Effortlessly connecting the energy market

GMSL's message routing service enables users to communicate easily, quickly and securely with energy market partners.

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A single connection to the whole energy market

GMSL creates and maintains all the necessary B2B communication links and associated security, so you don’t have to. You simply choose a preferred interface to GMSL and all market messages are then exchanged by this single interface with the GMSL Hub.

Take the stress out of your market communications

Customers can use the Message Routing Service directly, or in conjunction with their licensed GMSL software:

  • It exists as SaaS; the client only needs to connect to GMSL: Removing the worry about the many and sometimes bespoke, interfaces with business correspondents; this is managed by GMSL.
  • The service supports connections to a large number of energy market correspondents, with more added all the time. It readily supports connections using AS2, AS4, FTP-based protocols (SFTP, FTPS), and the more bespoke web services of some energy market players.
  • The customer interface to GMSL has been designed to be as simple as possible. If using a supported message format (a wide variety supported, including primarily Edig@s, DVGW etc.), then the customer only needs to provide the message and GMSL will resolve everything else.

The service has been developed specifically for the gas and power industry, and as a result it doesn’t suffer from the connection problems that many generic providers experience when using off-the-shelf communications software. It also means that when a client requests a connection to new partner which is non-standard in any way, GMSL can quickly develop and deploy a solution.

Further Information

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