AS4 with GTS

EU regulation 2015/703 (establishing a network code on interoperability and data exchange rules), states that document-based data exchange should be carried out via the AS4 protocol, replacing the AS2 protocol currently used by many TSOs.

The Dutch regulator granted an exemption to continue using AS2 and set a deadline of May 2018, by which time all Edigas messages exchanged with GTS must use the AS4 protocol.

GMSL’s Message Routing service is based on software written in-house conforming to the ENTSOG AS4 profile. Our in-house AS4 server provides the flexibility required for the service to communicate with the many TSOs and SSOs throughout Europe. The AS4 server is deployed in a highly available configuration, to ensure the level of availability needed for critical message exchange.

For more information about GMSL’s Message Routing service, please contact Emma Page.