Taking the complexity out of gas nominations.

GMSL’s new SaaS solution for gas scheduling enables you to manage your gas portfolio across Europe through one single website. From the NBP to CEGH and the markets in between.

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Nominations Simplified

Chorus allows gas shippers to simplify their IT infrastructure, reduce in-house support and software costs and access new markets faster.

Trades, transits, storage and third party contracts can all be easily uploaded to Chorus via API integration, excel upload or manual entry through the user friendly web interface.

On receipt of new positions Chorus automatically sends out the required nominations in the identified format, using GMSL’s trusted message routing service.

Chorus continuously processes incoming confirmations and responses to show users the live status of their nominations and network balances. A user can see at a glance the matching status and balance position of all gas networks in which they are active, reducing the risk of a problem going unnoticed.

Comprehensive Features

Chorus is a rapidly evolving product, with an ever growing list of features:

  • Formatting: Support for standard gas operations messages. Chorus formats the required nominations into Edig@s/ DVGW EDI or whichever format the TSO or SSO requires.
  • Matching and Balancing: Check nominations are matched and view your nominated balance quickly and simply.
  • User-friendly UI: Intuitive and easy to use.
  • Nothing to install: Accessed over the internet via two factor authentication
  • Minimal user configuration: Chorus has an extensive shipper code database. Networks are subscribed to and then locations within the networks are available and ready to use.
  • Communications: Chorus utilises GMSL’s message routing service. Customers do not need to setup or maintain their own AS2/AS4 servers or connections.
  • GTS system information: SBS and POS data are displayed through integration with GTS’s B2B Web Service.
  • Reporting: Matching status and network balance reports can be generated and sent at configurable times to configurable members of your team.
  • API integration: Documented and supported APIs to help you integrate and automate your processes.


Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in multiple availability zones, and designed to deliver high availability. Customer data is stored in a European AWS data centre.

Information security is a key concern and at the forefront of our software development process.


GMSL provide 24/7 technical support.

All set up, support, upgrades, maintenance and security are handled by GMSL at no extra cost.

Unlike a traditional software house, GMSL uses all its products, using the systems to perform the same tasks as external clients. This first-hand knowledge of using the systems means we can provide you with better user training, support and features you really need! Support is provided by expert staff with gas operations experience – we understand your business and speak the language of gas operations.

Further Information

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