Nominations Simplified

ENOM enables users to make gas nominations to the majority of continental European TSOs, virtual point operators, storage operators and counterparties that use Edig@s messaging. The system offers configurable message templates covering transportation and contract messaging.

Comprehensive Features

ENOM provides all the features you would expect from a best‐of‐breed gas messaging system.

  • Support for standard gas operations messages (nomination, confirmation, allocation, availabilities).
  • User-friendly interface makes it easy to understand and create configurable messages.
  • Message templates that minimise the effort required to create and send messages.
  • XML interface that allows other systems to be insulated from changes to message formats.
  • Easy archiving of messages.
  • Can be used with the GMSL message routing service, enabling you to send and receive Edig@s messages via a standard internet connection, rather than requiring you to maintain your own AS2/AS4 servers and connections.


An advanced version of ENOM, ENOM+, automatically compares outgoing nominations to incoming confirmations and displays any differences to the user. This simplifies and speeds up the process of identifying a mismatch. Additionally, user-specified balances can be set up to calculate nominated and confirmed positions for a single network or market area. GMSL uses ENOM+ for all our continental dispatching services, it is a vital tool to save time and reduce the risk of mismatches and imbalances.

Message Routing

GMSL also provides a message routing service where we set up and maintain all the necessary communications links to counterparties and the client simply sends and receives their messages to/from a single GMSL hub via the internet.

The service supports communications to your partners using AS2, AS4, web services and (S)FTP over ISDN. It supports a wide variety of message formats, including Edig@s.

The service has been developed specifically for the gas and power industry, and as a result it doesn’t suffer from the communication problems that many providers experience when using off-the-shelf communications software. It also means that when a client requests a connection to new partner which is non-standard in any way, we can quickly develop and deploy a solution.

ENOM Support

Unlike a traditional software house, GMSL uses ENOM/ENOM+ itself to provide operations services, using the system to perform the same tasks as external clients. This first-hand knowledge of using the system means we can provide you with better user training and support. Support is provided by expert staff with gas operations experience – we understand your business and speak the language of gas operations.

Downloads and Further Information

For more information about ENOM and ENOM+ please contact David Baldwin.