages from NGCVHP. 16G usually means ‘Confirmed’, but NCGVHP are using it to confirm the values nominated by the shipper.

54767: [NOMRES] Support ZPC (total output) decomposition quantity (capacity type)

ENOM is now able to decode the Decomposition (Capacity Type) code ‘ZPC’ as ‘Total Output’ in Edigas v4 XML NOMRES (TDT) messages. This is required for Corrib messages.


45608: [Oracle] Reduce number of simultaneous open cursors used by ENOM

When using ENOM with an Oracle database, in some circumstances the client would be disconnected with the error “ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded”. ENOM has been updated to retain fewer open cursors in an attempt to avoid such issues.

ENOM: 6.14.113

New Features

53681: Increase detail in ENOM log files

More detail has been added to the ENOM log files concerning the referencing of acknowledgment messages.

53735: [Message UI] Auto-populate Internal Shipper column when resending messages

When resending v3 and higher NOMINT messages (CDT and SDT only), if the message contains a single, unique Internal Shipper, any new rows added will now contain the same Internal Shipper value by default.

53710: [Message Viewer] Display Internal Shipper for NOMINT and NOMRES messages

ENOM now includes an ‘Internal Shipper’ column in the Message Viewer, populated for NOMINT (SDT and CDT) and NOMRES (HDT, HCN, TMN and TDT) messages (v3 and higher). This is also used when determining which messages to display when the ‘Only Latest’ option is selected.

ENOM: 6.14.019


37062: [Message Boxes UI] Port numbers do not save correctly when containing a thousand separator

Fixed a bug in ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Message Boxes’ where ENOM saved port numbers with a thousand separator in the database. The port number will no longer display thousand separators.

51745: [ALOCAT] Status code “10G” should translate as “Deemed” on non-DVGW allocation messages

For all non-DVGW allocation messages, the status code 10G is now translated as “Deemed”; DVGW allocation messages will continue to translate 10G as “Replacement Value”. This affects both the display of the message in ENOM and the output ENOM XML.

ENOM: 6.13.025

New Features

52685: Support encoding version 4.4 DVGW NOMINT (CDT) messages

ENOM is now able to create v4.4 DVGW NOMINT (CDT) messages.

33055: [M&B] Allow balances to be configured by internal shipper

ENOM can now be configured to separate balances by internal shipper. This can be set up in ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Matching And Balancing’ > ‘Advanced Rules’ (previously ‘Advanced Matching Rules’). If such a rule is configured then internal shippers will be considered when determining the latest messages for the balance.


52455: Support receiving DELCONs for sent MOGAPPs

ENOM now supports receiving a DELCON message for a sent Maersk MOGAPP message.

ENOM: 6.12.129

New Features

43970: v5.1 Edigas messages for Fluxys

ENOM now supports the v5.1 Edigas XML messages required to operate as a shipper or an exchange operator in the Fluxys network - this includes Fluxys, Huberator, Fluxys LNG and Fluxys Storage.

ENOM can create:

  • NOMINT - SDT (Shipper’s Daily Transit)
  • BIDDOC - BCD (Bid Confirmation Document)

ENOM can decode:

  • ACCSIT - APR (Account Position Report) and IMBNOT (Imbalance Notice)
  • ACKNOW (Message Acknowledgement)
  • ALOCAT - TPA (TSO’s Provisional Allocation)
  • LIMITS (Imbalance Limits)
  • NOMRES - TDT (TSO’s Daily Transit)
  • PUBLIC (Publication Document)

51168: Support additional reason codes for ACKNOW messages

All possible reason codes from the Edigas code list are now supported for both the new v5.1 ACKNOW and the previously supported v5A ACKNOW messages. The reason codes below now display as “Remarks” in the Ack column of the Message Viewer; previously they showed as “Rejected”.

  • 04G (Received After Deadline)
  • 11G (Message Delayed)
  • 36G (No Match, Counterparty Prevailed)
  • 37G (Reduced Nominated Quantity)
  • 63G (No Counterparty Nomination Received)
  • 64G (Mismatch)
  • 71G (Volume Prearranged)
  • 72G (Volume Post-arranged)
  • 73G (Mismatched and Volume Post-arranged)
  • 74G (Damping Incorrect, Mismatched and Volume Post rearranged
  • 82G (Contractually Binding)
  • 83G (Contractually Binding Quantities Maintained)
  • 84G (Mismatch In A Linked Nomination)


51630: [Message UI] Use the time zone adjustment of the ‘From’ Recipient when displaying IMBNOT/IMBNOTR messages in HTML in all instances

IMBNOT and IMBNOTR messages for 23 and 25 hour days were not always displaying correctly when viewed in the UI in HTML. This has now been fixed so that the time zone adjustment of the ‘From’ Recipient is always used.

52716: [UI] Message Properties does not resize correctly

The Message Properties screen now scales correctly when opened from the Message Viewer.

ENOM: 6.11.134

New Features

50783: Support version 4.5 DVGW NOMRES messages

ENOM is now able to decode v4.5 DVGW NOMRES (TDT, TMN, HCN and HDT) messages.


51232: [Locations UI] Prevent deleting Locations from causing an error

A bug has been fixed that caused an error when attempting to delete a Location, if a Custom Balance existed with Location set to <ALL>. This bug was introduced in ENOM v6.09.015.

51252: [Message UI] Use the time zone adjustment of the ‘From’ Recipient when displaying IMBNOT messages in HTML

IMBNOT messages that are displayed in the UI using HTML will now correctly use the time zone adjustment of the ‘From’ Recipient.

ENOM: 6.11.022


46004: [XML Log] Include line breaks in XML Log file

The XML Log file now contains line break characters between each line. This did happen previously, but had been broken in ENOM v6.00.48.

46017: [XML Interface] Reject BIDDOC messages with invalid lead times

Invalid lead times are now rejected when creating a BIDDOC message (BOD or RBD) via the ENOM XML interface.

47417: [Message Viewer UI] Prevent Message Viewer incorrectly showing messages as “Queued to be forwarded”

The Advanced tab on the Message Viewer screen now correctly shows “Queued to be forwarded” in the Forward Report column when appropriate.

ENOM: 6.10.026

New Features

49540: Send v4 XML REQRES messages as Release 2

Edigas v4 XML REQRES (SDR and SWR) messages are now encoded by ENOM with Release=”2”.

49866: [Quarterly AVAILY] Support 3-month AVAILY messages

Edigas v4 XML 3-month AVAILY (Seller’s Quarterly Availability) messages can now be viewed and created in ENOM.

ENOM: 6.09.015

New Features

48958: [Maersk] Support MOGO05 (Nomination Potential) messages - decode only

ENOM now supports receiving MOGO05 Nomination Potential messages from Maersk. It is not possible to create these messages. This feature is only enabled for customers with an appropriate licence.

48960: [Maersk] Support MOGO09 (Daily Allocation) messages - decode only

ENOM now supports receiving MOGO09 Daily Allocation messages from Maersk. It is not possible to create these messages. This feature is only enabled for customers with an appropriate licence.

48972: [Maersk] Support MOGO13 (Monthly Gas Export) messages - decode only

ENOM now supports receiving MOGO13 Monthly Gas Export messages from Maersk. It is not possible to create these messages. This feature is only enabled for customers with an appropriate licence.

39520: [Message Viewer] Disable ‘Hide Acknowledgments’ check box if a ‘Message Type’ is selected

The ‘Hide Acknowledgments’ checkbox on the Message Viewer will be disabled if a specific ‘Message Type’ filter is selected. If the ‘Message Type’ is set to <ALL>, then the user has the choice to either hide or show acknowledgments.


41441: [Bulk Operations] Fix issue with ‘Re-Process Matching and Balancing Results’ not deleting old matching results

If you add a new Advanced Matching Rule and select ‘Re-Process Matching and Balancing Results’ from ‘Message’ > ‘Bulk Operations’, ENOM now deletes all old matching results in addition to re-calculating the new results.

39718: [Bulk Operations] Improve progress bar display

The progress bar on the ‘Message’ > ‘Bulk Operations’ screen is now indicative of the percentage completed.

49510: [MS Access] Prevent database upgrade failure when upgrading from ENOM v5.18.68 or earlier

A bug has been fixed that caused an MS Access database upgrade to fail if you were upgrading from ENOM v5.18.68 (Database version 2.005) or earlier. This bug was introduced in ENOM v6.07.408.

ENOM: 6.08.122

New Features

48193: Support the non-decomposed value in Corrib NOMRES messages - decode only

ENOM is now able to decode the non-decomposed value (i.e. the value without a Capacity Type) as a new Capacity Type ‘Implied Rate’ in Edigas v4 XML NOMRES (TDT and TMN) messages. This is only supported in messages associated with Corrib.

47840: Support multiple units in incoming NOMRES messages - decode only

ENOM is now able to decode daily Edigas v4 XML NOMRES (TDT, TMN, HCN and HDT) messages that contain hourly values with multiple units. It is not possible to create these messages with multiple units.

45555: Support additional end user category in BALDOC and BALCON messages

ENOM now supports the end user category ‘GMN’ (Net gas losses) in Edigas XML BALDOC (RBAN, SBAN) and BALCON (RBAC, SBAC) messages.

33732: Make v4 XML TIN messages respond with the opposite direction and swapped shipper codes

When the ‘Respond’ button on an Edigas v4 XML DELORD message (TCN) is selected to create an Edigas v4 XML DELRES (TIN) message, the sign will now be reversed. Additionally the shipper and internal shipper codes will be swapped.


47990: Prevent DELCON messages throwing an error if decoded before referenced message

ENOM will no longer cause an error to display when decoding a DELCON message if the message it references is not yet in the database.

36179: [Message Boxes UI] Change ‘Box Enabled’ label to ‘Use FTP Settings’

The ‘Box Enabled’ label on the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Message boxes’ screen has been renamed to ‘Use FTP Settings’. This better describes the functionality.

ENOM: 6.08.029

New Features

47834: Support additional Decomposition (Capacity Type) codes in Corrib NOMRES messages - decode only

ENOM is now able to decode additional non-Edigas-standard Decomposition (Capacity Type) codes in Edigas v4 XML NOMRES (TDT) messages. These additional codes are only supported in messages associated with Corrib.

47631: Support additional Contractual Offtake Type codes in Corrib AVAILY messages - decode only

ENOM is now able to decode additional non-Edigas-standard Contractual Offtake Type codes in Edigas v4 XML AVAILY (SDA, SWA and SMA) messages. These additional codes are only supported in messages associated with Corrib.

47634: Support multiple units in incoming AVAILY messages - decode only

ENOM is now able to decode Edigas v4 XML AVAILY (SDA, SWA and SMA) messages that contain daily Contractual Offtake Possibility values with multiple units. It is not possible to create these messages with multiple units.

48066: Support multiple units in incoming ALOCAT messages - decode only

ENOM is now able to decode Edigas v4 XML ALOCAT messages of type 96G (TDDA and TDA) that contain daily values with multiple units. It is not possible to create these messages with multiple units.

47781: Support v4 XML monthly NOMINT messages: Shipper’s Monthly Transit Forecast (SMT)

ENOM is now able to encode and decode v4 XML monthly NOMINT messages. These are called Shipper’s Monthly Transit Forecast (SMT) messages.


48395: [Message UI] Use the Decimal Places setting of the appropriate Unit when displaying ALOCAT messages in HTML

ALOCAT (TDA, TDDA, TPA and TDPA) messages that are displayed in the UI using HTML now correctly display values with the number of decimal places specified by the appropriate Unit, configured in the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Units’ screen.

48293: [Message UI] Remove the Totals row from the Contractual Offtake Possibility sections of AVAILY messages

The Totals row has been removed from the Contractual Offtake Possibility sections of Edigas v4 XML AVAILY (SDA, SWA and SMA) messages.

ENOM: 6.07.408

New Features

47369: Support version 4.4 DVGW CHACAP - Changed Capacity Notice

ENOM is now able to decode v4.4 DVGW CHACAP Changed Capacity Notices.

47370: Support version 4.4 DVGW CHACAP - Renomination Restrictions

ENOM is now able to decode v4.4 DVGW CHACAP Renomination Restrictions messages.

ENOM: 6.07.111


46166: Fix the display of Release Notes in ENOM

ENOM will now display the release notes in ‘Help’ > ‘Current Version Release Notes’ and ‘Help’ > ‘Latest Version Release Notes’. This stopped working in version 6.06.017.

ENOM: 6.06.017

New Features

35385: [Message UI] Extend shipper display aliases to REQEST/REQRES messages

Shipper Display Aliases configured in the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Shipper Codes’ screen will now be used in REQEST and REQRES Messages.

45057: [Message UI] Combine Decode Warning dialogs

When a Decode Failure occurs, ENOM will no longer display two separate dialogs. Instead, a single Warning dialog will now be displayed which contains the Decode Failure reason.


44888: [Message Viewer] Display the entire name of Locations in the Message Viewer > Externally Nominated Tab drop down

It will now always be possible to view the entire name of a Location in the ‘Location’ filter on the ‘Externally Nominated’ tab of the Message Viewer. While selecting, the option will always be long enough to show the entire name. Once selected, the drop down box will resize to fit the entire name.

If, as a result, it is not possible to view all the filter options and the ‘View’ button, then a scroll bar will appear; allowing use of the screen at low resolutions.

ENOM: 6.05.08

New Features

27014: [Balance Detail UI] Fix reference columns on Balance Detail screen

Changes have been made to how the information on the ‘Balance Detail’ screen is displayed.

When ‘Location View’ is selected (default option):

  • The ‘Location’, ‘Nom Type’, ‘From/To’, ‘ENOM Shipper’ and ‘Contract Ref’ columns will remain fixed and visible when scrolling the rest of the columns.

When ‘Shipper View’ is selected:

  • The ‘Location’, ‘Nom Type’, ‘From/To’, ‘ENOM Shipper’, ‘Contract Ref’ and ‘Shipper/Alias’ columns will remain fixed and visible when scrolling the rest of the columns.


44926: [Balance Detail UI] Prevent unexpected error when changing to Location View

In some situations an error was displayed when changing from the Shipper View to the Location View on the Balance Detail screen. This error will no longer occur.

44552: [Message Viewer] Prevent ACKNOW code 03G being incorrectly shown as ‘Rejected’

ENOM will now correctly interpret Edigas v5 ACKNOW messages with reason code 03G, meaning ‘Processed After Operator Validation’, as having status “Accepted”. “Accepted” will now also display in the ‘Ack’ column for the message acknowledged by the ACKNOW in the Message Viewer.

43174: [Email Notifications] Allow a semicolon at the end of a list of email addresses

If there is a semicolon (;) at the end of a list of email addresses in the ‘ENOM System Notifications’ > ‘Email Address’ field on the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘System’ > ‘Email’ tab, then ENOM will no longer prevent emails from being sent.

44887: [Message Viewer] Display the entire name of Locations and Contract References in the Message Viewer drop down

It will now always be possible to view the entire name of a Location or Contract Reference in the ‘Location’ and ‘Ref’ filters on the Message Viewer. While selecting, the options will always be long enough to show the entire name. Once selected, the drop down box will resize to fit the entire name.

If, as a result, it is not possible to view all the filter options and the ‘View’ button, then a scroll bar will appear; allowing use of the screen at low resolutions.

The ‘Hide Acknowledgment Messages’ check box has been renamed to be ‘Hide Acknowledgments’.

32235: [Message UI] Display the entire name of Locations when adding them to messages

When selecting a Location to add to a message, the length of the display has increased in order to display the entire name of the Location.

ENOM: 6.04.10


42991: [Message Encoding] Correct Edigas v4 XML AVAILY and REQEST element order

Edigas v4 XML AVAILY and REQEST messages will now respect the element order defined in the Edigas specifications.

43324: [Locations UI] Prevent duplicate locations from causing a message decode error

Messages will now open if they include an EIC, DVGW or EAN location code that has been duplicated in the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Locations’ screen. The ability to configure such duplicate location codes may be removed in a later release.

44295: [Logging] Restore deleting of old logs

When attempting to write to the current log file, ENOM will now delete other log files that are more than 5 days old.

ENOM: 6.03.09

New Features

30543: Implement version 4.2 DVGW REQEST messages

ENOM is now able to encode and decode v4.2 DVGW REQEST messages.

43348: Implement version 4.2 DVGW REQRES messages

ENOM is now able to encode and decode v4.2 DVGW REQRES messages.


43602: [Balancing UI] Correct refresh behaviour of grid after adding Balance

After adding a new Balance, ENOM will now open the correct Balance Detail when you double click on a row in the Balancing Screen.

43936: Improve error on XML Log when duplicate shippers are used

The error message displayed in the XML Log when duplicate shippers are used has been improved.

ENOM: 6.02.54

New Features

43324: [Message UI] Messages containing a location configured multiple times will no longer decode

When trying to open a message that contains a location with a code that has been entered more than once into the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Locations’ screen, the message will not be decoded.

An error will be displayed until the duplicate code is removed from the ENOM configuration.

38785: [Logs] Improve error reporting in XML Logs

Improvements have been made to the errors displayed in the XML Log.

These include:

  • The error displayed when a Message Rule tries to write a file to an inaccessible location.
  • The error displayed when processing ENOM XML, where ENOM does not support the specified message version and format.

39714: [Logs] Produce logs when messages are written to the Unresolved or Trash folder

ENOM will now produce a log file for each message that is put into the Unresolved or Trash folder. Unresolved logs will contain the same text as the decode log in the user interface. Trash logs will contain information explaining why the file is not a valid message.


40061: [ENOM XML] Remove blank statuses from ENOM XML for Edigas v4 PROCON messages

The ENOM XML produced for Edigas v4 PROCON messages will no longer include blank ‘status’ attributes. Instead the ‘status’ attribute will be absent if this information is not included in the message.

43066: [ENOM XML] Correctly set the doc_type attribute of Edigas v4 CONTRL messages

The ENOM XML for Edigas v4 CONTRL messages will now have the doc_type attribute set to the value “CONTRL”.

40732: [ENOM XML] Treat missing days or hours in ENOM XML for Edigas v4 ALOCAT messages as ‘0’ values

If ENOM receives ENOM XML to create an Edigas v4 ALOCAT message, any days or hours without values within the message period will be treated as ‘0’ values.

42811: [HTML & UI] Allow correct interpretation of Reconciliation Notices for Edigas v4 (EDI) IMBNOT messages

Edigas v4 (EDI) IMBNOT messages with Type 16G (Reconciliation Notice) will now be displayed as ‘(IMBNOTR) Reconciliation Notice’ messages. This affects the HTML generated from these messages.

Note: The attribute ‘reconciliation_notice=”true”’ already existed in the ENOM XML for these messages. The ENOM XML has therefore not changed.

40108: [Message Boxes UI] Prevent fatal crash from occurring when using inaccessible network path on MS Access

When using an MS Access database, ENOM will no longer crash when attempting to create a folder for a Message Box when the network location specified is not accessible. ENOM did not experience this issue with a SQL Server or Oracle database.

40111: [Message Boxes UI] Allow Message Boxes to be deleted

ENOM will no longer display an error when attempting to delete an inactive Message Box from the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Message Boxes’ screen.

40114: [M&B Config UI] Allow Balances to be deleted

ENOM will no longer display an error when attempting to delete a Balance from the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Matching and Balancing’ > ‘Balances’ tab.

43212: [Message Rules UI] Prevent error being displayed when For/Except rows are deleted and saved in the Message Rules screen

ENOM will no longer display an error when rows in the ‘For’ and ‘Except’ screens of ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Message Rules’ are deleted then saved.

36718: [Licence] Prevent users saving an invalid licence

ENOM will no longer allow users to save an invalid licence.

40169: [Viewer UI] Prevent Edigas v3 BWF messages displaying as Edigas v3 BWR messages

ENOM will no longer incorrectly display Edigas v3 BWF messages as Edigas v3 BWR messages.

40003: [Printing] Prevent ‘Out of Memory’ exception for Edigas v4 SMA messages

ENOM will no longer display an ‘Out of Memory’ exception when printing Edigas v4 SMA messages.

39934: [Message UI] Prevent error when sending/resending Edigas v3 REQEST messages with blank values

ENOM will no longer display an error when trying to send an Edigas v3 REQEST message from the XML Queue or when trying to resend one, if a row contains blank values. Blank values will be sent as ‘0’.

42699: [Message UI] Prevent Edigas v4 AVAILY and REQEST messages from resending 25 hour day messages incorrectly

Edigas v4 AVAILY and REQEST messages no longer change the values of the 25th hour of a 25 hour day to be the same as the 24th hour, when clicking the ‘Resend’ button.

43189: [Message UI] Ensure all messages use the ENOM standard calculation for the default date when resending

When resending Edigas v2 DWM, RWM, SWA, TRN, TWM or TWR messages or Edigas v3 BWOF, TMC or TWM messages, ENOM will now use the standard calculation for when to resend the message for, rather than defaulting to the date of the current message.

17711: [Message UI] Prevent bugs when resending Edigas v2 BWOF messages for 23 or 25 hour day

Edigas v2 BWOF messages no longer clear the grid when resending 23 hour day messages or display an error when resending 25 hour day messages.

43167: [Message UI] Prevent monthly messages from experiencing an error in February when using Italian Windows regional settings

During February, in years that do not begin on a Tuesday:

  • ENOM will no longer display an error when opening Edigas v2 SMT messages from the XML Queue.
  • ENOM will no longer display an error when resending any monthly message.

During February in years that do begin on a Tuesday:

  • The date will now correctly default to March when resending any monthly message.

These issues only occurred when using Italian Windows regional settings.

ENOM did not experience these issues when using English, German or French Windows regional settings.

ENOM: 6.01.18


41155: [M&B Processing] Prevent ‘M&B Processor already exists’ error

ENOM should no longer throw the error: “Error processing M&B Data: M&B Processor already exists”.

In the case that the error still occurs, the error reporting behaviour has changed so that the errors will appear in the M&B Processing Log, along with further information about when they occurred, instead of appearing as an error pop up box.

41388: [IMBNOT] Interpret negative sign for DVGW IMBNOT messages

DVGW IMBNOT messages will now correctly interpret and display negative signs ‘-‘ for quantity values.

ENOM: 6.01.14

New Features

40426: Support OGE CHACAP messages

ENOM is now able to decode OGE CHACAP messages.

40585: CHACAP messages should show row totals

Row totals are now displayed for v4 CHACAP messages.

40570: Increase maximum shipper code length

ENOM will now allow Edigas shipper codes to be up to 50 characters in length.

ENOM: 6.01.11

New Features

39353: Support monthly AVAILY messages

Monthly AVAILY messages containing daily or hourly values can now be viewed and created in ENOM.

39355: Support hourly values in weekly AVAILY messages

Weekly AVAILY messages containing hourly values can now be viewed and created in ENOM.

39356: Support Contractual Offtake Possibility

ENOM now supports Contractual Offtake Possibility in v4 Edigas XML AVAILY and v4 Edigas XML REQEST messages.

39357: Support the sending of REQRES messages with ‘Fully Expanded’ hours

It is now possible to send REQRES messages that contain fully expanded hours, rather than grouping together consecutive hours that have the same value. This is configured on the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Recipients’ screen > ‘Nomination Encoding’ tab by setting the ‘Hourly Values’ field to ‘Fully Expanded’.

39862: Support v5.6 DVGW ALOCAT messages

Version 5.6 DVGW ALOCAT messages are now supported.

33037: [Message Rules] Improvement to ‘fail to write file’ message

Error information will now be displayed in the XML Log if ENOM is unable to generate ENOM XML or HTML for a Message Rule. More information about why ENOM could not write the file, such as the Message Rule name and folder location, will also be included.

Further, a bug has been fixed so that now all error message text in the XML Log is displayed in red text, not just the first line.

35429: [GBIT] Change Portfolio Edigas ID title

In the ‘Message’ > ‘GTS Balancing Info’ screen, on the ‘Config’ tab, the ‘Portfolio Edigas ID’ field has been relabelled to ‘Portfolio Edigas ID (GTS Shipper Code)’.

34896: [Logs] Add X-axis scroll bar to Log screens

The Email Log, FTP Log and XML Log now have a horizontal scroll bar in order that longer messages can always be read.

39551: [Bulk Ops UI] Allow whole error message to be seen

When Exporting Messages or ENOM XML using the ‘Message’ > ‘Bulk Operations’ screen, there will now be a horizontal scroll bar on the progress screen in order that the entire message of every row can be read.

36262: [Notifications] Remove fax and text message functionality

It is no longer possible to have ENOM send faxes or text messages. The ‘Other Notifications’ tab on the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘System’ screen, containing the configuration previously set up for this, has been removed.

34663: [Message UI] Add total row for each status for NOMRES messages

NOMRES messages now have a status totals row. This row contains the total for all the values for that status across all Locations within the message.

35453: [Recipients] Improve warning when deleting a Recipient with Available Messages set up

If you try to delete a Recipient from the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Recipients’ screen that has Available Messages configured for it in the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Available Messages’ screen, then ENOM will now inform you that the relevant Available Messages will be deleted, and ask if you wish to continue.

37487: [UI] Rename the menu items for Release Notes

The menu items in the ‘Help’ menu have changed from ‘Release Notes’ to ‘Current Version Release Notes’ and from ‘Check for Upgrades’ to ‘Latest Version Release Notes’. The behaviour of these menu items has not changed.


33415: [Message Viewer UI] Fix ‘Expected’ Ack status functionality

The ‘Expect to receive an Acknowledgment’ functionality configured on the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Recipients’ screen > ‘Acknowledgments’ tab has been fixed. Messages sent to such Recipients will now display ‘Expected’ in the Message Viewer if they haven’t received a corresponding Acknowledgment message.

34949: [M&B Reprocess] Only Reprocess Matching and Balancing data within selected period

If the ‘From Gas Day’ and the ‘To Gas Day’ in the ‘Message’ > ‘Bulk Operations’ screen are set to be the same value, then performing ‘Re-Process Matching and Balancing Results’ will now only reprocess that day’s data.

34717: [Licence expiry] Prevent email being sent if expiring licence has been updated by another ENOM

If you update your ENOM licence, without closing all your ENOMs, then those other ENOMs will no longer continue to send emails warning of pending licence expiry.

34876: [GBIT Expiry] Prevent email being sent when no certificate is specified

ENOM will no longer send a notification email warning about the expiration of the Certificate for the ‘Message’ > ‘GTS Balancing Info’ screen if the Certificate Name field on the ‘Config’ tab is blank.

36970: [Message Viewer UI] Standardise display across all tabs

The sizes of the ‘View’ button and the date picker have been made the same across the three tabs of the Message Viewer.

39169: [Message UI] Add Resend for today/tomorrow dialog to open windows list

The ‘Resend this message for…’ window that appears when you are selecting which day to Resend a message for, now appears in the open windows list under the ‘Window’ menu. This window will only appear if you have ‘Ask’ set as the value for ‘Resend Messages For’ on the ‘General’ tab of the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘System’ screen.

39232: [Units UI] Improve decimal places field validation

You can now only enter whole numbers into the ‘Decimal Places’ field on the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Units’ screen. Thousand separators are also prohibited.

39618: [Message UI] Prevent non-contiguous cell pasting

ENOM now prevents the user from pasting into a non-contiguous cell selection. E.g. ENOM will throw a warning if you select one cell, select a second cell that is not adjacent to the first, and then try to paste into both of those cells.

39708: [Message UI] Prevent duplicate Combo Box values when pasting

Copying and pasting values into Combo Box columns will not paste the value as upper case if the Combo Box already contains the value being pasted, regardless of the case of the letters. This prevents duplicate values appearing in Combo Boxes differing only by case.

33749: [Viewer] Correct Message Name/Description labelling inconsistency

The field ‘Message Name’ and the column ‘Message Description’ on the Message Viewer and XML Queue have been renamed to be ‘Message Type’.

35500: [Units UI] Change title of Units screen

The title shown at the top of the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Units’ screen has been changed from ‘Units Maintenance’ to ‘Units’.

35776: [Shipper Codes UI] Change title of Shipper screen

The title shown at the top of the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Shipper Codes’ screen has been changed from ‘Shippers’ to ‘Shipper Codes’.

ENOM: 6.00.48

New Features

20131: Migrate the ENOM UI to VB.NET

The ENOM UI has been migrated from VB6 to VB.NET. All ENOM code not from third parties is now written in .NET languages.

36551: SQL Server 2012 Support

SQL Server 2012 and the SQL Server 2012 native client (SQLNCLI11.1) are now supported.

35598: [Balancing] Improve Performance of Balancing screen

The performance of the Balancing screen has been improved for SQL Server and Oracle databases.

31882: [Messages UI] Improve NOMRES messages open and close time

The time to open certain NOMRES messages has been improved.

18246: [XML Queue UI] - Enable multiselect of entries

It is now possible to select multiple entries in the XML Queue and then Read, Send or Delete them en masse. In order to prevent the unintentional selection of entries, ENOM will no longer automatically select an entry when the XML Queue opens or when a new item appears.

33762: [UI] Improve Error Messages when connecting to a missing database

The error message given when ENOM is unable to connect to the database is now more informative.

39221: [UI] Improve Error Messages when unable to create folder

The error message given when ENOM is unable to create a folder is now more informative.

35987: Ability to search for long strings in Combo and List Boxes

Text searching has been altered for some Combo and List Boxes. ENOM will now search for ‘WA’ if ‘W’ then ‘A’ is typed when an active Combo or List Box is opened.

34042: [Messages UI] Refactor how messages are printed

Dotted lines now appear at the edge of printed pages to indicate the continuation of a table.

37483: Allow all messages to be auto ignored in Matching And Balancing

A new ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Matching And Balancing’ > ‘Auto Ignore’ > ‘Rule Type’ has been implemented called “All Messages”. This allows all transit messages to be ignored even if they have a mismatching nomination or confirmation associated with them.

37187: [Message Rules] Prevent deleting of Location used by Message Rule

It is no longer possible to delete a Location that is being used in a Message Rule. If you try to delete such a Location then a warning will be displayed.

33794: [M&B Config UI] Matching And Balancing - implement sorting

It is now possible to sort the columns in the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Matching And Balancing’ screen.

35945: [M&B Config UI] Change the ‘Close’ button behaviour when there are duplicate rows

Closing the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Matching And Balancing’ screen, with duplicate rows present on any tab, will now open the ‘Save changes’ dialog box. The screen previously warned about duplicate rows prior to displaying the ‘Save changes’ dialog box.

38133: [M&B Config UI] Create an ‘Add Row’ button for Balance Properties

Rows are now added and removed from the Custom Balance grid of the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Matching And Balancing’ > ‘Balances’ > ‘Balance Properties’ screen using the ‘Add Row’ and ‘Delete Row’ buttons.

38240: [M&B Config UI] Implement highlighting for Custom Balance rows

The whole Custom Balance row in the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Matching And Balancing’ > ‘Balances’ > ‘Balance Properties’ screen will now be highlighted when any cell of that row is selected.


37756: [FTP Log] Prevent crashing when error thrown during FTP error reporting

ENOM should no longer crash if an error occurs while it is trying to report errors in the FTP Log.

36669: [XML Queue UI] Prevent Time or Unit of messages from being accidentally changed

ENOM no longer initially selects the time or the unit when viewing a message from the XML Queue. This means that it is no longer possible to accidentally change the time or unit of such messages with the mouse wheel when first viewing them.

38151: [M&B] Reprocessing Matching And Balancing results shouldn’t ignore externally nominated data

ENOM will now correctly reprocess Matching And Balancing data contained in External Nominations when performing ‘Reprocess Matching And Balancing Results’ on the Bulk Operations screen.

21142: [Modal Forms] Prevent ENOM crashing when Modal forms conflict

An error no longer occurs, and ENOM no longer crashes, when two forms which require immediate attention are open simultaneously. For example, if a warning popped up to indicate that a message had failed to send, while you were in the ‘Message Properties’ screen trying to select the folder to save a message to, then previously ENOM would crash.

35625: [Bulk Operations] Fix ‘Export Messages’ path bug

When using ‘Export Message Files’ on the Bulk Operations screen, ENOM no longer omits the final ‘' causing the path to be incorrect. For example, trying to export ‘SDT.edi’ to ‘C:\folder\subfolder’ will no longer export ‘subfolderSDT.edi’ to ‘C:\folder’.

38588: [UI] DateTimePicker locking up

The arrow buttons for date and time pickers on message forms should no longer become disabled. For example, using the left and right arrows on the keyboard should no longer disable them.

32696: [Messages UI] Prevent scrolling causing column misalignment

Using the horizontal scroll bar when viewing a message will no longer cause the columns to become misaligned with the column totals.

33948: [UI] Make Maintenance screens update automatically when Recipient or Location names are changed

Changing the name of a Recipient or a Location will now automatically update the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Contracts’ and ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Shipper Codes’ screens if they are open. ENOM will similarly update any open tab of the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Matching And Balancing’ screen, apart from the ‘Balances’ tab.

34891: [Bulk Ops] Clear Matching screen and Balancing screen when Reprocessing Matching And Balancing

If either the Matching screen or the Balancing screen are open, then they will clear when performing ‘Reprocess Matching And Balancing Results’ on the ‘Message’ > ‘Bulk Operations’ screen.

33796: [M&B Config UI] Advanced Matching Rules rows should be unique

Rows in the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Matching And Balancing’ > ‘Advanced Matching Rules’ tab must now be unique.

33797: [M&B Config UI] Editing Combo Boxes should cause ‘Save changes’ dialog box to appear upon closing screen

Changing the value of a Combo Box in the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Matching And Balancing’ screen and then closing the screen will now always show the ‘Save changes’ dialog box.

33121: [Units] Units Screen should remember its position

The ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Units’ screen now correctly remembers its previous position upon reopening.

34020: [Messages UI] Increase the width of drop down lists on message forms

Combo Box drop down options on message forms will now always be wide enough to fully display each item when creating a message.

33785: [M&B Config UI] Allow use of tab key to close Matching And Balancing screen

It is now possible to close the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Matching And Balancing’ screen by tab selecting the ‘Close’ button and pressing the ‘Return’ key.

28232: [UI] Fix ‘Create’ button tooltip on Windows 7

The ‘Create’ button on the main screen will now display the ‘Create New’ tooltip in all operating systems.

39118: [Messages UI] Prevent column totals losing alignment when resizing

When resizing a message the column totals will no longer lose alignment with the columns above.

34817: [UI Compare Messages] Prevent buttons overlapping on resize

The minimum size of the Compare Messages screen no longer causes the buttons to overlap.

36513: [XML Queue] Retain selection when additional files are dropped in

When new entries appear in the XML Queue, the entry previously selected now remains selected.

20594: [Installation] Remove restart request when upgrading

ENOM will no longer ask you to restart your computer upon installation or when upgrading.

36855: [EnomData] Prevent ‘Cannot open any more tables’ error

ENOM no longer causes the Microsoft JET Database Engine Error “Cannot open any more tables” when editing Contracts in the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Contracts’ screen.

37213: [Externally Nominated Data] Fix spelling mistake in warning when Externally Nominated Data has been deleted

The error message displayed when trying to view Externally Nominated Data that no longer exists has been corrected.

37121: [UI] Fix ‘System Info’ button in Windows 7

The ‘Help’ > ‘About’ > ‘System Info…’ button now works correctly in Windows 7.

36857: [Contracts] Prevent error when deleting Recipient of Contract

Deleting a Recipient that is used by a Contract, when the Contract screen is open, now correctly displays that said Contract has had its Recipient removed, rather than displaying the Database ID for the deleted Recipient.

37404: [Shipper Codes UI] Update Hub Code when Location is changed

ENOM now correctly updates the Hub Code in the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Shipper Codes’ screen when the relevant Location is edited in the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Locations’ screen.

37652: [Closing ENOM] Prevent ENOM from closing when invalid unsaved changes are made in Maintenance screens

When attempting to close the application, ENOM no longer continues to close if invalid changes have been entered but not yet saved in ‘Maintenance’ screens.

38099: [M&B Config UI] Select row after pressing ‘Add’

Pressing ‘Add’ in the ‘Matching And Balancing’ screen now causes the new row to be highlighted and the left most cell to be selected.

38161: [Messages UI] Prevent adding of special characters to newly created rows

It is no longer possible to enter the following characters into the left hand side of message grids: < > * & ^ % $ ? "

37841: [Messages UI] Prevent duplicate Capacity Type options

Duplicate options no longer appear in the ‘Capacity Type’ column of the ‘Priorities’ section of a NOMINT message when a ‘Capacity Type’ is added to the top grid.

37802: [Messages UI] Correct options for the Capacity Type column in Priorities grid

‘Priorities’ grids in NOMINT messages now offer the correct options for the ‘Capacity Type’ column.

37147: Fix ENOM XML display for APERAK messages from Gas Connect Austria

The ENOM XML of APERAK messages will now correctly display in the ‘Message Properties’ screen and will correctly save, even when the ‘ReasonText’ attribute contains character entities, e.g. ‘&ampquot;’

33783: [M&B Config UI] Improve Matching And Balancing tab order

The tab order on the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Matching And Balancing’ screen has been improved.

39196: [M&B Config UI] Prevent error when entering non-numeric values into Journey Shrinkage

ENOM no longer throws an error when trying to enter a non-numeric value into the ‘Shrinkage’ column of the ‘Journey Shrinkage’ tab of the ‘Maintenance’ > ‘Matching And Balancing’ screen.

37642: [Messages UI] Prevent BDRv2 response error

When pressing ‘Respond’ on a v2 BDR message, ENOM will once again correctly create a v2 SDR.

37013: [Message UI] Remove unnecessary highlighting in TDT messages

When viewing TDT messages, Amounts or Shippers will no longer be highlighted.

38282: [Messages UI] Remove Resend button from NOGO messages

NOGAT Output messages (NOGO) no longer display the Resend button.

37781: [Available Messages UI] Improve behaviour when changing Message Type of an Available Message

Changing the Message Type of an Available Message now clears the configuration from the Advanced screen.

39128: [UI] Make input box titles consistent

The titles to the ‘Add New’ screens when adding items to the Maintenance screens have been made more consistent.