Gas scheduling made easy

The industry standard software solution for sending and receiving Edig@s messages. Developed using GMSL's 20+ years of experience in European gas dispatching. Trusted by over 80 market players.

ENOM Release Notes

A Comprehensive Messaging Tool

GMSL’s Edig@s messaging software: compatible with and tested against all major TSOs, storage operators and counterparties that use Edig@s messaging.

ENOM offers configurable message templates covering hub trades, transportation storage and contract messaging, it supports message formats through to the latest version of the Edig@s syntax.

Feature List

A well established product, the key features are listed below:

  • Formatting: Support for standard gas operations messages (nomination, confirmation and allocation).
  • User-friendly interface: Making it easy to create configurable messages.
  • Intergrate with other systems: An XML interface that allows other systems to be insulated from changes to message formats
  • Configurable email alerts : For receipt of new messages and BVP GTS balancing information.
  • Communications: ENOM can utilise GMSL’s message routing service. Customers do not need to setup or maintain their own AS2/AS4 servers or connections.
  • GTS system information: SBS and POS data are displayed through integration with GTS’s B2B Web Service.


With ENOM+ you get all the features of ENOM but with the addition of matching and balancing functionality which allows operators to easily detect mismatches and network imbalances.

  • Matching Functionality: Enabling easy comparison of sent and received messages, showing nominations against confirmations.
  • Balancing Functionality: Displaying the aggregate balanced position in user-defined networks.


Technical support.
Our first-hand knowledge of the system enables us to provide you with first class training and support – we understand your business and speak the language of gas operations.

Further Information

For more information about ENOM please contact us