Release Notes

CodeRunner is constantly being developed and upgraded - adding new features and keeping up to date with market change. See below for the system Release Notes.

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CodeRunner 8.15.10

New features

Configure new Gemini OAuth 2 credentials

It is now possible to configure OAuth 2 credentials in CodeRunner for connecting to Gemini. These can be used to connect to the Gemini and Gemini Exit APIs over the internet, and will soon be the only way for applications to connect to Gemini. OAuth 2 credentials are configured in a new screen and access to this screen can be restricted to specific user groups if required.

Log in with OAuth 2 credentials

When OAuth 2 credentials are saved, you must set a security key which is required by any users who want to log into Gemini. This security key should be stored and shared securely with team members (e.g. using a password manager). When you log into Gemini using CodeRunner, you can enter the security key to connect using the new method.

Note that you can also continue to use your existing usernames and passwords, until National Gas remove support for them later this year.

Other changes and improvements

  • The location for new capacity bids on the Daily Bids and Scaleback screen is no longer pre-populated, to minimise the risk that a bid is accidentally placed for the wrong sub-terminal.
  • Reports scheduled between 05:00 and 06:00 now use 05:00 as the start of the gas day to determine which gas date to run for.
  • The email addresses shown in contingency forms have been updated to use instead of

CodeRunner 8.14.2

This release contains an update to the Moffat single-sided nominations functionality, so that double-sided Moffat entry nominations can be sent even if single-sided exit nominations are configured for the same shipper.

CodeRunner 8.14.1

New features

Support single-sided IP nominations for Moffat

It is now possible to configure CodeRunner to send single-sided nominations against adjacent shippers at Moffat, and poll for confirmations for these nominations. This can be set on the Adjacent TSOs or Counterparties maintenance screen.

Fixes and improvements

  • Upgraded Oracle.ManagedDataAccess (a third-party dependency) to address a potential security vulnerability (CVE-2023-21893).
  • Fixed a bug which caused reports scheduled to run every week to run a day early.

CodeRunner 8.13.5

New features

Add Gemini Quantities report

Added a new custom report which allows the export of Gemini forecast, nominated and scheduled amounts for multiple days in CSV format.

Automatically replace Gemini estimated amounts

Improved how the Nominations screen works with estimated amounts:

  • An activity is no longer highlighted if there is an estimated amount of zero.
  • The “Nominate?” check box is now automatically ticked for activities where there is a non-zero estimated amount.

Improvements to the installation process

Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client is now bundled with CodeRunner, meaning that the Oracle Client is no longer a prerequisite for customers using an Oracle database.

Previously any changes to the CodeRunner.exe.config file would be overwritten by the installer. The installer now instead creates a sample config file, which can be used as a reference, and the config file itself is not overwritten.


Importing swing noms at 05:00 on 6-6 contracts deletes nominations for the following gas day

Fixed a bug where swing nomination imports via the XML interface could remove nominations for the following day if the contract was configured as 6-6 and the nomination started at 05:00.

CodeRunner 8.12.4

New features

Add Import Log screen and alerts for XML interfaces

A new Import Log screen has been added, which lets users see details of imports via the XML interface, and an alert which warns users of any import errors.

Use external codes in XML interface

External codes for locations and counterparties are now used when importing data via the XML interface. The ability to configure external codes for swing contracts has also been added.

Improve resilience of XML interface

If database connection is lost, files will be reprocessed automatically when the connection is re-established.

Standardise interfaces

The Weekly Policy Load and Actuals Import options have been removed, as all functionality is available through the XML interface and affected customers have been migrated.

Improve security of stored passwords

Implemented the PBKDF2 algorithm for salting and hashing user passwords, to enhance security for customers who do not use Windows authentication.

Update version of .NET Framework used by CodeRunner

Updated CodeRunner to require .NET Framework 4.7.2. This is a change to the prerequisites, but .NET Framework 4.7.2 should have already been automatically installed by Windows if you are on a supported Windows version.

Change to service installation

Changed the way sample config files for CodeRunner services are provided, to simplify the process of upgrading the services.

CodeRunner 8.11.1


CVA export XML does not contain actuals with zero nomination when “Actuals at Master contract level” set

Fixed an issue with CVA exports that occurred if a contract has multiple sub-contracts, actuals are entered against the master contract rather than the sub-contract, the nominations at a flange are zero, and the actuals are non-zero.

CodeRunner: 8.11.0

New Features

Support for Weekly System Entry Capacity (WSEC)

The Capacity Trading and Long Term Booking screen now supports Weekly System Entry Capacity (WSEC). Capacity bids with Bid Type WSEC can be entered and Gemini Refresh will update CodeRunner with capacity bids of this type from Gemini. These bids are included in capacity calculations.

CodeRunner 8.10.10

New Features

Post, Modify and Withdraw capacity bids

The Daily Bids and Scaleback screen now supports posting exit and entry capacity bids to Gemini. Capacity bids can also be modified or withdrawn using the new 'Modify Selected' and 'Withdraw Selected' buttons. Any capacity bids posted from CodeRunner will be Evergreen.

Gemini Refresh button replaces Gemini Query and Update CodeRunner buttons

On the Daily Bids and Scaleback screen the 'Gemini Query' and 'Update CodeRunner' buttons have been removed and replaced with a 'Gemini Refresh' button. Gemini Refresh will update CodeRunner from Gemini.

Auto population of reserve prices for capacity bids

When adding a new capacity bid on the Daily Bids and Scaleback screen the reserve price can be populated in the price column. Reserve prices can be configured for each sub-terminal and bid type in the GeminiConfig.config file.

CodeRunner 8.9.0

New Features

Show size of capacity breaches

Previously, rows with capacity breaches in a number of screens were highlighted, but the 'Remaining Capacity' columns showed '0' so the size of the breach was not explicitly shown. The following columns have been changed to show capacity breaches as negative amounts:

  • Remaining Capacity and Remaining % on the Entry Capacity, Exit Capacity and Swing Exit tabs of the Sense Check screen.
  • Remaining Capacity on the Beach Positions screen.
  • Surplus/Deficit on the Retro Trading Availability screen.
  • Capacity Available (kWh) column on the Capacity Position tab of the Contingency and Extended Contingency Excel reports (note these are specific to a single customer).

A Remaining Capacity column has also been added to the Capacity Usage screen.

CodeRunner 8.8.0

New Features

Add exit capacity information to reports

Exit capacity information has been added to the Capacity Reconciliation report, and some customer-specific capacity reports.

CodeRunner 8.7.0

New Features

Allow additional decimal places for swing contract CVA percentage splits

Increased the maximum number of decimal places from 2 to 8.


Improve validation when importing expected deliveries

  • Importing expected deliveries now correctly gives an error message if no nomination exists for that gas day.
  • Importing expected deliveries no longer gives an error when nominations have previously changed for that gas day.
  • Improved validation of expected delivery imports for contracts with a master contract.

Swing Nominations by Gas Day should remove superseded nominations

Nominations in the Swing Nominations by Gas Day screen now correctly override nominations which start later in the gas day.

Swing Nominations by Gas Day screen should preserve nominations for unchanged sub-contracts

When modifying a contract with multiple locations or sub-contracts on this screen, changing some cells and leaving others blank would cause the blank cells to be saved with the rate currently in force. They will now be saved with the rate in force at the start time of the new nomination.

CodeRunner 8.6.5

New Features

Forced password resets

A password reset can now be forced for any user at any time via the Maintenance > Users and Groups screen.

Remove Variable Production Factors screen

The Variable Production factors screen has been removed. The corresponding options can still be configured via Maintenance > Swing Contracts.

Remove Parameter Maintenance screen

The Parameter Maintenance screen has been removed. Most of these options were no longer used. The single remaining option (Balance Tolerance) has been moved to Maintenance > Options.

Remove StorIT interfaces

All functionality related to StorIT has been removed as the Rough storage site has been decommissioned.

Remove Release Notes screen

Release Notes can now be found exclusively on the GMSL website. A copy of this URL has been added to the Help > About screen.

Auto Login improvements

The Auto login functionality now allows different credentials to be configured for different CodeRunner clients running on the same machine. In addition, the Auto login behaviour will now be disabled once the credentials supplied become invalid. The login box has been slightly redesigned to accommodate the extra information this requires.


Swing Contract Ordering screen

A few issues have been fixed on the Contract Ordering screen. Contracts removed from a manual ordering now reliably return to the default alphabetical ordering.

Pop-up messages

Most pop-up screens are now reliably centred on the application rather than on the monitor, most notably application progress bars and login boxes. This excludes certain kinds of Windows-created message boxes (e.g. error messages).

Screen resizing

A few screens where resizing didn’t make sense have had their resizing disabled. This include Weekly Policy Load, Actuals Import, Trade Import and Export Swing Nominations. In addition, screens that cannot be resized can no longer be minimized.

Windows authentication

Windows authentication now works for domain users as well as local users.

Password expiry

Password expiry periods are now clearly displayed and no longer reset to 30 days when editing a user.

Subcontract configuration

Fixed an issue where some contract settings were only inherited by subcontracts when the parent contract was edited.

CodeRunner: 8.5.42

New Features

69628: Gemini Connectivity

CodeRunner now retries 3 times before failing any action connecting to Gemini. This makes the connections more robust.


69628: Performance Improvements

CodeRunner now performs better when a database contains a large number of swing contract nominations.

CodeRunner: 8.5.32

New Features

69628: Windows Authentication

Allow CodeRunner to use Windows Authentication to log in.

70230: Status Overview Bar

The introduction of the Status toolbar allows users an immediate overview of frequently used screens, indicating either an OK status (shows green) or highlighting an issue that needs to be investigated further (shows red). Each indicator links to the relevant screen, showing more detail

70231: Sense Check

Sense Check tabs have been updated so all flagged issues are now grouped together at the top of the grid on each tab.

70538: Beach Positions

The Beach Check tab has been removed from the Sense Check screen. Instead there is a new Beach Positions screen accessible via an icon on the main toolbar, which shows the same data. Behaviour of the beach checks and alerts is unchanged. If an Insufficient Terminal Gas alert is shown, it links to the new screen.

71110: Updated Contingency Pro-forma

Contingency pro-formas have been updated in accordance with National Grid’s requirements. Separate forms are used for entries and trades, and for DM exits.

The logo has been moved from the ‘main screen’ to the top left of the application to increase its visibility.

72084: Period Nominations

It is possible to now select and nominate both entries and exits simultaneously. The default option on which to base the nominations has been changed to ‘Forecast’.

74993: DFN faxes for IP nominations

CodeRunner will now allow you to print Deemed Flow Notifications for Bacton IPs only (IUK and BBL). National Grid will accept these from 13th August 2017.

62340: Regional Date Settings

Regional date settings on local machines other than the standard expected en-GB settings were causing errors and loss of functionality when trying to log into CodeRunner. There is now a dialog box that alerts you to this if such settings are in place.

69548: Import of Swing Nominations

If a Weekly Policy Load was incorrectly imported for the current week rather than week ahead it would over-write the existing nominations. An error message will now be displayed if an attempt is made to import a WPL for a time other than week-ahead.


62580: IP nominations

CodeRunner and Gemini were applying different rounding logic to the IP values subjected to the temperature conversion, resulting in small kWh discrepancies in calculated totals. CodeRunner has been adjusted to calculate in line with Gemini to avoid this.

62669: Swing Nominations by Gas day

When editing a swing contract incorrect data was consequently showing on the ‘Swing nominations by Gas Day’ form. This has now been fixed.

67433: Swing Contract Expiry

Occurred when importing swing nominations directly to the CodeRunner database. If a nomination was for a gas day beyond the expiry date of its contract, the import was accepted but CodeRunner became unusable. This bug is not found when importing via the usual import service or the UI. Alerts have been added to avoid this.

68748: Importing CVA Data

Importing CVA data where a sub-terminal location is incorrectly configured or absent caused a stack overflow. A dialog box will now pop up to allow editing of the sub-terminal in question.

71063: Default Screen Positioning

Occasionally when logging back into Gemini at 05:00 the default CodeRunner screens would reopen in different positions, often outside of the immediate viewer. This has now been fixed.

71065: CVA Claims

A bug whereby conversions within CodeRunner failed if a CVA Claim value was close to zero (quantity smaller than 10^-10) has now been fixed.

71840: Saving NDM Forecasts

A rare bug whereby CodeRunner was simultaneously accessing and saving duplicated NDM forecasts with identical timestamps was discovered. The database table has been changed to provide a unique index to prevent duplicate data.

CodeRunner: 8.4.15


63969: Project Nexus Trials - UIG By LDZ

The ‘UIG by LDZ’ screen has had a number of improvements to make it clearer and easier to use.

63474: Project Nexus Trials - Negative UIG Values

CodeRunner now correctly handles negative UIG values when refreshing Gemini Balance.

65457: Swing Nominations, IPs and Nominate To

Swing Nominations at IP locations now respect the ‘Nominate To’ setting for the Counterparty.

65340: Within-Day Renominations of Zero

Under certain rare circumstances, Gemini continues to return a ‘Nominated’ value for IP locations for an hour that has passed. This value is now correctly ignored if it is older than the latest ‘Scheduled’ value.

64543: Beach Swing and Trade Last Contract

The Beach Swing and Trade screen now correctly shows the subcontracts of the most recently added contract.

62674: Exported Deliveries Precision

A precision issue has been fixed where the expected deliveries could be exported even though they had not changed.

63217: Beach Check Algorithm

Beach Check calculations now reflect National Grid methodology for calculating transit charges where one terminal on a short-haul tariff uses 0/25 reference conditions.

CodeRunner: 8.4.09

New Features

60496: Bacton IP Temperature Conversion

Nominations and Capacity checks at Bacton IP will be done using EU-mandated 0/25 reference conditions from 1st May 2016. To support this, Terminals and Exit Points can now be configured as transitioning to 0/25 from 1st May. All quantities at 0/25 will be labelled as such. CodeRunner balance calculations will convert the 0/25 values to 15/15 before including them. A conversion factor of 0.999 is used.

61257: Unidentified Gas for LDZ Shippers

Unidentified Gas is currently planned to come into use on 1st October 2016. Unidentified Gas values are now saved in the database. There is a new drilldown screen which shows your Unidentified Gas breakdown by LDZ. This data comes from a new API, and therefore attempting to view the drilldown before the API is live will fail with an appropriate error.

61744: Activity Maintenance

The filter at the top of Activity Maintenance has been changed. The activity box now contains more information, and can be sorted by number or by description.

61383: Gemini Balance Default Unit

The Gemini Balance screen will initially display data in Therms rather than kWh. The default unit is configurable on the Maintenance > Options screen. A warning will be shown when the screen is not in its default unit.

61326: Physical Position Screen supports NBP

If a swing contract includes NBP and at least one physical location, shortfalls can be entered at the NBP as well as at the physical location(s).

61246: Physical Position Permission

The physical position screen now has its own user permissions setting. This is initially set to the value of the ‘Swing Nominations’ permission, as this is what previously controlled this functionality.

61332: Trade Matching

Trade Matching no longer contains entirely blank lines when a nomination of zero has been rejected. Instead a zero will be displayed in the Nominated column.


56189: Forecast Updates

Some rare situations where the forecast value could be temporarily out of date have been fixed.

61711: Gas Day Summary

The Gas Day Summary screen once again includes storage activities.

61256: Gemini Nomination Pending Alert and Counterparty Tolerances

A forecast-nominated difference within a counterparty’s tolerance will no longer trigger the alert.

61462: IP Nominations Creation Timestamp

IP nominations are rejected if their creation timestamp is after Gemini’s current time. To work around this, CodeRunner now generates all its creation timestamps for IP nominations as 3 minutes before the current time.

60884: Period Nominations at IPs

Period nominations should now always nominate IPs. Using period nominations to nominate forecasts now correctly nominates the forecast value for subsequent days when the first gas day has a zero forecast.

61309: Sense Check

Sense Check should now always display all IP locations on the Entry Capacity Check tab.

61276: Swing and Trade

The ‘NBP Swing and Trade’ and ‘Beach Swing and Trade’ screens can now be open at the same time.

61523: Trading: Activity Column

The ‘Activity’ column on the Trading screen now correctly reflects the ‘Nominate To’ setting on the counterparty.

61523: Trading: Default Gas Day

Adding a new Shaped Trade will correctly default the new trade to the selected gas day.

61523: Trading: Pressing Apply

Pressing the ‘Apply’ button followed by the ‘OK’ button on the ‘Create New Shaped Trade’ screen no longer creates two shaped trades.

60158: Removed: Unused Reports

The ‘Corby Allocations’ report and the ‘Finance’ report were removed, as they were no longer in use.

60158: Removed: Print Nominations

The ‘Print Nominations’ option has been removed from Maintenance > Options. Nominations can be printed for contingency by turning on contingency mode, or for a DFN by using the Print DFN button.

60158: Removed: Load NTS Nominations

The ‘Load NTS Nominations’ screen has been removed. All such data is being loaded automatically by the Gemini Balance screen.

60158: Removed: Transistion Options

Options built to allow smooth transitions on 1st Oct 2015 and 1st Nov 2015 have been removed. This includes: ‘New Terminal’ for a subterminal (now always at the new terminal), and ‘Poll IP web services’ (now always on).

CodeRunner: 8.3.03

New Features

59516: Estimated Values

Estimated values at exit points are currently planned to come into use on 1st October 2016. The Nominations screen now supports the ‘Estimated’ values if Gemini returns them. A new alert has been added which appears if estimated values exist on Gemini.

59515: Unidentified Gas

Unidentified Gas for LDZ shippers is currently planned to come into use on 1st October 2016. Unidentified Gas values have been added the main summary screen, the Gemini Balance screen, and a number of reports which include these same values. Note that CodeRunner does not yet support downloading and importing the correct Unidentified Gas values from Gemini.

59614: Nominating VLDMCs (15 minute lead time)

VLDMC activities can now be set to the next hour bar if you are still outside the 15-minute lead time. The default start time remains unchanged as being a clear hour.

59777: Nomination History

The Nomination History screen now sorts the nominations by when they were submitted, rather than by the start time they were submitted for. This makes the screen clearer when DFNs are submitted, as these have a start hour of 05:00.

59578: Past Nominations

The Nominations screen now allows you to view (read-only) data for days in the past.

60059: Rejected Nominations

The behaviour around rejected nominations has been changed. Rather than popping up a detail screen, CodeRunner now only displays the ‘NBP Rejected Trade’ alert. This alert has been turned on by default as part of the upgrade. Clicking on the ‘NBP Rejected Trade’ alert will now take you to the Trade Matching screen. The Trade Matching screen now includes information about any nominations you sent that were rejected, in addition to information about your counterparty’s rejected nominations.

60046: Service IDs

The Gemini Entry and Exit Service IDs can now be edited on the Maintenance > Options screen.


60232: Capacity Usage

The capacity usage screen no longer displays an additional row collating all the points with capacity disabled.

55796: Required Files Missing

If the required GeminiConfig.config file is missing, CodeRunner now provides a more user friendly report of the problem.

60284: Swing Nominations Import

An issue has been fixed around weekly swing nominations being imported into CodeRunner after a shortfall has been entered.

CodeRunner: 8.2.05

New Features

57947: Nomination History Changes

The Nomination History screen now contains a full history of nominations that CodeRunner has seen, rather than just your current (profiled) position. IP nominations are now included on the screen, and the screen now displays the numerical value of each change, in addition to the percentage. A filter has also been added for ‘All’, ‘Physical’ or ‘NBP’. The screen defaults to ‘Physical’.

55033: Toolbar

The toolbar has been expanded with more links to commonly-used screens (Trade Import, Trading, Swing Nominations by Gas Day, Shortfalls, Trade Matching, and Matching and Scheduling), and moved from the ‘CodeRunner’ screen to just below the menu. A Gemini Exit login button has also been added.

57411: About Screen

The ‘Help > About’ screen now contains much more information when the new ‘Environment’ button is pressed.

58899: Gemini Balance

The ‘Shipper Preliminary Balance’ screen has been renamed ‘Gemini Balance’. This screen is now opened automatically on successfully logging into Gemini.

56412: Gemini Logger

The Gemini Logger now also includes login and logout messages.

58744: Main Screen

The labels that are links on the main screen (e.g. Shortfall amount) are now more obviously links, and only require a single click.

57926: Matching and Scheduling

The default filter for this screen is once again set to ‘All’.

58813: Menu Items

There are now two menu items for logging into Gemini. The existing one has been renamed (Main), as this contains most of the Gemini APIs. The Exit Capacity API can now also been accessed from the menu, and is labelled (Exit Capacity).

57567: Nominations

The ‘Start Time’ field is now disabled until the renomination window is open. This better reflects the fact that Gemini treats all nominations submitted before this time as starting from 05:00.

57844: Removed Screens

We have removed the Pipeline Maintenance and Services Maintenance screens, as these no longer serve any purpose.

55092: Sense Check

The ‘Entry’ tab on sense check now breaks down IP subterminals into their constituent nominations.

55982: Trade Import Performance

Performance improvements have been made to the trade import system (via Excel and via XML).

58558: Weekly Policy Load

The Weekly Policy Load now displays a progress bar while it is running.


57726: Daily Bids and Scaleback

Clicking ‘Check Gemini’ multiple times no longer keeps adding more rows to the grid.

58405: Error Reporting on Database Disconnect

Errors caused by connectivity issues with the CodeRunner database now contain more detailed information.

55813: Gemini Balance

A number of fixes have been made to how the screen loads data. This should drastically reduce the extent to which CodeRunner and Gemini can get out of sync.

57262: IP Exit Capacity

Capacity checks where multiple exit points share capacity are now displayed correctly on the capacity usage and capacity summary screens. (This currently affects only the Moffat location with flows to both adjacent TSOs.)

59113: Monthly Summary Report

The Monthly Summary Report screen now includes IP values.

CodeRunner: 8.1.26

New Features

57788: Imported Forecasts

DM forecasts imported from excel and csv files are now created with the correct default start time of 05:00.

57799: Loading Moffat Nominated and Scheduled Values

Loading of this information now works correctly for shippers who are active at Moffat against both GNI and PTL network operators.

CodeRunner: 8.1.24

New Features

57708: Exit Capacity Bids

Updated the sample bid windows to contain the latest bid windows from National Grid.

CodeRunner: 8.1.23

New Features

57708: Exit Capacity Bid Windows

Exit capacity bid windows can now be configured in the GeminiConfig.config file in the same way as entry capacity bid windows.


57553: Data Exchange Service Performance

Importing Shaped Trades via the Service should now be considerably faster and use less memory.

57294: IP Capacity Bids

IP Capacity Bids are no longer highlighted as missing from Gemini on the Daily Bids & Scaleback screen. Gemini does not provide this information.

57456: IP Information on Shipper Preliminary Balance

Fixed an error that could occur under specific conditions where a Swing CVs error would be raised when nominating with Shipper Preliminary Balance open.

57628: Nomination Start Hour

The nominations screen should once again correctly default to the latest of the next available hour bar and the last nominated hour.

57636: Nomination Start Hour

The nominations screen should once again correctly default to the latest of the next available hour bar and the last nominated hour.

57686: Reports

Fixed an issue outputting numbers to Excel reports as text. They should now be correctly exported as numbers.

CodeRunner: 8.1.18

New Features

57360: Counterparty Maintenance

This screen now includes the ability to configure shipper codes for use in IP nominations.

56795: ‘Nominate To’ in Adjacent TSOs

This option can be enabled at Adjacent TSO level. It allows nominations against multiple counterparties to be aggregated against a single shipper code in all IP nominations with that adjacent TSO.

CodeRunner: 8.1.15

New Features

53984: Overview: Support for IP Locations

CodeRunner now supports IP locations from 1st October. Subterminals and Exit Points can be marked to become IPs on 1st October, and need an EIC code if they are marked as such. This data filters through to a large number of screens in CodeRunner; the largest changes were made to the Sense Check, Nominations, and Matching & Scheduling screens.

53984: Overview: Support for IP Locations

CodeRunner now supports the capacity changes coming into force on 1st November around IP capacity. Each exit point will automatically transition to using IP capacity if it is an IP location, whereas terminals always get their capacity from a single source. Subterminals can be configured to move terminal on 1st November to assist with the transition.

53984: Activities

Activities for Bacton will automatically be set to have an end date of 1st October at part of the upgrade. Other activities becoming IPs on 1st October (most notably those at Moffat) will need to be expired manually. This can be done on the Maintenance > Activities screen.

54536: Adjacent TSOs

A new maintenance screen for the various Adjacent TSOs has been added. Each IP location needs an adjacent TSO. Counterparty codes within that TSO will need to be configured to make IP nominations with that Counterparty.

55534: Alerting

Various alerts are now also triggered when IP locations have the corresponding issue. This includes Gemini Nominations Pending alert, Beach Gas Alert, Terminal Beach Gas Alert and the Capacity Breach Alert.

54537: Beach Checks

Beach Checks are now more configurable. Rather than using a single terminal and its linked exit points, a number of terminals and exit points can be linked together to form a check. This is most immediately useful to perform shorthaul checks between the new terminals after the Bacton split.

54537: Beach Checks

These checks are now used for the Terminal Beach Gas Alert, as well as the Beach Gas tab on the Sense Check screen.

56637: Capacity Bid Types

CodeRunner supports modelling of the various new capacity bid types required for IP locations. These are IPAYSEC, IPAQSEC, IPRMSEC, IPDADSEC, IPWDDSEC, IPDISEC and DBSEC. (Note that only aggregate capacity entitlements are downloaded from Gemini, not individual bids.)

56763: Capacity Usage

The capacity usage screen is now sorted alphabetically.

54604: Gemini APIs

This release includes the four new Gemini APIs used for IP locations: add/update nominations, get nominations, and get capacity entitlements (for entry and exit capacity). This will need to be turned on via Maintenance > Options before they can be used.

54537: Location Maintenance

Exit points no longer have a ‘Link to Terminal’ box, as this functionality was replaced by the Beach Checks maintenance screen. The configuration is migrated to the new format as part of the upgrade, so current behaviour will be unchanged.

52789: Location Maintenance

Exit Points and Subterminals can now be marked as Interconnection Points, and will need an EIC code entered. Points marked as such will transition to becoming IPs on 1st October.

56603: Location Maintenance

Subterminals can be configured to change which terminal they are part of on 1st November. This is required for Bacton to split into two terminals on this date as part of the capacity changes.

56777: Matching & Scheduling

Matching and Scheduling now defaults to a new filter ‘Attention’. This shows any highlighted row- whether because the nomination isn’t yet scheduled, or because there is a mismatch.

55416: Nominations

The Nominations screen in contingency mode now hides the Nominate button, and instead displays two new buttons: Print Fax and Export Excel. These have the same behaviour as the Nominate button used to, but in a clearer form.

54297: Options

‘My EIC Code’ can now be configured, as this is required for IP nominations

54686: Swing Contracts

Swing Contracts can now be marked as staying 6-6, to allow faxes to the other parties to be generated correctly. A strategy for converting these 6-6 numbers into 5-5 numbers will need to be configured. Only a single strategy is available at this time: Align Values (6am nominated as 5am).


55087: Counterparties Maintenance

Renaming a counterparty should once again behave correctly.

54601: Nominations static data refresh

The Nominations screen should now immediately reflect counterparty configuration changes made to the client in question. Other clients will need to wait for the refresh interval as before.

55002: Swing Contract Nomination Imports

When a swing nomination is imported via the service, nominations for later in the day are now correctly replaced.

CodeRunner: 8.0.16

New Features

51447: Gas Day Change

CodeRunner now knows that the gas day will start at 5am from 1st October 2015. It is notable that this date can be changed via a script if necessary.

52148: Locations Maintenance

A new ‘Locations’ maintenance screen has been added, replacing the Terminals, Subterminals, LDZs and Exit Points screens. All four of these things are now configured on a single screen.

51703: Removing Obsolete Screens

A number of obsolete screens have been removed: INS Nominations, Manual Reports, Quick Nominations and Transco Balance.

51817: Swing Contracts by Gas Day

Swing Nominations will now always be created or edited by gas day, rather than sometimes by calendar day.

52663: Gemini Code Mandatory for Capacity

The ‘Gemini Code’ for a Terminal and Exit Point is now mandatory if capacity checking is enabled.

51270: Preliminary Interconnection Point Support

Some features have been added to allow support for IP to be added in a future release. This includes EIC codes on counterparties and locations, deadlines for IPs on National Grid Parameters, and the ability to mark a location as an IP.

52396: Nominations Screen Redesign

The nominations screen has been redesigned. The screen is now intended only to be used for nominating to Gemini, and as such contains less information. Both Entry and Exit nominations can now be done simultaneously.

52396: Nominations Screen Redesign

Automatic selecting of Pending nominations is now enabled via an option. This option is enabled by default.

53267: Matching and Scheduling

A new screen has been added to help with displaying Matching and Scheduled values. This replaces this function of the previous Nominations screen. The screen displays Nominated values, Scheduled values, the nominated Start Hour, and the value nominated by counterparty for trades. This is displayed for both Entry and Exit services.

52157: Period Nominations

Period Nominations is now a stand-alone screen instead of being linked to Nominations. It can be opened from the Operations menu.

54533: Updated DFN Template

The DFN template has been updated to include the current nominated value as well as the new value to meet the new National Grid policy.

54432: Update default bid windows

The default bid windows for capacity bids have been updated to be the new values that went live 1st April 2015.

52611: Performance

CodeRunner has received various performance improvements.

52611: Pending Nominations

Added an option to not automatically check all the nominations on the nominations form.


51760: Database Version Messages

The message stating the database version is incorrect now always displays both the current version and the required client version.

52024: Maintenance Screens

The various maintenance screens should now have consistent behaviour regarding when the save button is enabled.

53657: Ini file shouldn’t require ‘Local’ if ‘ConnectionString’ is present

The CodeRunner.ini file no longer requires [Options]Local to be present if [Options]ConnectionString is present, as it is not required.

CodeRunner: 7.3.25

New Features

51272: Zai*net improvements

Some more tweaks and fixes have been made to the Zai*net interface to correctly interpret the files generated by Align.

CodeRunner: 7.3.24

New Features

51272: Allow only Uppercase BA codes

On Maintenance > Counterparties, BA codes may now only contain uppercase letters.


50903: Counterparty Maintenance in Read Only Mode

Read-Only user permissions should now correctly affect the Counterparty Maintenance screen.

CodeRunner: 7.3.19

New Features

47678: Zai*net Trade Import Performance

The Zai*net Trade Import system now has greatly improved performance

46652: Disallow Swap and Shaped trades when Zai*net is enabled

When Zai*net trade import is enabled, swap and shaped trades can no longer be entered, as they do not have a corresponding item within Zai*net.


48068: Issue updaing Coderunner Capacity Trade from Gemini

Fixed a problem updating existing CodeRunner Capacity Trades from Gemini at the same time as adding new ones.

45941: Archiving Pended XML imports twice

Fixed a bug where pended XML would be archived twice- once incorrectly.

48316: Issue pasting into Producer Actuals grid

Pasting numbers into the grid on the Producer Actuals screen once again correctly updates the screen.

CodeRunner: 7.3.16


46822: Shipper Preliminary Balance fixes

Better error reporting and prevents updating before balance is loaded.

CodeRunner: 7.3.15


46610: Fax Groups don’t work correctly if not all active

Fax Recipient active flag is honoured once again.

46613: Weekly Policy Load always claims the data is in the past

Weekly Policy Load warning fixed.

CodeRunner: 7.3.14


46480: Allow printing to multiple printers from ‘Fax Nomination’

CodeRunner will now print to printer(s) selected.

46575: Default Screen Size

The default size of pending area is now larger, and sizing issues with Fax Status screen have been fixed.

46580: Contract Limits import should be case independent

Swing Contract look-up is now case insensitive.

46581: CVA XML export should give a skippable warning if no CVA Ref entered

CVA exports now skip items with no CVA reference, showing a warning.

46582: Producer actuals main grid is too large for the frame

Producer actuals sizing issues fixed.

46583: When import service cannot find contract, don’t do other checks

No further validation is attempted if a Swing Contract cannot be found.

46584: Extended Contingency Report problems

Extended Contingency Report is now correctly generated when multiple configured activities exist for a point with an active nomination.

46591: Counterparty maintenance form disabled

Fixed problems with read-only access to Counterparty Maintenance screen.

CodeRunner: 7.3.12


46164: Exports from CVA website can contain invalid date timestamps

Handle ‘0000-00-00T00:00:00+00:00’ in XML files produced by CVA website (CodeRunner CVA Imports)

CodeRunner: 7.3.11


46047: IAS39 custom report not working in version 7

Fix IAS39 regression in Excel automation.

CodeRunner: 7.3.8


45675: ‘Trades Absent From Zai*net Report’ not working

Trades Absent From ZaiNet Report in zainet reconciliation tool not always working due to uncommited database transaction.

45708: M5 Report - not outputting the same data as CR6

The M5 report was missing some data.

CodeRunner: 7.3.5

New Features

22550: Beach swap functionality

CodeRunner now supports swap deals. This can be found as a new button under Operations > Trading

40219: Coderunner label in Windows Taskbar for GMSL

Windows taskbar now displays the CodeRunner client name rather than “CodeRunner” if you are GMSL.

43535: Export Swing Nominations

Swing nominations can now be exported as XML to help with handovers for Coderunner users to GMSL Ops.

34569: Fax functionality restored

The functionality on the Fax Status, Fax Recipients and Fax Groups screens now works as previously

43785: Import Trades screen now displays xlsm files by default

Import Trades screen now displays xlsm files by default.

44843: The CodeRunner main screen can no longer be closed

The CodeRunner main screen can no longer be closed.

39429: Shipper Balance screen loads nomination data asynchronously

Shipper Balance screen now downloads data from Gemini asynchronously. The ‘load nominations’ button no longer needs to be clicked.

36104: Capacity Bids screen now shows total price paid for allocated quantity

Capacity Bids screen now shows total price paid for allocated quantity. On live orders it shows the total price for bid quantity.

39320: Add M1-M6 reports to the Report Scheduler

Add M1 -> M6 reports to the Report Scheduler.

43266: Custom Report required for GMSL Ops

Corby Power report for Ops.


38569: Sense check showing mismatch when there isn’t one

Sense check no longer shows a mismatch when there isn’t one.

35594: Ignore Market Operator Trades

Forecast data now ignores market operator trades.

41485: Capacity bids Entry/Exit box filter box is now coloured correctly

Capacity bids Entry/Exit filter box is now coloured correctly

39725: Built-in Weekly swing fax alignment has been fixed

Fixed alignment issues of the in-built weekly fax format.

42397: Extended Contingency Report Validation Improvements

Extended Contingency report now uses a gasday restriction to perform activity lookups, preventing spurious data appearing

41301: Nomination History screen now behaves correctly for 23 and 25-hour days

Nomination History screen now behaves correctly for 23 and 25-hour days

21503: Users in the ‘Read Only Gemini’ role can now use the ‘Update CodeRunner’ button on the front screen

Users in the ‘Read Only Gemini’ role can now use the ‘Update CodeRunner’ button on the front screen.

35718: Ignore Mismatch checkbox on Nominations screen no longer unchecks itself

Ignore mismatch in Nominations screen no longer unchecks itself.

43507: Zai*net Reconciliation Interface ‘Create Trades’ now works correctly

Zai*net Reconciliation Interface ‘Create Trades’ now works correctly.

43846: Export Actuals can now be toggled in Maintenance -> Options

Export Actuals can now be toggled in Maintenance -> Options.

44492: Coderunner capacity warning

Coderunner capacity warning now works correctly.

33215: Import Service Caching Fix

Import Service now refreshes all cached data correctly.

33202: Importing NDM forecasts from spreadsheet now works correctly

Importing NDM forecasts from a spreadsheet now correctly imports NDMTOT values.

45001: Make INS Nomination copy button now works correctly

The copy button on the Make INS Nominations screen now works correctly.

CodeRunner: 7.1.21022

New Features

40164: Beach Gas Reconciliation Report report

Beach gas reconciliation report showing swing and trade, vldmc, beach trades breakdown, and an insufficient beach gas check (all using expected rather than nominated).

37654: Add/Reinstate ability to save contingency fax as an XLS doc

Contingency faxes can now be saved as well as printed.


38528: Capacity usage screen doesn’t always show exit forecasts/nominations for exit points with no capacity

A row will now be displayed for all exit points that have at least one of the following, capacity, gas forecast or nomination

38511: Capacity Summary not showing locations with no capacity in CodeRunner but capacity on Gemini

Capacity Summary not showing locations with no capacity in CodeRunner but capacity on Gemini

38693: Sorting using Coderunner capacity for Gemini selection on Capacity Usage screen

Sorting uses Coderunner capacity for Gemini selection on Cap Usage screen

35047: Capacity Bid IDs not being validated

Not validating capacity bid IDs on saving

38371: Change Password API not working in certain circumstances

Non-immediate (i.e. not forced) Gemini password change not working

CodeRunner: 7.1.20621

New Features

34686: Display Gemini connection in use within Coderunner

The about screen on the help menu now displays the active Gemini connection in use so it’s clear when Coderunner is using the live system or test harness.

34477: Fully enable Exit Cap on daily bids screen as per the entry cap

Daily bids screen now supports DADNEX, WDNEX, DBNEX and DONEX exit capacity bids as per entry capacity equivalents.

34476: Enable Exit Cap on Cap usage screen

Capacity Usage screen now displays Gemini exit capacity.

35007: Enable Exit cap on Capacity Summary screen

Capacity Summary screen now shows Gemini exit capacity.

34150: ‘Gemini slow’ mode for when Gemini is being slow

A new feature to help mitigate issues caused by the Entitlements API timing out when using ‘ALL’ as the location. Queries Gemini for each location in parallel.

35031: Show Gemini exit capacity in Swing exit tab of Sense Check

Coderunner will show exit capacity in the Sense check from Gemini if logged in as it does with Entry. The column name indicates which is being used. Coderunner will only show exit capacity for locations where a swing contract has been setup.

35020: Sense check, Capacity Usage and Capacity should not load data when opened

The Sense check, Capacity usage and Capacity summary screens now do not load any data when opened and do not load data on change of date. This makes them more responsive to use and quicker to open.

37692: Prevent Shipper Preliminary Balance obstructing ops user

Asynchronous updating of shipper balance, so as not to interrupt any other task the user may be performing.


34829: Swing nominations - entering value in therms

End-Of-Day textbox for Swing nomiunations performs unit conversion to Therms using ‘t’ short-code, but doesn’t prefix character ‘t’ on calculated value.

36765: Errors trying to nominate in Nominations screen

Closing nominations form with ‘X’ causes errors when re-opening form and trying to nominate. Clicking OK or leaving it open is fine.

37040: Item with same key error in Swing Nomination Reconciliation report

Don’t use the start date as a key, it could be the same as the next gas day if the previous one is after midnight.

34107: Incorrect mismatch showing on StorIT tab of checker screen

StorIT mismatch check in Checker screen did its injection /withdraw determination based on whether the nomination is greater than zero. But a user may not enter a nominated amount, only an expected.

26616: CVA codes should always be upper case

Enforce uppercasing of CVA codes so CVA XML exports are not rejected by CLAIM.

CodeRunner: 6.6.31

New Features

29200: Implement Capacity Bids export

Add ability to Import/Export Capacity Bids

30793: Fax alert performance improvement

Unsent Fax alert changed to not use nested views


29675: Capacity Bids are exported using the bid amount rather than allocated

Fixed problem with Capacity Bids exports using bid amount rather than allocated amount

29676: Error double clicking in blank Capacity Trading window

Fixed error when double clicking in blank space on Capacity Trading screen.

30785: Swing Contract Ordering issues

Fixed multiple issues with Swing Contract ordering screen

30661: Cannot change Swing Contract order

Database transaction no longer left open if an error occurs saving Swing Contract order

30789: Problems saving master contracts

Do not permit saving of locations against Master contracts

30888: Terminal Beach Gas Alert no longer working

Fixed regression bug with Terminal Beach Gas Alert. It was no longer performing the check. Reinstated check.

CodeRunner: 6.6.22

New Features

29174: CVA XML export performance

XML for uploading to CVA is now produced significantly faster.


28313: Cannot import NDM forecasts through the spreadsheet import

Fixed. It is now possible to import NDM forecasts using the ‘Import Forecasts’ menu option.

28062: Toggling tabs in Sense Check highlights extra rows on Entry Check tab


29084: Errors when editing shortfall rates on several contracts


29285: Unable to backload some NBP activities from Gemini


29330: Ended/Missing contracts cause errors in Prompt Summary report


CodeRunner: 6.6.9

New Features

25810: Allow access to User Maintenance when not using UK settings

If CodeRunner is run on a computer set to non-uk settings then it will now start up but in a mode with only User Maintenance functions accessible.

26606: Swing Contract Definition Import

The XML import interface has been extended to allow the import of basic swing contract definitions. See the interface documentation for more information.

26104: Date check for Weekly Policy Load

A warning will now display when attempting to import a Weekly Policy Load for dates in the past.

22017: Seller’s Nomination Timestamp defaults

The timestamp on the Swing Nomination screen will now default to the current time, instead of the timestamp on the previous nomination.

22008: Units column on the Pending Imports screen

A ‘units’ column has been added next to the quantity on the pending imports screen.

23870: Option to stop Trades being edited in the Trades screen

An option has been added to Maintenance -> Options to ensure trades are not editable through the UI and can only be imported.

26850: Contingency report NDM figures

The contingency reports have been changed to always use the NGT forecast instead of the custom forecast.

CodeRunner: 6.5.16

New Features

26638: Sense check should use the latest figures from StorIT

If logged in to StorIT, the Sense Check will now fetch the latest nomination data.


26634: “Update CodeRunner” on shipper balance no longer auto fills the relevant tick boxes on load nominations screen


26637: Can’t register capacity sell trades on Gemini


26635: Quick Nom doesn’t send noms to Gemini


CodeRunner: 6.5.14

New Features

22575: Highlight negative System Length

System Length will be displayed in red if negative, on both the front screen and the Linepack & Prices screen.

14885: New shortcut for Nominations screen

“Nominations” has replaced “Tree View” on the front screen.

11544: Addition of Capacity to Tree View screen

Added a new column to the Tree View (Gas Day Summary) screen to display entry capacity.

14716: New screen to view release notes

The release notes for the latest version of CodeRunner can now be viewed in Help -> Release Notes.

22112: Addition of fax tag to display EOD quantity

When using the Fax Server functionality, all “Rate” tags now have an “EOD” equivalent. For example, <Day1_Contract1_EOD>.

22770: Ability to ignore Forecast/Nominated mismatches

It is now possible to set an activity to ‘Ignore’ on the Nominations screen. If set, this will ignore any mismatch between the nominated and forecast figures. The change will not be sent to Gemini. If the forecast amount changes, the ignore is automatically turned off. The Nominations Pending alert is also affected by this option.

22596: Gemini password expiry alert

A new alert has been added to warn when the Gemini password is about to expire.

22738: New NDM Forecast History viewer

Added a new screen (Operations -> NDM History) to view a full history of NDM forecasts, along with the changes between successive forecasts for each gas day.

23543: Save Shipper’s email address for Contingency forms

There is now an ‘Email’ option in Maintenance -> Options. This sets the address used in the Gemini Contingency spreadsheets generated by CodeRunner.

23742: Changes to how Exits are displayed on the Sense Check screen

The Exit tab on the Sense Check screen has been split into two separate tabs. The ‘Exit’ tab is now solely for checking against D-1 and D-7 values, and the new ‘DM’ check shows any differences between forecast and nominated figures. This allows clearer highlighting of any potential issues.

24292: Highlighting rejected trades

Rejected trades will now be highlighted as a mismatch on the Trade Matching Status screen.

23825: Option for alerts to flash late in the Gas Day

An option has been added for alerts to flash during a set time period. This can be found in Maintenance -> Alerts. An example of this might be to highlight the Nominations Pending alert as particularly urgent between 3 and 4am.

25019: New Beach Gas Sense Check tab

Exit Points can now be linked to Terminals via Maintenance -> Locations -> Exit Points. A new tab has been added to the Sense Check screen to check beach gas at a terminal level, taking into account beach swing and trades and any exits that are linked to terminals. Remaining capacity at the terminal will also be displayed. The user will be warned if the total falls below zero.

24897: ‘View Manual’ option

The CodeRunner manual can now be viewed through the menu option Help -> View Manual.

25025: New StorIT Sense Check tab

It is now possible to mark a swing contract as being linked to a Centrica Storage product. A new tab has been added to the Sense Check screen. If such contracts are set up, then it will display any mismatches between StorIT nominations and Swing nominations.

6986: New Interfaces for Centrica Storage API

Functionality has been added to interface with the StorIT API. The following read-only information is currently supported: - Main Summary screen. This is similar to the ‘Dashboard’ on the StorIT website. - Hourly Profile for each product, including min/max nominations, lead times, and highlighting potential problems. - Aggregate Nominations for All Shippers. A history is saved to allow viewing data for previous days. - Bulletins. This can all be accessed through the Operations -> StorIT menu. Some configuration is required before use.

18311: New Allocations CSV report

Added custom report to display allocation data for NBP and exits.

24863: “Load Nominations” performance

Loading nominations from Gemini into CodeRunner will now be faster. Only the latest nomination is loaded by default, and a ‘Load History’ option is available to fetch the full nomination history along with timestamps for each nomination. An update button has been added to the Nomination History screen.

26372: Allow XML trade imports to use counterparty External Code

Trades imported from XML can now use external codes for counterparties. If there is no counterparty with the specified name then the external code will be matched instead.

21389: Ability to make a counterparty inactive

It is now possible to set an end date for a counterparty. After this date, the counterparty will not be displayed and it will not be possible to enter data against it. This option is set in Maintenance -> Counterparties.

23239: Configurability of Gemini data

Improved configurability of CodeRunner’s Gemini functionality to enable GMSL to react faster to any changes affecting the Gemini API.

25369: Direct import of CodeRunner XML file

It is now possible to manually import an XML file in the CodeRunner format. This is done using the ‘Importing -> Import XML File’ menu option.


23888: Hide Inactive contracts also hides future contracts

‘Hide Inactive Contracts’ now only hides contracts that have ended. Contracts that are yet to start are still displayed to facilitate setup.

25163: Error when nominating ‘Waiting Nominations’


23964: Timeout errors on Capacity Summary screen


23339: Invalid warning when saving DM activities


CodeRunner: 6.4.35

New Features

24394: Excel output method for Swing Nominations

Implemented. The existing “Word” contact format has been changed to “Office”. The functionality has been extended to allow an Excel document to be used as a template.

18311: New Allocations CSV report

Added custom report to display allocation data for NBP and exits.


24279: Capacity Breach Alert showing when there is no breach

When forecast or nominated entry values exactly meet capacity, it was possible for the alert to show erroneously. This has been fixed.

24719: Performance issues with Load Allocations From Gemini

It now takes significantly less time to load bulk allocation data into CodeRunner.

CodeRunner: 6.4.29


23905: DMC locations missing from swing contract maintenance

All types of exit location can now be set for a swing contract.

23920: Monthly summary report not showing any data

In some circumstances the Monthly Summary report would not show any data. It will now always show the most up to date figures.

22195: Error in spreadsheet trade import with empty first line


23253: Period nomination not running successfully


23489: Failed sign in attempts not reset when an account is unlocked


CodeRunner: 6.4.26

New Features

23529: Save swing nomination CSV exports in single files

CSV files created when saving a swing nomination will now only ever have one contract per file.

23790: Viewing OCM trades on the Forecast view on the main screen

Added an option in Maintenance -> Options to show Nominated OCM trades on the Forecast view.


23372: ‘Overwrite Existing Deals’ choice is lost after trade import

CodeRunner will now remember the ‘Overwrite Existing Deals’ option for the trade spreadsheet import.

23373: Default filter for trade spreadsheet import files

The default filter selection on the file open dialog has been changed to show all .xls, .xlsx and .csv files.

23374: Inconsistent defaults for trade shipper

If no shipper is specified in the trade spreadsheet import then it will now default to the counterparty.

22508: Gemini screens reopen off the screen if CodeRunner is minimised


22910: Issues with swing nomination word document creation


23789: NDM not appearing in Forecast in Monthly Summary report

Fixed. If no alternative NDM forecast is set, the figure from Gemini will be shown on the Monthly Summary report.

CodeRunner: 6.4.23


23246: Unable to download DISEC bids from Gemini

Fixed. A change was made to the DISEC auction dates. CodeRunner has been updated to use the new dates.

CodeRunner: 6.4.20


22697: Intermittent Gemini timeout issues


CodeRunner: 6.4.18

New Features

22695: Connection String encryption for GMSLExcelInterface component



22573: Error when changing Fax Status for secondary recipient


CodeRunner: 6.4.16

New Features

20318: Manual Refresh of front screen

Added Refresh button to the toolbar on the main screen.

22607: Handle multiple configurations

Multiple portfolios can now be run on the same machine.

22225: Import Trade screen dialogue-box text

The message shown when trades fail to import now lists the failing trade references and counterparties.

22283: Separate Entries and Exits on Physical Positions screen

Drop down filter added to the Shortfalls tab to display only entry or only exit contracts.

22463: Active cell indicator for Swing Nominations screen

The selected cell and delivery point name now appear in bold.

22394: Improve legibility of Preliminary Balance screen

All figures are now larger and clearer.


22398: Increase prominence of Nomination screen menu option

The Nominations link is now at the top of the menu for ease of access.

22511: Gemini ‘Load System Information’ button not intuitive

Renamed to ‘Load Linepack & Prices’.

22535: Rejected Nominations steals focus when empty

The Rejected Nominations screen no longer pops up when there is no data to display.

22435: Concurrency issues saving Linepack

Fixed potential error when saving Linepack figures from multiple instances of CodeRunner.

22411: Load NTS Nominations screen stays open when complete

Screen now closes itself when finished.

22433: Error when nominating using “Quick Nomination” screen


22244: Trades screen performance

Fixed performance issues when using the ‘Delete All’ button.

22322: Sense Check selection lost when changing units


22363: Inconsistent use of Nomination Tick Size

All swing nominations will now use the Tick Size on the contract.

22192: Swing Maintenance counterparty filter

Fixed issue with the counterparty filter on the Swing Maintenance screen when coming from the Swing Nominations screen.

CodeRunner: 6.4.12

New Features

13102: New Swing Contract Maintenance screen

The Contract Maintenance screen has been redesigned to improve functionality and usability.

19648: Speed improvements for the main screen

The main CodeRunner screen now takes less time to refresh.

19959: Speed improvements for Sense Check screen

Sense Check now takes less time to load.

20306: Nomination contingency faxes

Option to print a fax for nomination to National Grid has been reinstated.

20624: Enable and disable automated XML exports

Check boxes added to the Options screen to control whether XML files are exported for swing nominations.

20618: Shortcut to Contract Maintenance from Swing Nominations screen

A button has been added to the Swing Nomination screen to link to the open contract in Contract Maintenance.

20336: Report descriptions

A description for each report has been added to the Reports screen.


17288: Read Only Linepack access

Current and historical linepack data can now be viewed when the Linepack screen is read only.

20634: Full name for users

A full name can again be specified for users in the Users and Groups screen.

21978: Within day highlighting on Shipper Balance Screen

The Gas Day is now used for the within day check on the Shipper Balance screen.

22171: Use Gasdates on Trades screen

The Gas Day is now used for filtering on the Trades screen.